One Piece 892

Chapter 892: Acknowledging a Strong Enemy.

Peros doesn't know if he should destroy the cake or leave it alone since if he destroys it Big Mom will kill him, but he thinks Bege poisoned it. If Big Mom dies, then the kingdom is doomed, and if she doesn't get cake she'll doom the kingdom, so it's sort of "damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Meanwhile Bege promises Sanji they won't do anything to the cake, but afterward they're free to do whatever they want to Big Mom, and Sanji agrees to that since his mission was only to make and deliver the cake. Brook lied to Sanji about Pedro dying for some reason...Nami was about to tell him, because he asked about Carrot and Pedro, but Brook said they're both resting in the next room. Peros and the others go after Bege. He tells Smoothie (14), Citron (15), Cinnamon (16) to go after them while he and the other ship go after Bege. Jinbe says Big Mom's forces have them completely surrounded so they've acknowledged how strong the Straw Hats are.

They've still got three hours till getting to Cacao Island but they have no idea when Luffy will show up. Sanji says there's only one plan they can go with then. Meanwhile Oven is telling everyone on the island to break their mirrors. So there's only one way for Luffy to escape if he tries to, where they'll get him.

Now to the fight. Luffy won't stay down and Katakuri realizes if the fight drags on his observation haki will become as good as his.
So he's trying to finish this quickly.

He uses his trident to thrust upon Luffy. His eyes go white. Flampe looks on laughing at Luffy.


It's another "nothing happens" episode.

Its happening

Is Oda a hack?

>whole drag island

No one is crossdressing though.


>We've been running for 20 chapters
Really dragging this

Literally and figuratively nothing happens.

>Meanwhile Bege promises Sanji they won't do anything to the cake, but afterward they're free to do whatever they want to Big Mom, and Sanji agrees to that since his mission was only to make and deliver the cake
Fuck Sanji and his stupid MUH COOKING PRIDE, seriously.

Reposting from last thread

all the way to 900 baby!
odas autism knows no bounds


>Poison the cake
>Does nothing because BM stomach is probably nuclear bomb proof
>She's even more mad now
>Kills everyone
Good job user you saved everyone!

Keep running until your enemy loses his haki stamina

hey there fellow runner

>Why do they intend to make a revolution?
Because the WG is super-corrupt? What kind of question is that?

Luffy needs to run away

Did i just read that Pedro is Alive......?

>>Does nothing because BM stomach is probably nuclear bomb proof
Perospero sure seems to think that poison could kill Big Mom.
Keep in mind, poison took down the entire Blackbeard Pirates crew.


Nevermnd. Im a speedreader.


yeah he somehow blew himself up and appeared in the cabin with only Brook knowing

>poison took down the entire Blackbeard Pirates crew.
Yeah poison tends to do that when you cover every inch of the victim with it

Oven destroying all the mirrors mean that either Luffy will develop CoO enough to dodge everything they throw at him when he gets out of the mirror or that he will get out through another way, this might be why Oda brought in Flampe out of nowhere

Too fucking obvious that the last scene is Luffy seeing the future for the first time. Weak attempt of creating a sense of danger Hackda.

Yes, he is alive. Unless there's a visible dead body, he is alive.

She is invulnerable from the outside, so harming her from the inside might be the only option

Yeah, and if you fill a cake with tons of poison and a person eats it all, I'd say it would be even worse.

oooooooh good point
like that one scene with mihawk

>Keep running until your enemy loses his haki stamina
The Balboa Plan. Still works.

It's a Lucci situation, but less climatic. It'll take 10 or more chapters to see Katakuri sweating really cold.

> Flampe looks on laughing at Luffy.
What did hackposter mean by this

I'm pretty sure I read this chapter before.

>Bege promises Sanji they won't do anything to the cake, but afterward they're free to do whatever they want to Big Mom, and Sanji agrees to that

Sanji being unable to hurt women is kind of a big deal...It's sad to see Oda throwing it away for the convenience of the plot

What was a bigger cop-out, Pedro's "death" or Pell's?

Sanji won't hit women himself, but he has no problem letting other people hit women as long as they're not pure maidens or whatever.

>...It's sad to see Oda throwing it away for the convenience of the plot
What happens to BM is not Sanji problem

Reminder that
Perospero did not lose an arm, only his clothes were ripped.
Oven did not slash Pound, someone saved him and cut Oven instead.


conis dad

>Sup Forums
Neither of those are as bad as AP

AP is alright. The posters there are generally calm and dont sperg out too much. The thing bad about there is that everyone sucks gregs dick. But OJ, especially as of recent, is the most cancer ridden forum I have seen. Its the home of the saltiest of the OP "fanbase"

God tier taste coming through
1. Viola
2. SmooTHICC
3. Nami
4. Reiju
5. Robin
6. Hancock
7. Sadi-chan
8. Pudding
9. Rebecca
10. Ishilly

You know, I'd really want to know how you beat a fucker like Kisaru. A fucking laser man, how the hell you punch that?

This brings back memories, it used to be the biggest OP forum 10 years ago, how bad it is now?

You just outspeed him.

Chapter out when ?


He has to prep before using his mirror move

Pretty inactive.

Luffy having a spare big brother.

BM isn't a woman, but a literal force of nature. Plus, I'm sure Sanji's rule applies to pretty woman only.


Do you actually read the manga? Several people have hit Kizaru with little difficulty.

We already have a One Piece thread that is detailing what is going in the manga.

>nami that high
otherwise pretty good list

>bump limit reached
>page 9
Yeah, you're shitposting in it.

> Hancock that low
> No Bibi

God, I feel old.

After almost 900 chapters? I think I can forget some details.

I never really saw Vivi in that way. She is legit too pure for me to think of her like that.

Those were fairly important things. They're some of the strongest characters in the series and that shit happened in our face, not the background or something.

Sanji himself won't hurt a woman If he people can do whatever.
When they were coming up with the assassination plan he specifically Said he didn't want to have her blood on his hands.

I forgot her and that other red head... dammit!

put hancock on top and nami under robin and your good

Garp mini arc when?


He got blown to smithereens user. Nothing is left.

Post the most recent picture of Oda.


>He uses his trident to thrust upon Luffy.

>1 minute apart

I'm serious, I want to see how fat Oda got.

Literally the most shit taste I have ever seen

Oro Jackson is way better than here for one piece discussion. This place has too many shippers and sexual deviants that masturbate to cartoon women. Oro Jackson also gets spoilers first, you guys just leech.

Black hole man

>Perospero is an idiot
>Brook is a liar
>they might actually do the unthinkable and unwanted by bringing back Pedro...
>Luffy vs Katakuri gets dragged on some more
>Smoothie still utterly worthless and a waste of panels for better siblings
Well at least one good thing is still consistent; Zoro sure as hell won't be showing up anytime soon. Eat shit Zorofags. :^)

I do not approve of this unless all future merch has her with her sexy third eye as a cum target. Those dirty nip fuckers better not hide it.

>Smoothie over Robin-sama AND Sadi-sama
Commit sudoku faggot

What if Brook uses his df powers to bring back Pedro's spirit or some shit like that, you know some real spoopy skeleton stuff

>An episode about Ace
I hate Wano already


At least we're not HxHfags.

That was the worst offender.

I mean according to people like you "nothing has happened" since fucking Marineford.

>*nothing happened since chapter 1


>Ruining best arc with worse commander
Fucking Oda WHY

>Oro Jackson is way better
>muh sexual deviants here are worse than the literal faggots at Faggot Jackson
The shipper plague is the only thing I'll agree with since shippers are the tumors that kill all fandoms with their faggotry.

I think that happening would be great. What's your problem with it?

I cant believe Luffy's fucking dead

>TFW Sanji and Pudding are back on the ship
Man, the shippers are gonna go apeshit this chapter. Enjoy the peace while you can folks

That would actually be cool as long as Brook can't bring back anyone permanently. I like the idea of him being able to summon an army of ghost warriors (maybe the Rumbar Pirates) to fight for him like the Oathbreakers from Tolkien lore.

One of the Wano arc allies is going to be made by Luffy bonding with him or her about Ace.

don't look at the spoilers don't look at the spoilers don't look at the spoilers don't look at the spoilers don't look at the spoilers don't look at the spoilers

The last time I read OP was in December 2016. I was hoping to stack up the chapters until the end of this arc.

Over 1 year later and we haven't even cleared 50 fucking chapters.


>Katakuri will job like cracker and smoothie and Big meme
Oda please don't do this to Katakuri


Ace is still worst character. Fucking got killed because he fell for Akainu's cheap bait.

Also Wano will be the worst arc, calling it now. Thanks a lot Zoro, you piece of shit.

>Cracker - CoA Mastery
>Katakuri - CoO Mastery
>Smoothie - ???

What if she's a CoCk master? Will her sole role in the story be to show us the next evolution of CoC?

Smoothies got CoCk mastery

>Character is defined by his ability to cook anything and make it delicious
>Idiot complains because cooking isn't a 3-month fight scene

She'll get low-level observation and whenever we learn more about Snack, he'll have armament