Get a load of my SWEET 3x3!

Get a load of my SWEET 3x3!

Someone post that meme

pretty sure I've seen this unironically

Ill never get why someone put Mushishi on their. Its simply atmospheric, there is nothing pretentious about it. In fact, more people list Mononoke than Mushishi at this point. Someone needs to edit this and replace Mushishi with Nichijou, the true high brow comedy and only geniuses find funny.

Lain is art
I couldn't handle the talking heads in LoGH
I dropped texhnolyze at episode 10
I haven't watched the pillows anime.
I couldn't get past the 1st chapter in Berserk
Mushishi is boring.
Tatami Galaxy ok (ping pong was better).
Evangelion was ok.
NHK was ok.

FLCL and NHK are also straightforward as fuck. Something like Kaiba should be there instead.

NHK needs to be on there because its for people who self insert. FLCL I can see your point, but its generally considered to be LUL SO RANDUMB (which it isnt but thats beyond the point). Kaiba is too niche I think, and the list already has a Yuasa work.

Mononoke and Mushishi are both boring schlock. Prove me wrong.

Now that I think about it: This shitty list doesnt even have a single Ikuhara show. Where the fuck is Utena?

For stuff that's supposedly entry level and everyone should know, I don't know what 4 of those are. Also who's more cancerous? The person who only likes entry level stuff or the person shitposting about the person who only likes entry level stuff?

"Consuming media is a competition" - Sup Forums motto.

It isnt. The real motto is "the more I watch, the more likely Ill be able to call someone out for not having watched what I've watched, which makes him a newfag by proxy since anyone should have watched what I watched."

>Waaaah, I won't admit those shows are good, i'll call them 'ok' at best because I'm afraid of being judged!!!!

Take the piss, Noppera-bo was some of the best anime I've ever seen.

Lain is garbage though.

NHK is the only bad show on there.

NHK is the only good show on there, actually.

This seems be a common problem. It feels like people in 3x3 don't even like the anime they post but don't want to post popular ones like it's some badge of disgrace.

No matter what contrarians on Sup Forums say, this isn't a bad 3x3.
And I've seen all of these.
Lain has an interesting aesthetic, but was too confused in its story. People who love stuff like programming would like it more than I did.
LotGH is interesting, especially for /his/fags like myself, and doesn't really take a side. It's also nice that it's long, yet tends not to drag. It'd be too boring, though, for non-/his/fags.
Texhnolyze is a masterpiece, perfectly aesthetic, interesting and alway-moving. The name is stupid, and a few of the themes are a bit too juvenile, but a 9.8/10. One of my favorites.
I didn't like FLCL. Great animation, but I don't like the humor. It depends upon the person.
Berserk is pretty edgy, but I liked it when I was younger and still like it now, though it's not one of my favorites. Too edgy for me, even.
Mushishi is perfectly comfy. I love the "studying spirits" theme, the travelling theme, the pace, the whole thing. Great stuff, a favorite.
Tatami Galaxy is very well-put-together, has an interesting style without being ugly, and good story, the whole thing is very good, but not really a favorite, since I don't relate to that college experience.
Eva is a classic.
NHK is great, though the book is the best. It's especially relatable for NEETs, and I related back when I was NEET.
These are all, of course, entry-level, but they're entry-level for good reason.

It isn't, It's just that people tend to be sicks of newfags just getting into something and flooding the forum of discussion about shit everyone's already sick of talking about because there's nothing else to be said, and the same fags overblowing the merit of these easily digestible shows like they're absolute masterpieces of Japanese tapestry when there's shitloads of stuff just as good that they won't give a chance to because of certain predispositions.

Stop talking about shit I'm already tired of talking about and stop praising it like nothing on that level exists simply because you can't be bothered exploring the medium.

>every single poster missed the point

It's not about shows being pretentious or entry-level you dorks.


Tatami Galaxy and FLCL are super trash.

>Lain is art
in what way?

Should switch it for Kaiji honestly.

Its drawn by hand.

There's nothing wrong with being called ok. I rate anime on how I enjoy them.

It makes the person try to understand its own language. It's unique in the way it displays its message.

FLCL is super good sorry its too deep for you

Yeah? Well I hope you fall DEEP in a well, queer

Feels like people are thinking Lain is more complex than it is. People that include it on their 3x3 normally haven't played the game, nor read the manga. Which is honestly needed as they're all part of the same project.

So it's just pretentious

Those are all wonderful shows, what the fuck is everyone's problem here?

You're both wrong

That's a sweet 3x3.


It's totally original and it totally reflects his true taste.

Someone posted this "3x3" in the last thread and then proceeded to shit on a 3x3 that had good shows like TTGL, GTO, Koe no Katachi, Jojo, Steins;Gate, SSY, and HxH. Why are guys like this trying to act smart by showing they like only less popular old shows ? It's completely retarded.

>people covering topics which are beyond my interest and/or understanding are pretentious
fuck off

I always thought bottom right was Rin from Fate.





Why so many people mentioning about NHK lately? A-are you guys ok?

You already made a full thread for this and got your replies.

FLCL and Eva have tons of boobs jiggling. They're from the studio that made the term "gainaxing" ffs.

Unironic 4/6, I will never get Lain. It's an arthouse sci-fi story that sucks at artistic presentation because the plot is focused on sci-fi ideas, and it doesn't properly explore its sci-fi ideas because it's too busy being artsy. I commend it for being different, but I don't think that makes it appealing.

That guy has the Chocolate Panic Picture show on his 3x3, he's either memeing or has something seriously wrong with it.

Luluco is a good short teaser to remind us that Imaishi's still alive while we wait for Promare, but it's got nothing on KLK.

I dont know what type of person this is supposed to parody of but I've definetly seen them on places like shitaku and tumblr where whenever they want to praise a show they say shit like "it overcame its animeness"

Chocolate Panic is a masterpiece.

Please die Triggerigger.





the edge

Chocolate Panic may unironically be the worst thing I've ever seen in anime. It's hard to believe it was made by a Japanese studio. It feels like it's from a 3rd world country, in every respect.
I have only one Trigger show on there, Itry again.

Nice lies Triggernigger. You have Gurren Shitgann on there which is essentially just Triggershit. Watch real anime instead of westerncuck pandering dogshit.

You're wrong and
>accuses Trigger of Western pandering
>posts DBZ, the quintessential black americuck cartoon

Absolutely SEETHING. My Dragon Ball reaction images are making you Dragon Bawl your eyes out. The absolute state of Triggerniggers.

>I dropped texhnolyze at episode 10
You fool! Don't you know you you have to watch it all the way through to realize it's complete garbage?

10 6 10
? 5 yawn
7 7 9

5 9 1
7 7 1
1 6 1

5 2 ?
6 6 7
5 5 4


6 7 7
3 8 8
2 3 8


how mad is this guy

Feel free to take shots at me

3x3 to reflect my taste between pretentious and fun

I thought I was the only one.

I've seen this in shitty quality on /f/.
I didn't like it.
The tree-spirit should've been treated as a daughteru.

Lain has good ideas, actaully the best ones i ever seen in anime, but sucks at execution
havent watch tex and mushishit
FLCL is the worst anime every made in history (f not including 2-5 minute anime series)
Berserk is really good
TTG is 1/10 at most and the most overrated anime in history
Eva is really good, but end sucks
currently watching nhk and it sucks. might drop it if it doesnt get any better.

actually really good.

I liked the /u/ angle. It made it feel real.

I liked it going all-out but still tasteful with the sexuality. Besides that, I just think it's really well made and tailored to me. The visuals feel like they're all well thought through, both being aesthetically pleasing and capturing moods perfectly. The experimental post-rock music is great at generating emotion in me in a way that little other music does. The story is constructed so well that I feel like I've seen a big chunk of the character's lives in just the 5 minute run time. And the overall sombre tone is really striking.

I see Dandy mentioned alot in these threads. Should I watch it?

You're a faggot with shitty taste.

It's a great show if you're into sakuga. Have a list of the people who worked on each episode up as you watch it, if you're into that stuff.

you have decent taste but you are indeed a faggot

he is a faggot but his taste is okay

Eh I can accept that.



sometimes I can't tell what shows are by the pictures people use. I also like things









Fucking priceless


>Tatami Galaxy ok (ping pong was better).
Fucking retard that's the worst one in the entire chart

I know Angels Egg went from sort of obscure to way overexposed in the last couple years but i dont care.


>typical SA anime fan

Just pick 9 in general, you indecisive faggot. Nobody's impressed that you know a bunch of chinese cartoons.

Yo, is the dub for cyborg 009 good or should I just wait for the discotek release?

pls no bully

seething with rage


The art even looks it's made by the same guy. Can you imagine how mad he was?


Seems like a pretty cool guy. I like him.

wew, ruined his repertoire with those faggy ones, shoulda left it at that 3x3 masterpiece

It's shit

you can just TELL he's a typical Sup Forums moeshit apologist too

>just finished my 9th anime everyone!

pleb here, here's my 3x3

>TTGL, Madoka, Prison School
>Space Patrol Luluco, Kaiji(RPS arc only),