Killing bites

Why doesn't the bunny wear panties?

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Her ass is too big.

Because that's what Killing Bites is.

Don't ever post again you needle dick

Should I watch this?

Maybe her butt hurts

because bunnies are sluts

What is the point of Killing Bites? Like, it as fun at first but after the timeskip it gets stupidly edgy.

She doesn't need to, she has fur on her ass. Speaking of which,
>furry ass
This kills the boner.
Yes I know what thread I'm in right now, I don't care. Fur is NOT for asses!

Do you hate fun? No?

Then yes

>after the timeskip it gets stupidly edgy.
Moron, this show is ALWAYS stupidly edgy. That's where it gets its "so bad it's good" cred from.


But that's what Killing Bites is

its terraformars but they are fighting each other not roaches.

Nah, the beginning has some edge, yes, but it's not gratuitous like after.

>tfw anime-only

Please be considerate with us filthy secondaries guise

will the killing bites get doujins of them being ROACHED

Inaba? More like InaBest.

Y'know what, maybe

>yfw never read a doujin of Honey Badger being forced into submission with some asspull plot drug while she complains pretending not to be into it as a crowd of no-face doujinguys go to town on her making sure her holes are always filled and her hands are also busy, when eventually she squeals for two-pages straight when she realizes she's getting triple-penetrated with two dicks in her ass before someone shoves her tongue in his ass to keep her quiet which makes Cheetah come out of the background where she had been watching everything jelly as fuck of what's happening and throws herself into the mix rubbing Badger's toned abs and breasts while she can barely keep up with being rammed by three dicks all at once while Cheetah pulls Badger's head to her own to kiss her passionately while she herself begins to get rammed by the subcharacters despite her protests but Badger's already getting into it and pushing Cheetah close to her so they inevitably feel orgasm reaching and go into combat mode which leaves their fur drenched with cum as the party finishes


That's what Killing Bites is

wait here's a better image

Holy fuck, imagine how good it would feel having your balls pierced by those heels



Does she eat her own shit like real rabbits do?

waaaiting for the volume 9 raws キリングバイツ

f5, it does nothing!

no raws for the othe three bug manga either
odd thing is that i found supposed raw sites that link to amazon instead, haha

Thus, Killing Bites.





>What I watched/What I expected/What I got

>copy-pasting that link works
>searching for anything else gives a 500 server error
come on

Nice abs desu



>Anime looks better than the manga
Well color me surprised


tell me again, how do you win in killing bites?

The one with the sharpest fangs wins, thus, Killing Bites.

hmanga when

Don't listen to he's oversimplifying it

Here, look at this

The one with the sharpest claws wins, fangs are overrated

Relax, maybe he meant too big for panties not too big to get dicked.

Having sharp claws is irrelevant to winning Killing Bites.

so the whole plot of the show is that the MC is a detective trying to decipher what "Killing Bites" is?


That'll be the sequel, KILLING BITES: 2ND MEAL, 20 years down the road

i wish

he is not a very good detective

Goki a best.


No, is the MC turning into trainer Batman because his ratel waifu tried to cut him in half

I hate this cringy title drop.

That title implies they figured it out the first time.

get out

WTF are you doing here


t.toothless loser

But that's what killing bites is

*De eso se trata

that's what the Killing Bites is

What does bunny sex feel like?

I got a boner

>the one with the sharpest fangs wins
>that's what killing bites is
>but the fucking bunny wins the tournament

badger is retarded, bunny is best girl

But that's what Killing Bites is

thus killing bites


The lack of art for this in Pixiv makes me sad.

Easier reproduction access.

what animal is this?


what did you expect?
flops don't get fan art

And yet the manga must be selling well based on the fact we're on what, 9? 10? volumes and still going.

what about this one?

Truly the best girl of her own series.

ongoing manga doesn't necessarily mean good sales

sometimes it just means enough sales to not get canned

A swine

It's crazy how hot this broad is. Somehow that fetish outfit makes her look even hotter than her suit, and I love women in suits.

Then it should've gotten nothing at all

Which isn't the case

Lion slave.

n...not very?

Goddamn, I want fuck that honey badger, even if it kills me

Snakebro, please.

I want her to teach me what Killing Bites truly is.

Teethlet detected.

christmas cake

Just wait for Killing Claws sequel.

*beloved wife

What? He isn't afraid of getting cucked by the old guy?

He already got cucked

No she tried to kill him. He hates her guts

I don't think he cares about Hitomi anymore honestly

I will kindly remind you.

It's better without (you)

To be fair, if she wanted to kill him he'd be dead


I want to fuck her butt