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Does the "eternal" exist, Sup Forums?

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I thought this anime was about cute girls, but then a friend told me that is about a lesbian princess that has a crush on a girl that is constantly abused by her boyfriend

Akio wanted everyone to think that it did. Maybe Utena and Anthy's friendship will last eternal, and one day, they will shine together
Those can be cute girls!

I just finished the first arc. This is wrong since the princess, Utena, is in fact the girl's boyfriend and one of the girl's ex-boyfriends seduced Utena.

The "lesbian" PRINCE wins the engagement of the
girl who is abused by her previously betroved
There are plenty of cute girls in it though

Yep. Pic related. Too bad Japan killed most of their Christian otherwise they'd already know this.


The only lesbian in Utena is Juri

What's with all the Utena threads lately? Not that I mind.


Second this.
Utena doesn't really feel anything about Anthy until very last episode.

Yeah Utena/Anthy are both bisexual, and the anime is more explicit with their relationships with men than with the other.

Woops wrong image. Didnt want Mikishit.

Might be the same dork trying to inspire some discussion.


Because I love Utena.

This is wrong, Mikage is not gay.

Like clockwork

And anthy isn't exactly into incest.

She did love Dios though.

It is not about that. It's about the destruction of normal societal roles and structure.

Love isn't always sexual.

>destruction of normal societal roles and structure
I think it's about friendship and sacrifice.

It's about a lot of things. Sexuality, society, friendship, lesbian motorcycles etc...

I really don't think it's deconstructing any "norms" at all, honestly. Just because Utena dresses like a boy and takes on the image of a "prince" doesn't make it some deep commentary on social order.
In fact, she fails at becoming a prince anyway, so I think makes even less sense to define the series as that. It probably has much more to do with adolescence and maturity.

ESPECIALLY Lesbian Motorcycles
Though I don't agree that it necessarily is "about" the destruction of societal roles-- that's more auxiliary compared to the central themes. Utena's crossdressing and seduction into being Akio's princess is less a dialogue about societal roles than it is about personal agency and,, as per Rinbu Revolution, find the "value of being me"

But did she die at the end?
Did she ever even truly exist in the first place?

Wasn't lesbian CARS?



She never left her coffin to begin with, user



It's a highly representative show. The council itself sort of is society at large. Utena has to play their little game even though she really doesn't want to. Maybe later I'll defend my position a little better but theres a lot going on in this show.

Virtual Star Embryology>all other themes

this show got me really into J.A. Seazer, what a stellar OST.

Threadly reminder

Utena is too noble for this rotten world
Anthy don't deserve Utena
Jury dosen't deseve all her suffering
Saionji did nothing wrong
Shiori and Kozue can die in a fire

It might be more about navigating around (or into) those norms than "deconstructing" them

I never said deconstructing.

You're pretty cool

I would add that Touga is in over his head, and that Nanami became much greater than she thought she was

The battle songs are truly a spark of genius.

NONE OF THEM LEFT THEIR COFFINS, except in Adolescence

>Kozue can die in a fire

I have to admit, I still haven't watched the film after rewatching the series three times now.

It's worth it.
It isn't exactly connected to the show. It's more a retelling of the themes.

you missed the entire point about shiori. she loved juri but because juri is so strong, she understood juri could dominate her then leave her. so she tried to even out the control so juri could never leave her

koue too. she's a mini-anthy, trying to keep miki pure, but fucking everything up in the process, because if yuo try to do something impossible, shit breaks

Utena was the anime that signaled the downfall of Japanese society and the economic downturn that happened in the 90's.

Ohtori is purposefully stagnant. Stagnation prevents you from Breaking the World's Egg. And if a chick cannot Break the World's Egg, it dies without ever being born.
Whether Utena was ever born is up to you, from the series. But Utena's actions allowed Anthy to be be born

At last, we meet

I mean it was made after the crash...

Threadly reminder

Utena got BLACK'd and TOUGA'd

It's worth a watch, especially at only 1 hour 45 minutes. It does retell the themes, and there is no real set way to interpret if or how it fits into anything, but I like to think that its Anthy helping Utena in a world different from SKU's Ohtori, where both Utena and Anthy could be saved.

Pretty visuals too

Nah, both are just self centered bitches

Shiori was just an emotional abusive asshole that enjoyed seeing Juri suffer. Yes she was afraid of losing Juri but this is no reason to treat the person you supposedly like shit

Kozue is just Shiori in a minor scale, she didn't want to Miki to stay pure, she wanted Miki for herself and, knowing Miki would never reciprocate her love, decided that the best second option was to annoy him 24/7 sleeping with every guy possible

To an extent everybody got BLACK'd and TOUGA'd. Hell, they even TOUGA'd and BLACK'd eachother

I really don't think Shiroi loved Juri at all, it was envy and then manipulation. But I do think she came to appreciate her in the end.

she tried to keep miki in the nest beside her, forever

hence the metaphor

and shiori definitely loved juri. she says "in love, the one that loves more loses (the other) so I'll make her love me, and she'll never leave"

don't make me screencap it

the nest is purity. in case that just passed over your head

the only nice thing she ever does is try to rescue the hatchlings



Adolescence's visual/art direction is 10/10 and worth watching for that alone honestly.

I kinda want to buy the BDs when they come out in Clapistan. How's the quality on them?

Utena was shot on 35mm and remastered properly so the BD rips we all have are 1080p and look beautiful. Assuming the American BDs use the same master, they'll look fabulous.

What's the best release for utena? The release I have on my computer is pretty bad.

The encode I have is some old bloated encode from AB that doesn't exist anymore. There's an HEVC encode at ~17GB which might be the best option now.

Yeah, I just saw that one as well. I'll try to download it and report back (if this thread is even alive).

I have an HEVC encode of escaflowne (very comparable; that show was also on 35mm film and made in the late 90s) that's about 16 GB for 26 episodes. It looks pretty good too me.

Cool, it actually looks like the BDs already came out in Clapistan in Arc box sets. Probably gonna go that route since it'd be cheaper over all.

In the DVD commentary Ikuhara confirmed that Shiori had feelings for Juri.
>I finally realized the truth. To think that she loved me back! What a miracle! But…
“The loser in love is the one who lets their heart be ruled by it.” Everyone’s adopted a provocative attitude towards someone of the opposite sex that they like at least once or twice, to get that person to notice them. So it’s okay if I do that. This love will crumble if we touch. But when people don’t touch, the love eventually dies away. That’s why I decided to keep your love prisoner. To make sure that you love me forever. That game will make our love “eternal.” I’m sure of it.

oh shit, yeah this fucking release, I was looking for it everywhere, but it's literally gone now. I don't really like the schweeds release because there's a tiny black bar on the left side of the encode for some reason.

Yeah I have no idea why it disappeared either. Maybe kinda bloated, but it looks really good. There's some raws on Nyaa. Not sure if they are any good (or if they even has seeds). Kuchikirukia has a 720p release which might be worth looking at as well.

since you still have it, if you uploaded it to AB, I'd definitely download it and help seed. I'd rather archive the best quality than the one I have now.

I'll upload it if I can. But since it was removed, I suspect there's some rule or something somewhere that forbid it. I suppose I should ask.

Yeah, I noticed the black bar, but the release seems pretty solid overall.

I'd stay away from rukia, his release is awfully bloated and he is known for stealing other releases and releasing as his own.

I just don't trust like that, especially considering the amount of episodes Utena has. This one was much better.

With HEVC anything is possible. I'm also wary of any release that manages to be heavier than Sephirotic's Evangelion release, while also having a worse quality overall.


It's deep

Wakaba best girl

nanami is love. nanami is life

I love this. I hate that meme, but I love this.

He's right though. And Nanami isn't really incest.

Utena gets fucked by a Indian man.

So was Mikage gay?

Did Juri forgive Ruka in the end?

Do you consider Touga getting buttraped canon to the tv series?

For that last one I personally do because that element of isolation which he gained just so neatly explains pretty much everything.

Truth is the only thing that is eternal.

Truth doesn't exist.

You're contradicting yourself. Saying truth doesn't exist is stating a truth, or rather, a proposition which you are asserting to have that value.

Yes it does

And it's my eternal love for Utena

Mikage was 100% gay despite what others might say
I think Juri did forgive Ruka
Touga definitely took it in the ass, at least from The End of The World

>Mikage was 100% gay despite what others might say
He was in love with Tokiko, dumbass. Mikage is bi.

And user is asking about Touga's dad.

He’s a hottie though, and a prince.

The episode commentary for that Juri/Ruka episode gives interesting insight into what Ikuhara was thinking.

It's good that this show's great visuals, awesome soundtrack and even the comedy keep me entertained and I can enjoy it because of that. Because even after the second time I still don't get what's even going on in this show.

I liked that one student council meeting with the baseball game happening

what’s your favorite scene/scenes from the show?

the badminton scene at the end is my absolute favorite, I think.

Utena walking to open the door, or child Utena promising to be a prince.


I think the juri scenes are a punch in the gut for most people

the scenes that have this song


The series was shot on 16mm, actually. Just compare it with the movie.

>That scene where the locket breaks and she stumbles across the arena, gasping like someone just ripped her heart out and sounding like she's about to cry.
Kotono Mitsuishi is an amazing VA.

My brothers. I'm still not sure why too, after all it's pure symbolism. It's nothing straightforward, well maybe it is straightforward for symbolism, but still the climax of that duel consists more of emotions overflowing than any real resolution. I guess it's just so raw, pure emotion, with the music, the character animation, the voice acting performance pushing themselves all together, you just can't help being shaken.

Best duel theme

That duel still gets me.

Love this show. Coincidentally I was just working on a video discussing some symbolism in episode one.
Somebody way further up said they didn't understand the show after the 2nd time but that they still enjoyed it for the music, direction, and humor. I think that's one of the reasons the show is so successful and something I've appreciated more over time. The show is very artsy fartsy at times, is incredibly deep, but it's also trying to entertain you which other heavily symbolic shows a lot of times ignore (Lain).
Also I'm always staggered by the people in these threads who miss the point so completely. The show isn't about breaking norms?? REVOLUTIONARY Girl Utena isn't trying to change the status quo? I can't believe these posters.