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Alright I've been reading Alicization but really why does this fucking cockroach of a shitbag keep on appearing?

The cause of literally everything wrong, god I hate him so much.

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Same he infuriates me to high heavens too. Specially with that scene with Philia in HF.


AAAAAAA why'd you have to post that? God the sound of his voice angers me so much.

>gameverse bed scenes will be split equally between kirito and the donutsteel MC
>you can't bed philia as kirito
fuckign KEK im gonna cry

>Can't bed Sinon as MC
I knew it would happen, but it still hurts.

>>you can't bed philia as kirito

People actually like this shitty anime?

On one hand I'm glad I can interact with Philia and Rain (my two favourite girls) but on the other I don't like how it kind of makes them shallow. Most especially Philia.

No. They just waifu the girls and play the games.

>no option to romance Kirito himself

you get the surrogate pretty boy at least but he's no eugeo

At least give me Sumeragi instead.
>no Eugeo
My heart breaks just a little bit more inside.

Congradulations to the guys waifu gamiverse characters. To those who good not Asuna waifu novel girls, I'm sorry for your loss.

i may waifu the gameverse characters but i like seeing their ongoing romantic developments with kirito. what the fuck is our oc mc supposed to talk about with them in the bed scenes?

>i like seeing their ongoing romantic developments with kirito
This. I don't actually wanna self insert, I like their characters and interactions having me in that would make everything into a snorefest.

>waifu the gameverse characters
Opinion discarded.

>that comment section about trying to NTR Kirito
Triple kek

God forbid, Reki actually allow you to cuck his wai- I mean Kirito's wife(s).

nigga philia may be aincrad's next top cause of death via diabeetus but you cannot tell me you wouldn't smash seven

>waifuism is about how cute or how fuckable the girl is
Don't fucking call them your waifu.

Ya do realise that Reki can only make two types of side characters for males

>Complete rapist and physcopath
>Degenerate that will never be able to charm the women that kirito has acquired

Reki has probably the writing skill of a 5 year old, how you fucking idiots keep eating this shit is beyond me.

The best course of action should of been to allow Kirito and the player to be able to bed any character that can be bed. That way people who like the story for the story sake can watch Kirito's romance with his harem ew grow, and the SI fags can bed with whichever waifu they want to.
>b-but wouldn't it be ch-cheating if Kirito's girls can date the MC girls and the MC could date Kirito's girl?
Kirito already fucking does this, fuck off.
>b-but there's already established character development with Kirito and his girls. Th-there's no way the player character could establish a bond like that.
It's completely within the realm of possibility for the MC to woo the girls from the novel in a single game. If he can do it to Philia, Strea, and Premiere, then he damn well can do the same for Leafa, Sinon, Liz, and Silica.
At the end of the day, you know damn well that the only reason they are splitting the bed scenes is because Kawahara said no to allowing the player character to bed Asuna, ergo they need a legit reason to not allow the player to do so, IE splitting the bed characters between gameverse and novelverse. It makes more sense than, "NO I RILL NOT ARRAUW DUMB AMERICAN PIGS TO TOUCH MY PRECIOUS ASUNA"

Which makes him perfect for writing self-insert harem shit like SAO.

Don't forget:
>Married so won't desire Kirito's women.

>Hopped onto the SAO sub-reddit
>all this fucking salt over the split because Kirito loses part of his harem

I don't even care if I can't bed my waifu in this game, I'll just get a daki. This is fucking worth it. Reading these blubbering morons claiming this is the worst thing ever is fucking delectable.


Reaction I saw on other forums are similar but expressed from the perspective of girls

I always wonder how much attention people actually payed to the series when they start going on about things like Reki can only write two types of guy characters. Agil's married, and is a bro when he's around. Klein doesn't have a girl, but Kirito's girls are like 10 years younger than Klein so he wouldn't be going after them anyways. Caynz was dating Yolko, Thinker married Yulier right after SAO. Diabel was a decent guy who screwed up. Kibaou's gone from being a faceless villain to a guy with a tragic story of rising to become leader of the clearers, only to be corrupted by power and greed and fall to eventually become a villain. Eiji was a bit psycho, but he wasn't a rapist, and his motives were understandable. That's not even getting into Alicization. All told while Reki could do a better job of featuring other guys, he's plenty capable of writing them.

Is Hollow Realization freezing randomly on PC a common thing?

You can get fucked by the pretty boy?

so? am i not allowed to think philia is cute as well as the most well written character?


>rapist and psychopath
pick neither
take that back you fuck

You can think that all you want, but waifuism is something sacred. You can waifu Philia and still find Seven fuckable, that isn't a problem, but you can't waifu them both. That's not how it works. Throwing that word around like it means "anime girl i like" is something that faggots on anime twitter do.

the loss of kirito/harem story content hurts a bit but at least we /do/ get their bed scenes
it just remains to be seen how exactly the player character even manages to woo the girls into their bed because it'll suck big time if it ends up being really shallow

>you can waifu Philia and still find Seven fuckable
that's... exactly what i said though?
>but you can't waifu them both
and i didn't say that

Shut the fuck up.

wasnt me my man. i replied to your post there because i thought you were shittalking gameverse characters as a whole

Oh well then you're fine.

>this level of autism over le 'only 1 waifu' meme
hholy shit i didn't know people like you still existed

gb2reddit ironic weeb

SAO haters have Digi and MB cock on their mouth what did you expect?

I don't like SAO but animetubers blow it's bad qualities so out of proportion it's ridiculous. It's an overall 4/10 series but most people only focus on the bad parts. Sinon and Yuuki's stories are passable, and while they do have their flaws, if told as side stories without the inclusion of Kirito (which Yuuki's story does pretty well for the most part), they could of been legitimately great stand alone stories.

they blow its bad qualities out of proportion by being almost deliberately obtuse about stuff. every video i've seen has the same rants about questionable motivations, making analogues to other mmos to complain why aincrad wasnt cleared in a month or to assert that party leveling is better than solo leveling, or my personal favorites 'lol why did he go all edgy after the floor 1 boss when he could have become a leader' and 'asuna is a helpless waif of a damsel in distress in the fairy arc who does nothing for herself'
cheap hate means views, so it's an easy incentive

The answer is little to none. You should now realize how much of humanity doesn't seem to act like they have any thoughts of their own, and then start to wonder if maybe we're really in a simulation and they're all NPCs.

Don't forget reducing Sugu to
>BAWWWW muh onii-chan!

>kirito's only cameo ends with his death
best arc desu

bumping with a qt

patrician taste

Thanks my fellow Sinonfag.
She truly is the best.

this is now a Sinon thread!

Fine with me!








You're lame

That is not what I thought PoH would sound like at all.

anime PoH and game PoH have different VA iirc

Man Vassago's a fucking cockroach

Perhaps Fatal Bullet will be the black sheep of SAO Gameverse. I do understand though what they come from. I just find it weird.

Ahhh, "pillow talk" with Yuuki...

>The first objectively good looking SAO game with the least flaws
>Black sheep

Man I didn't expect this community to actually care about character development and continuity errors. I just thought that it would just be a waifu shilling bread.
>The first objectively good looking SAO game with the least flaws
Doesn't that already make it the black sheep of the family?

Are we in agreement that Aids-chan is the best?

What about in a future update, Kirito and OCMC gets to bed all of them (apart from Asuna obviously). How would that be?

Progressive > rest > shit > GGO > your waifu > Sup Forums.

Jesus christ you fags are seriously discussing about fucking SAO? the absolute state of nu-Sup Forums

Well with this we can confirm that we can have Strea, Philia, Rain and Premiere will be able to go in donutsteel MC's party.

I hope I can add Klein and Kirito to my party too.

Can the player be a female in the game(s)?

Yes but in the ALO games, you'll need to make an OC donutsteel.

So you can go /u/ if you so choose?

Technically but in the Hollow games, the player avatar will always be Kirito with costumization options.

If you can make him Trapito, good enough I guess.

>mfw I can't even romance Kirito

What about LLENN and Pitohui then? They're looking like DLC more and more.

>Can't fuck Sinon as my OC Donut

Think about it this way. What if the girls just want a rebound.

Actually wait... That's a horrible idea. It makes them appear even shallower.

I'm fine with this, just kind of disgusted desu. So long as I get to interact with Trap!Kirito then all is well.

What episode will Alice first appear as an Integrity Knight in the anime?

Probably episode 13/14 if it's going for the faster route. 21/22 if it's going for the slower route.

>best girl shino locked behind harem plot wall

Ehat I'm interested in is how many episodes will it take to take down that fucking tree and get into the zakkaria tournament.

It's kind of impressive how it takes a priority 45 class weapon (Divine Construct) to take it down.

Yeah no kidding. Especially since you can make the wood into a sword as good as the Blue Rose Sword.

>can’t fuck the author harem
No surprise here

I wonder what's the asspull to justify this.

Now imagine the shitstorm when they release the full mix and match functionality as a release day DLC.

Asuna, Leafa, Lisbeth and Sinon kind of make sense but silica, yuuuki and Argo being Kirito only is really stupid

Except Asuna

On topic of Kawahara, what do you think about Absolute Isolator?

Kirito is the true black swordsman.

Not like that faggot Gutz.

>linking to /jp/
Anyway, I think it's good. Better than AW and SAO.

>you will never be stuck in between Sugus sugus

As a non-waifufag this kind of annoys me. I like the characters and their interactions not the shitty waifufaggottry.

>only one guy

It's great. I love how Kawahara writes infodumps.

I like it though MC's power seems like it's been ripped off from Raildex.

I'd be fine with this, but I'm only gonna spend my money if this happens.
I can relate.

>MC's power seems like it's been ripped off from Raildex.
It's like Saiai all over again