I like you, user

>I like you, user.
How do you react?

I open my eyes and get out of bed

I'm sorry, I love Emilia

>damn you have shit taste

Do we really need to do this out in the rain? We are gonna catch the dreaded cold.

>having happy dreams
gtfo normie

I asked you what the fuck is wrong with your face, now answer me.

Give her some tree stars

I usually have dreams where my teeth fall out I don't really have love dreams


Can we kiss then?

No, she just said she likes you you didn't even go on a date yet you have to wait for that and besides hand holding will come first

Eh? Nandatte?

I think you're in high school, so you're probably underage, so okay. You should probably stop standing in the rain. Bye.

I like you too!
..what, it's not like she said that she loved me. Two different things.

I fertilize her eggs.


Y-yeah you too

Is there even a prefecture in Japan with age of consent higher than 17?

I probably wouldn't be able to understand her because I don't speak japanese



>darling umei ga starts playing

Can I get a kiss?

is this a prank?

Nice try

>okay, but lemme see what your dad looks like

>not realizing what she means when she says "daisuki"

I'm sorry could you kneel down a bit I couldn't understand you with that gigantic neck

>not aishiteru
Bitch doens't really love me then

start looking for the cameras and the obnoxius dude yelling IT'S A PRANK BRO

*nervously fart again*

I usually have dreams where I am rejected by my waifu.

well she only said she liked you sooo

I had this dream last night I was being hunted by something not quite animal or man.

it might have been a devilman

It was me motherfucker

It had a most peculiar gait, low to the ground, lunging, clawing the earth.


Yeah whatever dude, dont even bother try to bring me down with that normal fag shit

Dude same and I don't even have that bad of teeth. I'm not even british

The moon?

Don't stand in the rain you idiot.

Same but I'm paranoid, I have a small cavity I need fixed and it freaks me out that my smile could ever get ruined my smile and eyes are all I ever get complimented on. At least it's a back tooth and still not noticeable but the thought of it scares me

"Haha, really? Thanks"

Y-you too

Eh? Did you say something?