Is it worth watching nanatsu no taizai?

Is it worth watching nanatsu no taizai?

no, it's shit

Read it instead

I'm only watching the anime because i'm waiting for the BEST MAN to make his appearance. PRAISE THE SUN!

just read it the anime is shit

Thanks i'll watch it.

I'm tempted to join ICE just so I can deport you.

the story is pretty fucking generic but the action is nice

Read it instead.

i hope you burn in hell.

I want her to sit on my face

This is a good list.

Can you be more specific?

The anime is bad
It looks bad, the pacing is bad, it doesn't do justice to Nakaba's work.

I couldn't stand the MC and how much of a special snowflake he had to be AT ALL TIMES compared to the rest of the cast, but most shounenfags seem to enjoy this series.

The anime and manga have the same problem.

Fuck off and die. If the MC were a special snowflake, that'd be an improvement. But he isn't. See, the problem with this series is that there's no logic to who wins and loses fights. If the plot needs the heroes to win, they win. If the plot needs the heroes to lose, they lose. It's like playing D&D with a DM who's going to do whatever he wants, no matter how clever and lucky the players are. It's agonizing after awhile. A good battle shounen needs to feel as though the heroes (or villains) EARN their victory. It shouldn't just be asspull after asspull by either side.


It's only worth it when Escanor shows up

The anime is descent considering a-1 but the manga is superior(miles better than tokyo ghoul adaptation). Anyway it still worth your time to watch S2 just to bask on the glory of animated escanor. Personally my guilty pleasure of the season.

It's a cheesy fantasy shounen filled with tons of tropes.
Doesn't really do anything particularly wrong, however.
The main characters have nice banter and interactions, the action is well done and there's no angsty, self-doubting loud-mouthed MC to ruin your fun ride that usually plague these kinds of series.
It just werks.

I dropped because I couldn't stand reading about a manlet MC.

I thought it was great at first. Looking back it was only good at best. I forget how good Elizabeth looks.

Reminder that this happens in 20~ episodes.

I watched it today and it seems shit. I have seen this type of show so often and I am tired.
I got this new image for the "describe show with one screenshot" thread though.


Do it for him

Nanatsu no Taizai is an odd sort of series where all the characters are enjoyable yet the story still isn't that interesting. Usually great characters can pull a story anywhere.

I wouldn't call the characters great. More like cliches with good designs.

I dropped it because I couldn't stand pig's voice. Might pick up the manga eventually.

I tried watching it because of how hot this chick is, but it was incredibly boring. Had several false starts and decided I'm not trying ever again.

This. Don't fall for Sup Forums'a lies. It's shit and I have no idea why so many people here like this retarded battle shounen with shitty designs.

It's fucking awful, but if you're a shonen watcher, then I doubt that's much of an obstacle.


You miss out something great man.


This. Don't fall for Sup Forums'a lies. It's shit and I have no idea why so many people here like this retarded cgdct moeshit
with shitty designs.

The manga doesn't suffer from bad pacing, lack of foreshadowing, bad/derpy art, and the mountain of other shit that A-1 manages to have with every anime they adapt. So yes, the manga is better you contrarian faggot.

Read the manga from chapter 1 and ignore the anime and you've got yourself a good series. Watch the anime and you've got yourself a bad one.


I really did not like it all.

It's another instance of battle choreography with irrelevant background thrown in. The only real "stories" are the battle sequences.

Generic battle shonen with a ridicously hot chick that made me fap 5 times on one day when the first season aired
It's shit

I watched because of piggu

Not sure if this is the right thread for this but spoilers are out. Mael jobs before he is even introduced. I like how Nakaba managed to subvert everyone's expectations and the usual shounen tropes with this, but I wonder where he's going with this. I mean he's obviously going to be back but I don't know how that's going to work.

>stop liking what i don't like

The pig and the princess got so fucking annoying I dropped the show. Fuck them their voices give me migraines

What the fuck kind of QUALITY is this? Fuck, my eyes

I'm not seeing it. Estarossa always has ridiculous pecs and a really dopey look on his face.

>Nakaba managed to subvert everyone's expectations
>By going an extremely underwhelming and lazy route

No wonder this shit isn't popular.

How can you tell it's underwhelming or lazy when you don't even know what happened yet? We don't even know if this happened just now and during the Holy War. As far as popularity goes, Nanatsu no Taizai was like the 7th best selling manga last year and 5th or so the year the anime was boosting it. It has a hard time in the west partly due to Netflix monopolizing the anime but it's doing extremely well in Japan.

If you like young pretty boys, then it's still trash,

not enough hmanga

How long do we have in the anime before we can PRAISE THE SUN?

It's fucking trash

Do it for her

Did she get kill or just denzel?

According to the spoilers Ludo cried when told about Nero and Denzel so she's probably dead but you never know.

>Pleb's taste
>Noble Pleb's taste
>Patrician taste

My brother from Belialuin.

>Demonic taste
>Divine taste
>Ass taste

He's just shitposting and trying to find anything to shit on the manga for. It's hard for him because he doesn't even read the manga so he ends.up samefagging and complaining about the quality of spoiler scans instead

Elizabeth is so beautiful and perfect. I love her so much.

Honestly it has a good rating and i hear about it a lot so I gave it a shot. Watched the entire 1st season and it's pretty underwhelming. Most of the show is generic "let's get our new member over 2-3 episodes", other half has actually a decent story. It's a pretty cheesy shounen anime, you can watch it but there's definitely better shows waiting to be watched.

watching for the giantess desu