God I wish that were me

God I wish that were me

My wife Mitsuha is so cute

I bet you love her specially in those days when she wears a ponytail and acts all smug and eccentric.

I love her character design and I don't even know why.

I guess you'll just have to get used to disappointment.

Remember It doesn´t matter in what body you are. You are still a Sup Forums shitposter with terrible people skills in the inside.

Now that I'm actually starting to eat less, work out, and care about my appearance, I'm finding it really isn't that hard. I'm confident now that if I became a girl, I'd try my damn best to be the cutest girl I can be.

Being a social retard Is cute if you're a girl




>you will never be able to anime stutter without anyone mocking you
>you will never fill your kitchen with cute pastel dishes and mugs
>you will never pull kneesocks over shapely, hairless legs

Imagine looking down and seeing this.

But I look down and see this every day
Mine are just flabbier

I can imagine it.



iktf mine are bigger than hers desu

post 'em

I don't know which one I want to be in this image, both seem equally erotic

it's not. only social retards of the worst kind imagine their social innept 2d waifus to be cute for beeing socialy retarded.
in really social retards are annoying, borring, lower you mood and generally no fun to be around nor can they be even remotely usefull

Cute but too thick

fuck off tripfag

>>you will never fill your kitchen with cute pastel dishes and mugs
I'm pretty sure this is perfectly doable.


Every time.

I'm starting to do that but I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Well, I can identify some attractive features from that picture.
>That perfect jawline
>Pretty hairstyle and jet black hair
>Cute facial features like that small nose, pretty eyelashes, and cute smile.
>brown eyes perfectly match her hair color.
>adorable dainty neck and fingers bunched up together and positioned in a girly fashion
>standard white collar shirt and oversized bow are pretty simple for an outfit but nonetheless very cute.

Mitsuha's design might be plain but sometimes simple designs are the cutest.

that's kinda hot

I'll have it eventually

I see you're a man of culture as well. Girls like Mitsuha are gimmick-free.

She has kinda complex features which woulnd't be there if it was in tv budget.