Boruto thread

Will he debut next chapter?

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im calling it, these new Curse marks will become the new biju's for the current generation of the Naruto series.

He debuted in the 2 episode of anime

If we're lucky. If we're unlucky, they'll become the new Sharingans.

No he will not. stop asking stupid things

I heard some theories that he might be a cyborg, I mean it would fit the theme of technology but I don't think they are that advanced in naruto I mean I haven't even seen a car in naruto yet let alone the expertise to create and maintain a cyborg. Maybe an ootsutsuke hybrid?

he will appear in episode 43. there are so many teasers you retarded namefag. reported for ban evasion

>I haven't even seen a car in naruto yet let alone the expertise to create and maintain a cyborg

But Ao is a cyborg...

I can't get over how stupid the dialogue for his scene is
Like they wanted it to be the most generic shit yet. There better be some real subversion of expectations here or shit is gonna be bad.

Fuck off narutards

But this isn't Naruto it's Boruto.

It didnt say shite about kawaki. Only the byakugan gang.

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It would have been better if Kawaki told him no, making the situation look more tragic and dire.

Forgot the image

This one.

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Not a bad pick
>omae wa mou shindeiru

Why isn't anyone talking about the latest chapter ? I think boruto developed a lot as a character. I also hope he keeps the ninja gear. It suits him well

But cars user I need ninjas in CARS.

I want my own sasuke to cuddle up to

As much as I wish, probably not

Problem is Boruto didn't develop any further than he has in the anime, which is chronologically far before this point in the manga. Also, Ao's motivations are kinda vague.

We talked about it in depth when it released a while ago. You're just late to the party.

Well we have ninjas on a train I'm sure it won't be too long now.

When are they planning to animate what's going on in the manga ? I'm kinda just sticking to the manga since it interests me the most
I'm going to have to go into the archives then

What were you expecting? Just because someone believes that it had to cone to the destruction of a village doesn't mean their reasons are going to be straight forward.

There's a way to write intriguing dialogue that doesn't scream "We have no idea how this happens so we'll just invoke a trope you've seen literally dozens of times in Naruto."

Its a shonen dude, every villain ever in naruto with the possible exception of Itachi would have said exactly the same thing.

Hopefully. It would be nice to see a demon-and-host relationship in which the host is ultimately fucked over by demon at the end, in contrast to all other demon-and-host relationships in this series

Aren't they the same shit? A hax power-up that makes everything else useless?

Kishi was right, the pupil-less eyes are kinda creepy and unemotional.

Difference is that Bijuu powers were foreshadowed from literally the first chapter whereas the absolute bullshit of the Mangekyou only really kicked in after the Itachi fight

>Ao's motivations are kinda vague.
It seems like they are keeping every single plot point that could be exciting as vague as possible because they have no idea where the story is going.

I find them very cute.

If only. With the pacing of the manga he will show up in maybe 1 or 2 years, the anime is our only hope but it's also fucking slow.


>every villain ever in naruto with the possible exception of Itachi would have said exactly the same thing.
Only the major ones (Pain, Obito, Madara, Sasuke, Orochimaru) and yeah that's the whole fucking problem. If they want to re-invoke that trope, fine, but don't do it in such generic ways.

What will happen to the Boruto manga if the anime over takes it? Will Ikemoto lose his job?

Kakashi hiden? Itachi hiden? original content time?

I want to lick Madara.

Maybe something from the Blank Period or Boruto's early childhood? That'd be cute.

The anime isn't in any rush to take over the manga, I'm sure there'll be another filler missions arc after the fifth movie retelling is over.

it would seem ninja tech won't be taking over the world.

Am I the only one who misses the old cozy SoL episodes?


InoShikaCho episode when?

Im only caught up with the manga. Dont really have a want to watch the anime. Do i have anything to look forward to coming up?

More pls.

I wonder what happened to goth loli. It would be great if she shows up in the chunnin exams.

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>Mitsuki, Denki, Namida/Wasabi
All other answers are objectively incorrect


YES you're activly derailing the thread with your shit taste. You don't see lore threads about naruto on /d/ do you?

Considering that everyone is shitposting waifus and other random shit here. No.

My money is on that he is Tsunade's little brother brought back from the dead with some changes and he is pissed he didn't become hokage. Also their names are pretty much the same bar one letter.

OK so what does/is Boruto's eye do if it's not byakugan?

Waifu's are a staple of Sup Forums, literal shit is not.

I know user, I just wanted to see how far I could push the thread

It could be a tenseigan although I'm not 100% sure on that it could be a new eye altogether, exciting time my friend.

It allows him to asspull, and also allegedly to sense the emotions around him, similar to Kurama’s ability

Trips of truth.

Why does Naruto live at work?

The only thing that prevents Boruto’s eye from being a plot cancer is how it may effect Boruto in the future, since he is going to be responsible for a lot of suffering and insanity

In Japanese culture user

>since he is going to be responsible for a lot of suffering and insanity.

Uh... source? and don't say your ass because as lovely as it is it's not a source.

Dialogue implied that he knew of Kawaki’s plan to destroy Kohona, yet somehow failed to stop him. In addition, there is Momoshiki’s prophecy about how Boruto’s eyes will lead him down a dark path and take everything from him, which presumably includes his home

>Dialogue implied that he knew of Kawaki’s plan to destroy Kohona, yet somehow failed to stop him
For some reason this keeps making me think of Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Iirc when Jiraiya showed up he didn't seem too surprised that Orochimaru was trashing Konha.


Because Hinata loves mayonnaise, and at home it is waiting for 2 children, one of them has autism, and the second is mentally retarded.

Nah, little Naruto slept all the time in class and entertained himself.

Yeah, I agree with you, as Kawaki’s design pretty much screams “evil”

Ever since meeting Kishimoto, in a restroom no less, Sawyer has been a fucking faggot about Kishimoto's writing.

He does have a point though I will never get over how he fucked over Madara just when he was about to get serious.

AYYYLMAO right through the heart my heart [/spoiler

Do you think Toneri fapped and cried while Naruto & Hinata consummated their marriage?

Naruto decided to smash Hinata in front of that window just for that purpose.

Most definitely. Even without eyes. HE SAW.

He is right about the Boruto anime being average and campy.

>t. Sawyer

Only DC or Marvel answers

Naruto vs ____

I wonder if Naruto can TNJ Manhattan, considering how removed Manhattan is from the human psyche

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I think it definitely has an air of blandness about it, though I have to give it to them that they've managed to portray friendships and relationships in a far better way than Naruto did and haven't really rellied on the old cast to carry the new series too much.

What?! Vergil would whoop Naruto's ass.

If she did, the only likely times she would cameo would be as one of the participants who fell into the black ink during the 1st stage of the Chunin Exams and as a spectator during the Finals. Unless that "Goth Loli is Kaguya's reincarnate" theory that I sometimes saw here suddenly comes true.

I agree it's got a healthy mix but it NEEDS some good anime original fight arc or backstory approved by kishi even a brief outline for an arc would do. I have faith in the story writers but I think their just taking too much of a back seat and not asking or pushing kishi for ideas or permission to do what they want their just playing it safe until they can adapt the manga.

maybe if its batman beyond staric

Why are the parent-child relationships of the main cast so horrible?

Whatever flaws the anime has, the manga is far worse in nearly every regard.

It's been going on for almost two years now and its only new content are an arc about Bort befriending a rich kid through ninja trading cards, (which I'm sure is a story that could have been told in two chapters) and now introducing a bunch of creepy cloaked guys with very vague motivations and bringing back a guy that most people forgot existed as a cyborg.

Sakura pregnant again, should be canon desu

>and now introducing a bunch of creepy cloaked guys with very vague motivations.

Huh almost like the akutsuki.

>bringing back a guy that most people forgot existed as a cyborg.

Huh almost like Madara.

Do you see the parallels here user? are you ready for a wild ride?

Do you think Boruto can recapture the edgy feeling Naruto had, considering the definition of edge has shifted?

I hope he doesn't. Really not looking forward to Boruto going full edge. That was one of the bigger issues with Naruto.

Maybe during "Part 2" of Boruto.

From what to what?
as far as I was aware edge was just contrary to established principles or just angst incarnate.