Hakumei to Mikochi

New episode today.

Is it normal to have a crush on Mikochi? She somehow has a naturally seductive air. I find her mature, feminine personality extremely sexy.

Is this the show for lolicons?

>show goes up while I’m at work
kill me

Hakumei and Mikochi are fully mature and capable of drinking alcohol, tyvm. They're just 5 inches tall is all

It's a show for people who appreciate fairies, onaholes, koonago, and minigirls in general.

Reminder to wait for MTBB unless you know Japanese

I want to drink alcohol with them.

No its for people who enjoy watching a happy pair of Newlyweds live in a fantasy setting


This show just got so much better.

Then you have a reason for don't die at work

Is this the most underrated show this season? Its pretty fucking comfy and I can't decide who I want to use as an onahole more.

Hakumei is superior


Are the BDs going to have english subs? If they do then I'll buy them all.

I want to step on them!

No, bad user.


I want them to step on me.

I think I love Mikochi, what the fuck.

La la, la laa la la laa la la

I think they are too small for being onaholes unless you want to kill them. When it comes to sexing inchlings you have to get creative.

Maybe she enjoys being high up because she always has to view objects from a lower position?