Berserk: Chapter 353


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So close.

What the fuck is up with those eyelashes

studio tar adaption WHEN?!

Hiatus when?

Any translation yet?

After Feb 23, 2018


>so long
>so long

Friendly reminder that there will be a boat ride back.

I'm just praying that Elf King has some teleportation magic on hand or something.

And that the boat explodes.

>In Berserk

>implying there isn't a portal that leads to the mainland

Can't believe its been 3 years

The mages are going to teach the party how to use the World Tree to travel like Child Griffith does I hope

>in universe explanation for map teleportation travel

imagine stickin ur dick in that


Everyone post yfw they get back on the boat and the bastard goes on another hiatus

This chapter was pretty good. Canon mouth dog god


The chapter right before Caska is healed, no doubt..



then a new PotC-like arc, YES!

I've been here too long

[Why did they turn doggo Gutts into pikachu?]


I feel deep down that this is going to happen.

Just let her heal and say something again, even if it's just a sentence or two. And then he can take the next six months off or whatever. I just miss old Casca.

>final page
>"Guts... ?"
>Berserk will continue in Winter of 2019, thanks for reading!

retard casca is hot though

This is exactly what is going to happen.

I'll take it.

Nothing happens: the chapter.

>”Griffith... ?”
Fixed that for ya


this would be true suffering


Seriously though, why is Miura stalling so long?

>berserk will return next year

>It's an inception boat ride inside potato arc

d e l e t

>that was fast

>mfw casca was reaching for the kids body the entire time

does anyone have an archive seems like Sup Forums had a rough ride

>mfw the last page of this chapter is Casca recovering, smiling at Guts and the chapter ends. This followed up with a haitus and the death of the author.
Tbqh Sup Forums I dont think I would mind this ending because I think ot would be better and happier than anything that fucker could come up with for Guts and I dont know how much longer I can wait for a dissapointing end.

Didn't the Behelit Apostle say something about a good dream?

>that was fast

what a time to be alive

Another hiatus


Nothing happens: the manga.

>2016 had four chapters
>2017 had four chapters

Take a guess.



I'm not into Berserk but i know whats going on by reading threads. Being Berserk fan must be fucking painfull, stay strong Anons.

I just want Guts to go to hell and become the king of hell already. Is that so wrong? Is it wrong to want him to turn the shitty curse around on Faggith and torment him for all of eternity?

Next chapter feb23