Märchen Mädchen

Why did the top three roll their eyes when they saw Hazuki attempt such a siimple magic?

They all want a piece of her but they're trying to hide it.

Hazuki is such a dork.

>What the fuck I can't read shit!

Seems to work like this

Nobody will laugh at her pumpkin chariot

All those added scenes this episode like the new OP sequence seems to be screaming for people to decipher it but is there anyone actually working on it?


>translating from one rune to another set of runes to English
Too much work.

My friend Hazuki is so cute

She looks dumb

You look dumb.


She looks like a cute loli in this shot. Too bad she's an old hag.

what is this anime about?

Hazuki is honorary!

Ep 3, and they're already running out of budget? Although watching the OP, I guess they didn't have it in the first place. This should have been the onsen ep.

Friendless dork lesbian gets a magic book and goes to a new world to make friends. It's pretty fun and cute.

>magical world
>Japan, Germany, Britain, Russia, India
What's the point?

Isekai with a lesbian dork MC instead of a typical self-insert.

She's a cute old hag, though, so it's forgiven.

Hazuki is perfect the way she is, heathen.

I like their bangs

This is a no-budget show. Enjoy it for what it is.

I want to bang Hazuki.

stay away from my friendwife

What's the point of magic if you can't use it for the glory of motherland?

Gay sex?

She's starting to reach Akko levels of being a fuckup.

You don't need magic for gay sex.

And gay dork sex?

why is the thread so dead?

Ran out of budget for posting.

Had to use random cuts for the OP.

anons let's band together and make an OP for this anime.

1:30 of the girls naked and kissing each other on various parts of their bodies.

I wanna fuck this dork.

What's the point of gay sex if you can't have it in the middle of an internationally broadcasted tournament for the glory of the motherland?

This anime would be infinitely better if someone release a sharpened upscale version.

Hazuki's charming kiwi-fruit eyes

They look more like cucumbers to me

I like cucumbers more anyway

I wännä räpe häzuki


Quick note on a few details anime omitted:
- In novel, the Magical school headmaster have already told her that, in order fo be a Mädchen in the magical school, she would need to present a copy of her original school's transcript, guardians' agreement, and her own ID card, according to regular transfer procedure since the school is actually located in Tokyo and officially registered to the government
- The function of Shizuka's magical toy which Hazuki taken was to simply flash lights and sound wheb user inject magic into it. That's why Shizuka have been surprised by it
- Hazuki got too excited by pumpkins she created in the LN that she keep making new pumpkins till half of the stadium being filled and have to deal with that together with Shizuka till late in the night and the next day, when Hazuki sinply control all those pumpkins into the incinerator. As shown in the anime, they're surprised by the ability that she is able to individually control each of those many pumpkins and also apply different personalities onto each of those pumpkins.It feel like they want to recreate the scenr in the anime but then >budget

Thank you

>when Hazuki sinply control all those pumpkins into the incinerator
Poor pumpkin-san.

So Hazuki is actually good at magic, just not at the basic spells everyone is expected to know?

I want the brown.

I guess it can be said that, as of volume 1, she have enormous magic power but she don't know how to "use" it, except when it matches her imagination?


>translates kaguya-hime to moon princess
>leaves shuten-douji as is
Please stop.
Also ou or ō, never o.

can't blame them

>when Hazuki sinply control all those pumpkins into the incinerator.

Why do the origins only choose girls?

Did it get any better in the third episode?

Epic post user. Fuck off

Because girls, especially sexually frustrated lesbians, have a very vivid imagination.

It was always good

So you're saying no.

Hazuki is for cumming inside on her unsafe day.

Seriously,an Indian fairy/witch/magical girl?
Wouldn't be surprised if there was an american and a french aswell.

The headmaster think that is akin to romantic relationship
The match girl one is American

I wännä mäke häzuki ä single mother

Also what do they mean by allied union?
Is it a mistranslation for european union?

Boys have innate magical energy, which is why they become wizards.
Girls don't have their own magical energy so they have to steal it from boys and books.

>leaving her

Literally ot mean coalition of nations
It is a team formed by mädchen from countries without their own library of origin nor their own magical schools
Which is also why Qazan stay in the Japanese school when the show begin
I think you can compare them to those stateless athletes flying the Olympic flag in the Olympics because their countries don't have a NOC

I wish I wäs ä mägicäl girl that got her powers from a book

When will the american appear

This episode in preview

>stealing the plot of citrus so blatantly
wow really

>apply different personalities onto each of those pumpkins
>control all those pumpkins into the incinerator
What the fuck, this is mind controlled murder. Hazuki is a fucking psychopath.

The ED is so fucking gay like holy shit, fucking lesbians

Why does Hazuki end up naked at the end of every episode?

Why would a straight girl undress in front of a bunch of older girls?

She's an impure slut that walks around with her tie undone hoping some older girl will fix it for her. Can't even stay loyal to one girl.

It's a common ritual at girls' schools, newcomers show off their vagoos in order to assert dominance over their rivals.

>pulls out her own book just so she can hug it then launches into a monologue about autistic shit

"Instruct" may be a better word than "control"

Hazuki is literally, physically me with every fiber of her being.

This looks like a Toi-chan amine

This is the usual best show with dead threads of the season.
Although this one isn't really all that dead.


She probably dreamed about being hit in the head by a cute girl like that, then progressing further from there.

>physically abusive on several occasions
>doesn't get why Hazuki wants to keep her distance
Yumilia was the true autist all along.

Please tell me Hazuki's indecent exposure in public is gonna be repeating pattern.

>we didn't get a new fantasy of this
Why was this allowed?

I fully expect her being naked and having wild fantasies in every episode

She didn't need to since it pretty much happened.

I meant with someone new though, like one of these two.

It look like we will be getting a hot spring episode next week where MC will be killed?

Reminder that Hazuki is not a lesbian and her fantasies are simply about friends being friends.

Yuri necrophilia?

Yeah sure, that explains why she is just cuddling in a "friendly" way and totally naked with his "friend" in the bed

You mean you don't cuddle your friends of the same sex naked in bed?

>german and british representatives together

if she just projected those personalities onto the pumpkins then they never really had them to be honest

another thing from her wishlist she can check off now

If it continues like it did up until now we probably get one naked scene and one of her yuri fantasies each episode.

Pre ww1 europe nostalgia.