ITT: Irredeemable Villains


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The weak should fear the strong.

These guys

She's cute so it's okay.




I know what you are but what am i?

It's "I know you are but what am I" learn English

I know you are but what am I?

That about sums up her arc. I can't help but feel like she got off too easily. But she is really cute so I guess that makes it okay.
I really didn't see that ending coming. Gotta love the attention to detail on their expressions, really fits their individual personalities.

Yanda did nothing wrong




I know what you are but what am i?

She only did it because of those bitches were around her man.


and this whore

The real villain in this was whoever greenlight that anime original shit in the first season. i both hate and love frieza

Lmao she missed the strongest rival.

She doesn't deserve a route.
Any other supporting girl would've been better.

How did this yandere piece of shit get away with what she did with no repercussions?
Oh yeah that's why. But she's still irredeemable. I'm expected to sympathize with her but all I'm thinking to myself is how much of a bitch she is.
Frieda is a case of a villain you just love to hate.

I'd make like 5 kids with her. Damn it, I'm not even into DFC but her type makes me diamonds.

They are accomplices, but now that all the trouble is taken care of there's no more use for Risa.

Were we supposed to take "boring homely girl is a villainous mastermind and the sole reason for Kirino's character flaws" seriously?

The villains in Macross Delta, damnedest terrorists.
If only the last one wasn't non-h

She protected MC's heart from getting broken by that thot from 2 years ago, so she's OK.

That was the author’s intention

Context check.

You have to go back

>t. thot

>t. normalfag

>not Soviet
>not Nationalist

This isn't twitter, teenbro. You are allowed to say whore.

Because the characters in Hetalia represent the nation, not just the government.

Risa is cute. CUTE!

Why are their faces all red?

Funny you posted someone who did literally nothing wrong.

Tainaka Ritsu

>weeding out the competition and doing whatever it takes for love is irredeemable
She apologized even though she did nothing wrong. Junichi know he has a ride or die chick on his hands.

Couldn't you just give me a summary?


Why not?

The countryballs do better job then this gay ass show.

Did she get her own episodes?

>gave best girl superhuman abilities
What did she do wrong exactly?


Yes, just one.
She wasn't a whore, she was a thot.

Junichi fucks Risa, then plot twist! She opens a cabinet, and you saw the rest.

That was hot.

As in Trunhildt is irredeemable, not that OP has lost their composure.

He made one for Ayatsuji-San as well.

Sooo.. what's the cartoons name mates?Asking for a mate.

As seriously as the story of Oreimo, I guess.

wasn't he tortured, crippled, castrated, and a literal husk when he made the deal?

none of that would have happen if he kept his pants on.

>none of that would have happen if Gut's took his pants off.

>Go sneak into the princesses room and fuck her rather then use your position as the kings golden boy to line up a marriage properly
>Be Shocked when the king goes up one side of his face and down the other when he finds out


he is a poophead

Be honest, you just made this thread so someone would post HIM, didn't you?

>let a little kid remain crippled rather than admit he's wrong
Yeah, I rarely see that kind of villain being the protagonist.