Was it rape Sup Forums?

yes I still got hard

Girls can't rape girls.

Just a bit

She just looked like she wanted her to touch her.


Who gives a fuck series is pure trash. Aids.

What if a girl wears a strap-on?

The answer is always rape.

I am gonna rape you

>Gay rape
>Victim becomes Gay

I see Yuri is taking a page from Yaoi.

That dub. Yuzu's alright and I think Himeko and Glasses are passable. Mei sounds too old, while Harumin's VA just doesn't match her character at all, which makes all of her lines sound very awkward.

So far script for the dub has been pretty decent.

I get the feeling that if you rape someone of the same gender, they suddenly reverse their sexuality. This also works with fucking a gay girl and turning her straight.

true love

Did she get wet? Just from being forcibly kissed by her sister?

Look at this face right here. It is the face of a girl that needs to change her panties.

well she still is a girl.

user this is an entire anime about girls raping girls. Repetitively.

from rape.

>sweaty while wiping her saliva on her mouth
Absolutely disgusting.

Rape is a phony concept.

does it matter?


Yea, she wasted her time and opportunity. She could have gotten a mouth full of her pussy as well.

>crazy chick forces kiss on chick to shut her up
>somehow finds yuri manga to be an unforgivable thing
The fuck?

Is this entire show just gonna be melodramatic shit just to give the dykes excuses to rape each other?


No, just sexual assault.

It's a shitty yuri drama where girls kiss eachother for no reason and then more drama happens so they can have another excuse to kiss. Basically it's garbage because drama is garbage and forced kissing without any cute girl love.

And yurifags just eat it up because they don't get anything unless it subtext. Great.

At that time she was just fooling around with Yuzu. She literally said it herself.

Can't rape the willing.

Are they gonna explain why the protagonist who was looking for a bf is now a lesbian for her stepsis?

Is there any yuri series where the protagonist grapples with her homosexuality?

>Mei sounds too old
no kidding, she sounds like 35
>Harumin's VA just doesn't match her character at all
I think she sounds fine desu

can't rape the willing

What rape?

Girls can't rape girls, only men.

I want to sexually assault Yuzu too

Stop larping, Nene.

I swear, you people are so much better than Mal. So many delusional morons there who can't accept what they're watching.

Why does Nene self-insert as Yuzu?

Actually, we eat it up because we have no alternatives. We've already consumed every yuri in existence with the fervor of hungry Galactus and whenever new one comes out we jump on it.

Overt yuri being adapted is also rare.
And hating Citrus is a meme t b h

soaking, yes

Enlighten me on this. Cover?

>Wedding Rings

So their opinion is that it isn't rape?

Found on nip twitter.

>shoujo and josei ranking
>Citrus #1
What did nips mean by this? I've never seen outright BL top the shounen and seinen ranking (HxH don't count).

Shoujo and josei got substituted by yaoibait

Maintext yaoi is shit, not even fujoshi bother and prefer fujobait instead. You can say whatever about yuri but it'll never be as terrible as yaoi.

Deep down all girls are lesbian.

In Japan yuri manga are, were, will always be, for straight girls.

Pretty sure the leg rubbing her crotch did that too

Actual yaoi stil sells enough to rank on Oricon but fujoshits prefer fujobait like YOI, SnK , Free , etc instead. That's why those type of shows are very popular with fujos

How come Sup Forums and /u/ never went this crazy for Candy Boy when it was Citrus except with two actual related sisters?

Candy Boy did too many things wrong.


Also too tame.

Because incest is immoral.

They will fervently deny what they are plainly shown in the anime, is the issue.

Because it was straight-forward and had no sexual assault. There's really very little to say about Candy Boy, it's short, sweet simple, and comfy. It's still the best shoujo ai story in history, but it's not "controversial" enough to prompt discussion. Best you could shitpost about is how incest is wrong. Also it had a very small cast of characters.

Contrast this with Citrus that is very memey and has endless shitposting potential. Citrus is more talked about because people get invested and angry about it. It's not possible to get angry about Candy Boy.

why can't the episode air today
why it takes so long for the next episode I want to see Mei-chan getting molested again

>it was citrus
no it wasn't, it was sweet as fuck

Doukyuusei is subtext then? From the description, it sounds like it.

Mei implies it's not her first rodeo later in the series.

What did you expect from a bislut.
>serves her right! She trusted a bislut!.jpg

Mei is a professional bullshitter.

>why it takes so long for the next episode I want to see Mei-chan getting molested again
jesus christ Yuzu, you're basically raping her on a train.

>>Mei sounds too old
>no kidding, she sounds like 35

You should meet with with more late-20s ladies

wait, I was supposed to get angry?

If you didn't, then the shitposters failed.

>How come Sup Forums and /u/ never went this crazy for Candy Boy when it was Citrus except with two actual related sisters?

Wasn't the release schedule erratic?

They probably won't. Then again do they need to?

Was it rape enabling?

>shitty image quality

Why do you do this

What was her fucking problem?

Yuzu is a perv, poor innocent Mei is distraught at such shameless behaviour

Mei, the completely innocent sister rapist.

All this means is that she wasn't lying when she said she kissed Yuzu just to shut her up.

Like it seems that Mei herself doesn't exactly "get" this stuff but she knows what the rules are. She doesn't need to understand the reasons for them to follow and enforce them.

She's playing with forces she can't even begin to control. She doesn't know the power of the Rape Side.

I'm not sure what answer she expected. And where she planned to take that discussion.

Saburouta on episode 3.
>#citrusアニメ小話 【3話】ということで、関係者皆様のおかげで無事に3話まで放送する事が出来ました!ここまでがマンガ1巻分の内容になります。当時、百合姫で掲載している時は隔月刊で、約8カ月かけて描いたお話だったのですが、あっという間でしたねえ。そんな1巻の #citrus(1/2(3話
>巻末おまけ漫画に「あんそに子」のエピソードがあります。ご視聴くださった皆さんはお気づきかと思うのですが、アニメではそれを本編に組み込んでいただけました!このあともちょこちょこ登場しますのでどうぞ放送を楽しみにしていてください! #citrus(2/2(3話)

Mei just feels like an emotionally empty girl who’s trying to fill the void with a relationship and Yuzu is just responding to the first person to ever show genuine sexual feelings for her.

She was expecting Yuzu to cave in and submit to the rules out of abject fear of the school rep. That's what Mei's experiences have been up to that point.

>to ever show genuine sexual feelings for her.
Read the manga - Yuzu is a dyke-magnet.

That's not really the first thing I'd expect when confronting my step sister about the yuri incest porn she brought to school. Especially after they took turns groping each other (or in Yuzu's case at least trying to do so).

>the first person to ever show genuine sexual feelings for her.
is that the case? I thought she just mentioned that she had never really been interested in anyone

You're not an emotionally stunted girl in an oppressive culture though. Presumably you're a functional adult or at least reaching adulthood.

Bare in mind, Mei is reluctant to even notice that Yuzu's feelings are genuine. And during Mei's first assault, Yuzu was taunting her about the kiss. Seeing something like this, Mei might have very well thought that Yuzu was planning to manipulate her into something and she knows it really wouldn't be that difficult. And now that she's been told by her grandpa to choose for herself, she's gonna be more self-conscious about it.

I felt violated after that
I was looking at the little cardboard wall they had and got mad at it

Will Shirapon get a happy ending?

>Presumably you're a functional adult
That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

But yeah, I guess Mei is not really up to speed when it comes to emotional development.

In Japan no. Women don't have rights there

She has friends now. She already got a happy ending.

Did someone say rape??

Mei needs to realize that she's weak compared to Mitsuko.