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She did nothing wrong MC was too autistic to read signals and didn't bone her when he had the chance

this, i read it after seeing so many people complain about it and she fucking did nothing wrong MC was stupid as fuck

She's coming to save every one of us one day, if we're only patient enough.

Why can't they both be fucking idiots? The only smart one is Aoyama.

>tfw you realize she came for you years ago but you adamantly remained a NEET and she never came back.


> Fucking chad raw and made a baby
> Fucked Chads co worker
> Fucked her college teacher
> Fucked her thug classmate
> Known for her vacuum blowjobs

Name a bigger slut in manga

hitting my 30s here still waiting

I'm waiting


This manga is the hardest thing to read.

it's really not, yeah she was a kind of a bitch as we found on later on but she really wasn't as bad as most people make her look, and i found her own excuse to be pretty convincing.



She'll spread her legs for anyone
Abortion is wrong
And then she tried to incriminate the man she hurt by slitting her wrists, and then trying to fuck him and then taking pictures of it.

Shame he didn't beat her to a pulp

Jesus what the fuck is this

>She did nothing wrong
Come on, I'm completely with you that the MC is a worthless loser who put himself in every bad situation possible, but Chiharu was a malicious person. She was gossiping behind his back at every turn, and she was actively harming him by telling Aoyama what Tanishi had been practicing for the fight.

Aoyama is a sociopath. He's "smart" because he knows how to use people rather than be used, but being like Aoyama is not something anyone should really aspire to be. You don't need to be a scheming sociopath to not get wrapped up with awful people like Chiharu.

>Aoyama...is he hurt?

I felt physical pain reading that page.

There really is no vagueness about whether Chiharu really did all of those things or not.

Chiharu herself tells Hina how she was gossiping about Tanishi? Chiharu also talks about how she just let the art teacher or whatever fuck her just because and also talked about how he had a little dick. Also the way she reacted when Tanishi confronted her about fucking Aoyama's friend. And the biggest tell of them all is this page right here

Everything Aoyama said about her was true (even if he only said it to hurt Tanishi).

With that being said, I still don't feel sympathetic towards Tanishi at all because Tanishi really had nothing to do with Chiharu anymore after she caught him in Shiho's closet with his dick hanging out. It was he himself who kept going back to Chiharu and getting involved with all her bullshit.

Why would you willingly go to an abortion clinic with a woman who fucked your friend at the drop of a hat while she was trying to act pure and innocent around you? Why would you try to risk your job/health by fighting said friend? Aoyama did Tanishi a favor because it showed the type of woman Chiharu truly was, but Tanishi didn't pay attention to the red flags and kept being a pathetic loser instead.

Is Kengo an acquired taste, or is it masochism?