Girls last tour

What are the chances we'll get an ending in animation form?

zero now fuck off and stop with the generals

maybe we'll get an OVA, i don't know if I'd want to see it happen
I think the animators left off with a great ending, which is more than a lot of manga adaptations can say. The studio did right by the manga and I think the rest of the parts can simply be left to read if you choose to continue the story

But we did.
It's was in the ending song

Almost every episode felt like a great ending.

I don't follow the manga, what happened in the end?

If you read from where the anime left of its about a 30-40 minute read.
It ended on chapter 28

The reach the top, fall asleep and I expect die.

Zero honestly

They reach the top only to find nothing. The Kettenkrad broke down, they had to toss or burn most of their supplies(including Yuuri's gun and Chito's journal), they are practically out of supplies and have more or less accepted death. The End.

Ever seen the movie Stalingrad?

Tkmiz will pull through for us, I believe in her.

I dont know what emotions this makes me feel.



M-maybe there will be an epilogue or s-something, right?

Its ok user, they made it back home, grandpa was still alive and they all had fish.

But we did get it, almost every episode.
There will be an animated version of t
Tkmiz's addition to the anthology, she spoiled that on twitter.

"oh no muh cartoon image board'

go outside

Also ESL much?

but i love them...

i did it chitto

This is quite sad, we want these threads and discussion so much but we have nothing to discuss about.

What can you discuss with something like this?

you weren't kidding i wasn't prepared for this

Nothing. Worldbuilding was very vague and there's not much to talk about anymore.
But I still want to shitpost about this show.

What was the message?

Enjoy your time on Earth because your going to die anyway.