Heaven's Feel BD date

>HF BD coming out in May
>Worldwide showing tour is almost over
>Still never made it to Europe

I sure hope you guys got the chance to see it as it is going to be a long few months. I enjoyed it but it fucking sucked watching it in a theater. At least subs are confirmed so Aniplex of America will announce preorders soon.

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Missed it. I was on a business trip during November, fuck me.

Should I be glad I skipped watching this in theatres? Anyone have a GOOD experience?

Seems like you get different extras depending on where you buy it.

80% of showings were shit but pretty much everyone says they put up with it as they really enjoyed the movie.

Debating on store to buy it from.

Most likely will go with importing straight from Ufotable shop.

The extras might be up on yahoo auctions.

Which I probably will do but Ufotable items always get inflated as fuck auction price so I might as well get it from them directly.

Will it have the full sex scene?

No, stupid.

I liked it

Saber vs Assassin

Nothing obnoxious in my theater aside from the fact that people were playing terrible phone games before the movie began.

The movie was better than the game, had actual artistic merit and made worst girl into best girl. It also didn't have 20 fucking minutes of the English dub cast yammering on before it like the fucking no game no life movie did.

THAT shot of rider's ass was the highlight of the entire movie desu

Pretty good. Audience really liked Taiga and her role as comedy relief, especally that comment about Sakura cup size

kill the fucking crowd. legit want to murder the audience. sure i laughed at few actual comedic sol scenes too but when the fucking animals LOL'd at literally every scene. raped my immersion
honestly had faith in the canuck crowd but now that is all lost. canucks are just as bad as americlaps

>2 ferbuary premiere with some of the staff in frog land
Feels good bros

>Still never made it to Europe
Kek even my third world shithole country got the movie, and is still on show (at least for this weekend)

Nice. Looking forward to re-watching it again.

very great, you're missing out if you don't watch it on theatre

Strange choice that they don't show seiba being swallowed by the mud.

My local theatre was full of silent 40 year old men. Australia is a strange place