Wow, what a bitch

Wow, what a bitch


Best bitch.

She's my bitch.

You're her bitch

i'm glad she's not too much of an unironic mega bitch, though


She's a born killer

>tfw no maya or kayo gf

>No doujins out of Urara dominating momoka

No Ryona of Momoka or any good lewd fat degeneracy of her either

this is my favorite

best girl

I still can't believe this is running on shoujo magazine.

no it's MOMOKA

i really like this show. sometimes, the punchlines were a bit too drawn out, but it's still pretty funny.

It actually ended last year, April 17.

S2 when

There needs to be more edits of Momoka punching stuff

Maybe this year.


I still can't believe this ran on shoujo magazine.


Did Momoka get axed?

No, she didn't, considering she's still on the cover to Volume 13, which was the last one.

Shes the best damn bitch ever nigga.