Haruhi is honestly just terrible

How do people like this show? I really can't think of anything positive for it. Was it really good in 2006, or was the standard for anime back then just really low?

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Haruhi has the deepest lore

If you didn't watch Haruhi at the peak of its popularity, when every faggot and their mom knew the Hare Hare Yukai by heart then you probably won't like it very much.
It also was one of the first early 2000 anime that didn't look like total crap

In terms of graphics, it's definitely not as good as later KyoAni productions, maybe it was good when it came out (the movie's graphics still hold up though). Story-wise, it was cool, but I don't think it's anything to go crazy about--again, it may have been perceived totally differently in 2k6.

How many times more will you continue to make this exact same thread?

Haruhi was a mistake. It along with shows like Naruto and Bleach brought anime from nerdy niche to borderline mainstream. I miss the days when the only anime regular people talked about were Pokemon, Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon.

Newfag spotted

It's just the SoyAnus fanbase putting it on the pedestal.

Where's Eva in that list of your's

Fuck off, you've made this thread several times.

I think the problem lies with how the people in West are conditioned to consume media which makes them narrow minded as hell to properly appreciate japanese otaku media. There western retards are always quick to make the distinction between good and bad writing rather than attempting to understand, experience and appreciate the work.
Haruhi suzumiya is celebration of otaku media and it takes a look into the media and mindset with which the media is consumed. saekano(especially novel series) is the recent one that does the same thing but more direct in expressing the love for otaku subculture. it talks about us in this hypermediatized world through the lens of otaku subculture. There are so many interesting things to talk about haruhi suzumiya man. I don’t agree at all with the sentiment that the series lost its charm and novelty after light novel boom. I don't think there's yet any light novel series that does meta as impressive and innovative as this series.

otaku culture is not something worth celebrating,

This is the kind of impression towards subculture from biased retards like you that i was talking about. Fuck off outsider you know nothing about this subculture and who are you to determine the worth of something for others

Haruhi is just a fun charming show, I think people set their expectations too much which is why they end up hating it, or they are just contrarias.

>if you are not an otaku you can't talk about otaku culture
retard logic, you should leave your basement before the damage to your mental health becomes permanent

Someday in the rain is the comfiest episode of anime ever fuck you OP.

Bamboo is comfier, the music selection in that one is amzing.

Kyon-kun, denwa!


um try again sweetie

Because Haruhi is a cute and wacky girl whose friends get into outrageous situations due to her lack of empathy and literal god-like power
What's not to like?

just one good tune can't compare to these

I disagree on that, those are entirely forgettable compared to someday in the rain, sometimes less is more.


You're missing how insanely hot she is

>Was it really good in 2006, or was the standard for anime back then just really low?

It's mainly due to the fact people thought it was a SOL show at first glance, when in actuality it was deeper than that.

It was a unique twist at the time for people who come into it blind.

just because you are a pianofag, bet you think the movie ost is better too, disgusting

>her god-like power

We all know Kyon's the real deity.

Why does she sit like that?

Did you just presume that i live hikki or NEET lifestyle? Stop projecting retard. It's totally unfair to criticise a subculture without knowing anything about it. Your understanding of the subculture is totally biased and based on misconceptions

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>back then


Maybe her butt hurts.

I mean it was considered old back in 2010, what have you been doing since then?

>it was considered old back in 2010
Only to ultranewfags like you.

Please, a girl like Haruhi wants a guy to take the lead. Just like Kyon acts like a beta when he really isn't one.

From what?

Keep telling yourself that.


>it was considered old back in 2010
The rage from Endless Eight haven't yet subsided back then

Um, ok.

Kyon-kun, denwa!

Why does she sit like that?

Why does she sit like that?

Is anyone else experiencing issues?
I keep seeing the same posts

I see this every thread but is there actually any substance to it
I haven't read the LN's

Definitely. Back then it was one of the best looking shows coming out. The deep lore wrapped in fun adventures with a semi-grounded perspective was unusual in 2006. Most high school shows tried to be the next Haruhi Suzumiya with varying degrees of success. Only very recently it feels love ke they're finally moving the n from that style.

All of you fell for it hook, line and sinker.

I don't get it either, I found it extremely boring and unfunny, and I despised all the characters except Kyon and Nagato.


I would r*pe Mikuru.

There's surprisingly little femdom Haruhi

Haruhi is the ultimate modern day pleb filter.
>I watched a few episodes, didn't get it
>ha, I never liked it at the time
>yeah the movie's good, the show was just mediocre
>immediately starts memeing about E8
Any of these reactions are an instant sign of bad taste. It's the Seinfeld of anime - only morons dislike it, and they're all really keen to let you know how much they do.


I guess Blizzard watched it.


>It also was one of the first early 2000 anime that didn't look like total crap
>implying that bug-eyed cunt didn't epitomize ugly 2000s art
>implying 2006 is early 2000s
>ignoring the dozens of amazing-looking shows that existed from 2000-2005

I really liked the first 6 episodes. Then it just became slice of life, which may be done well, but doesn't interest me.
The movie is fucking awesome though.

It was only hyped because of Aya Hirano. Beyond that is a pile of dung.

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>early 2000s

>It also was one of the first early 2000 anime that didn't look like total crap
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the show is fine. Haruhi herself is dumpster tier and shouldve been raped.

>Then it just became slice of life, which may be done well, but doesn't interest me
I mean, the story themes wouldn't work without the slice of life since it's ultimately about how being a special snowflake can mesh with the normie life. But I can see why people would prefer the scifi bits and more straightforward plots.

I sit like that.

>not having to keep your penis size measured for healthcare reasons
found the american

S1 Opening > All

11/10 genki cuddling material

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she literally goes from 10/10 with long hair to 3/10 with short.

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I watched again just last year and it really felt like everything wrong with 00s anime culture rolled into one. I felt the same kind of feeling like I don't connect with the human species anymore in the same way The Big Bang Theory makes me feel.


You're both wrong. Otaku culture is not something worth celebrating, but not because otakus are failures, but because, as an otaku, I hate the culture I'm a part of.

if its short I don't want it.

No, she puts it in a tail.

why are you arguing this? IF ITS LONG IS GOOD IF ITS SHORT ITS SHIT

I agree, but this is not short.

it is.

I agree that the long hair is better but the short hair is good too.

Ponytail>Long>Short>The rest

Outside of Bones, pretty much all digital animation from 2000-2006 was overly bright slideshows with zero shading. Otaking had a point back in the day. Just compare these two:

It was the first series to use Kyoani face in its earliest form

>short hair is good
if you like boys, yeah

Haruhi can be VERY tomboy-ish

yeah its garbage.

There's a lot of homosexuals on this board.

haruhi is a shit tomboy.

Fuck outta here if you don't appreciate Haruhi tomboy

Why can't new fags understand that Disappearance is an absolute requirement to watch before you start to post about haruhi? Maybe if they did that then we wouldn't have these garbage threads
I watched it around 2013. First anime, I was 14. I loved it and loved Disappearance. Even today I still consider Disappearance to be one of my top 5 favourite Kino's

no u.

Haruhi is good without needing to watch The Disappearance

Why are you talking about a good movie in a shit tv series thread?

true but disappearance is great.


Yes, but plebs only understand why the tv series is good after Disappearance highlights the development characters went through in the series.

Yes, but 9 times out of ten if someone hates the series, they will still like the movie, and it will change their opinion on the series.