So is this just cancelled now?

So is this just cancelled now?

Yes, the author realized he's passed the point of no return and regrets not making Misuzu the main heroine.

Fuck true

Shit taste my dear user.

Tfw past mid January and still no new chapter. Why is the author like this?

I miss the oyakodonfag

I'm around page 400 and there's really no plot but I'm gunna miss the comfy parts of it. All girls best girl

>Pedogate happen.
>Fumita disappear off the face of earth.

Clearly one page per day is too much for him.

thank god it was an generic overrated garbage that took everything element from a cliche romance manga with no redeeming quality

The tomboy withdrawal is starting to get to me
I'm not gonna make it

So is he gonna go back to drawing hardcore abusive mind break porns now?

same thing happened in august
he was on twitter just today
pic related

I-ignore? Ignore me or the thread

this guy

sure. Just like hiroe he'll supposedly go back to drawing doujins, everyone will parrot that as hard as miura [email protected], said doujins will never get uploaded, and people will eventually realize that he's actually been dead and buried for 5 years.

sure hope so

oyakodonfag does make me laugh. But it does make me want a tomboy and her mom in a threesome. Bonus points if the mom is also a tomboy.

pick one

Carols mom is cute, but Toni's mom is the best. Tough choice though

Right easily. Long dark hair combined with a beauty mark is godtier.


fuck you, he's still active on his twitter.

>Toni's mom
So ya' wanna bang mah dawtuh? Bing bang badda boom nuthin to it. Capiche?

I miss his rape porn

I already know I can beat the right two in a fight, so I'll go left for the thrill of a challenging battle

Would the gyarus agree to have sex with you if you promised to help them rape Tomo?

only if tomo was directly involved

Why would you honk it's cancelled? Probably a small hiatus that's it.

Author can't even make one fucking page, why did he even begin this? The edging is real


Wait what happen?


It would be an improvement.

When the MisuzuxJun hate-fuck teasing reverse ntring turned into MisuzuxTomo lesbo fuckfest i dropped that shit harder harder than a hiroshima bomb. Good riddence it's dead.
Back then it had so much potential now it's pretty much generic lesbo shit like any other.

>turned into MisuzuxTomo lesbo fuckfest
if only

middle, she's 30, and she's fluffy

>even fumita is int the poptepipic train now

Thank god for freeing me from this hell.

god I hope so


left passionate sex, middle marry and right mind breaking hatefuck rape

my bad, she is 28

The chicken in this oyakodon is still young.

Who is best for Oyakodon?

>implying flat inferiority can beat the tomboy

Plotless sol is the best

animate bonus - would you play with her?

Jun is the worst character

see you tomorrow


Right. The only thing better than hate fucking Mizusu would be hate fucking Mizusu and her mom at the same time.

Thank fucking god.

Go away oyakodonfag

Who are those cute girls

It's not cancelled, get fucked

Is Fumita still drawing porn though?

????? There is literally nothing to hate in this manga.

That doesn't mean there's anything to like about it either. Doesn't help that the threads are absolute dogshit and now struggle to reach 80 posts.