Kemono Friends

Pavilion is finally out.

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You fucked up.

>Kaban will never be in Pavillion
Sandstar gas chambers when?


I can't believe it


I guess I can click random stuff and hope things work as they think I do

Dumbpill me.
How do I play if playstore says "This App Is Not Available In Your Country" without migrating to a country where it's available.!qR4CyQQD!CwfG7nnZIlrcocAyJSPwPUAtsoRlETzi7Gb-brkfss4



What do you even do

You know, I'd be happy if KF never gets another season and just had games like this release every now and again

Kadokawa's headquarters getting destroyed better get animated

It's basically just Fallout Shelter with Kemono Friends.

Can't imagine why they wouldn't.
bkub's one of us and he'd want some catharsis too

It's Neko Atsume, with friends, exactly as expected.

Are sandstar bits spent on anything other than gatcha or pink japariman? What are the green ??? boxes on the character cards?

Is there a guide or something? I'm just tapping stuff expecting something to happen.

>activate japariman
>place down toys
>wait for friends to show up
That's the game.

yeah, but there are still a few things i don't get it. I see friends can level up but how? also this thing to craft new toys and get new areas. How do you gather materials and unlock stuff?

From my understanding they can just keep "showing up" and they level as they do so. They also give materials and the coins to unlock areas from showing up too.

any kind user send a link to the apk for Serval alarm app?

Anyone know what Friend the gold rat toy attracts?

Also, I blew all my konpeito on new toys and got two four star ones, so hopefully I'll get some cool ones to show up

Climb aboard the S.S. Tanoshii.



I got new toys by using the sandstar on the rocketship or something. It's in the menu and on the second option to the left, it cost 150 to get a toy.


The whole Cerulean emergency thing during the OP really threw me for a loop, but I wonder how relevant to the game it will actually end up being. At any rate, this is the first time Kako has been voiced.

Yeah they level up when they show up again.

Aardwolf lives.

>Fennec sad because Arai-san is ignoring her
Didn't expect emotional drama out of this game

How long does Japarimanjuu last? How often do I have to check to fill it up?

what a dork

Pavilion has been trending on JP twitter for around 4hrs now.

I only got 3 4 stars from the free not-sandstars
Should I reroll?

Looks like one of the main goals is getting certain Friends together to unlock conversations, of which there are apparently several hundred or so. Hope you fags can read nip


They are being collected for translation I think.

My heart is beyond healed.



So I take it the threads will be insufferable for a while fawning over a game all the time. I guess this is how we'll meet S2 too, first being all tsun about hating it and then jumping the hype train from a single cerulean appearance.
Well I guess it's still better than the boobfag spamming up the place.

Ehhh? Ehhhhhhhhh???

>finally get kemonotalk
>not voiced

I haven't been in these threads for a while but I see the fun-hating losers are still here

Fun is just a buzzword.
Kadokawa is having fun now too.

Fuck you too

>fawning over a game all the time.
not much else to talk about
nothing new on tatsuki or the VA's


new pairing

Right back at you

Oh yeah he's always here. He tries so hard. He just can't stand the fact that KF threads exist and he'll push whatever buttons he thinks will help discourage them. Whether he's false-flagging as a "true friend" trying to shame everyone for supporting the franchise and seiyuu in the post-kadokawa era, or when he reveals his true colors like now in calling everyone having fun "insufferable", his goal is always the same, just get people to stop coming here. Us just being here is enough to trigger him, so the last thing I'm going to do is let him get his way.

Clam of unhappiness

How are the nips taking the game?
Good, bad,average?

>the boogey man is here again, I can feel him!

Obviously it's more than one person doing the trolling, but they all act exactly the same anyways. They're like Ceruleans, with no thinking ability of their own

>literally replying to the troll
Did you misfire?

All this low-quality Sup Forumsposting.

>mine still hasnt updated his twitter even though the game he was directly involved with was just released
>all seiyuu retweeted the game

This can't be good for his image.



How do I buy new toys for my friends?
It says I have materials but all the toys are greyed out.

He's probably too absorbed playing the game itself

>can't spend your shekels if you don't have a calculator on you
what the heck man

You probably don't have enough materials, just spend the free pikapikas they gave you at the SS Printer

Nice /vg/ posting in Sup Forums, faggot.

I'm sure kdkw shills are having a blast PRing their game here. But will they last for long?

Notice how he keeps on going despite it being so blatantly obvious.

Too absorbed to make 1 tweet about a game he was involved with, which would give more exposure to his franchise since he has 200k+ followers and thus directly put more money in his pocket? wakaran

smug raccoon on tree

Difference b/w red and blue buns?

High-class Friends only take high-class Japariman

Red buns attract more friends

Pavilion is much better than I ever thought it would be.

So is this kinda like AC Pocket Camp but with Kemono Friends? You unlock the friends as you go right so you don't have to gacha them?

Do toy placement zones increase with levels?

k this is neat and all but

translations when?

i'd rather not sit and watch as the same 3 anons tease us with screenshots since nobody else knows what they'd be doing in the game

>Being called Sup Forums
t-that hurts

>Sup Forums suddenly loves Kadokawa
What happened?

You can also get other zones with 300 P coins

Fuck off Yoshizaki cocksuckers. This franchise isn't anime related anymore.

It's literally Neko Atsume but the cats talk to each other and you collect the conversations as well

bushiroad isnt kadokawa.
they were working on this long before shit ever broke out. it was announced in the like may.

>game not even out for 24 hours
>translations when???
Be patient user, you'll get your cute comfy conversations in due time

Sounds comfy. Guess I'll give it a try.

The only problem I have with the game so far is it seems like I'm going to unlock every single Friend in the next hour or so. Hopefully they add the rest soon and make a bunch of them actually hard to get

The ambient sounds are really comfy, it's nice to just leave this on while plugged in.

It's pretty easy to play without translations just push buttons and experiment. I don't know Japanese but I can still play fine.

Sup Forums is so weak

Hippo needs her Serval

>can only understand simple conversations
welp beats being a filthy EOP

I'm guessing they will release more in batches time after time. Events and things to keep up interest. I remember reading there would be 490+ eventually and they might add extra areas too.


Hai, dozo. Hai, dozo. Hai, dozo.

I couldn't get Alpaca at the table.

Game is trash, people are bashing it on Yaraon. I advise everyone not to invest too much time and emotional attachment to it cause it's going to be dead in less than 1 year.

Bushiroad is worse than Kadokawa, way worse. Look at what they did to School Idol Festival, killed it so that they can push that Bang Dream. President of Bushiroad was also the only guy in the production commitment on record bashing Tatsuki for trying to manipulate the emotions of the fans.

Kill yourself.

kf is dead as fuck man

>Playing in a tube
Thank Kaban. From the thumbnail it looked like a meat grinder.