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Will we see Endy in this chapter?

Remember how I said it would be a joke/anticlimax back when you were all traitor posting before you changed your minds and realized how dumb you were?
Just want to say fuck you all for being such credulous brainlets.

Aoyama is burning with envy

Nobody thought he is the traitor.

I’m with you. Only complete retards thought he was the traitor.

He’s going to do something really dumb and fuck everyone over, isn’t he?

stop posting that it still hurts as badly as it had the first time i saw it

A pretty fair number of people were calling the red-herring or just gayposting, user.

I did both. At the same time

god damn that 2nd panel, either Hori is dead and someone replaced him or they're exploiting him on foxconn chinese employee levels.

Why did you make a second thread when there's already one

Hori's editor changed from Monji to Yoritomi, Saiki's former editor. No, this does not mean there will be more gags.

I'm guessing he'll get settled in before we move on to more stuff.

More like do something amazing and save everyone. Aoyama is a hero.

What role is Mina going to play in all of this?

It's worse when you realize he didn't even manage to save Eri by himself. Nighteye had to die, Aizawa had to job, and Deku had to O MY to save her. Lemillion couldn't even save a single little girl by himself before his career as a hero was ruined for the present.

No, a fair people were three days after. The first few days you were ALL going along with it, backpedal-kun.

Because I didn’t see that one due to its shitty layout

He's not twinkling


>being this entitled

christ, it harder to post inthese threads every day

Jesus you're a fucking idiot

This smile cured cancer and brought world peace.

Why does editor change happen anyway? Seems last week there was ditor change to BC too

who was horis first editor?


There’s a thread already up. Why the hell did you make another one?

Too many reasons really. We don't know what's going on behind the scenes.

Monji has been his editor since day 1.

Some faggot who insisted Hori to remove All Might from the story because he wasn’t hot enough. Also responsible for the cancerous Yakuza arc.

See retard
Return to primary school, you retarded faggot.

>another one of those "i was the only one who was right and the rest of Sup Forums all posted xyz" posters
you're that user who kept sperging about about the deku/mirio thing, aren't you

How is he so fucking gorgeous?

It’s also riddled with shitposting

Is someone still compiling all of these?

I can’t wait for the costume upgrage. The scarf is nice.

How so? What did I saw that was wrong?

Mirio wanted to save lemillion people, in the end he couldn't even save one by himself.

Yes, everyone in these threads who's fed up with the babbling of borderline retards is one person, it's a conspiracy. If that were true it would point to one person being right all the time and everyone else being unbearable retards though, wouldn't it?

So in what way so these spoilers debunk the traitor theories?

>If that were true it would point to one person being right all the time and everyone else being unbearable retards though, wouldn't it?
Well to be fair, you certainly seem to think so.

Just wait for the full translated chapter.

Those 5 pages don’t prove or disprove anything

They don’t fully debunk them but they kind of reassure us that he’s just acting weird because he knows Deku was quirkless.

Isn’t he back at UA? The last chapter kind of implies that.
>Nighteyes office was taken over by his sidekick, Centipede, while awaiting Togata-senpai’s return.
Seems like they’re just waiting for him to get done with school so he can take over Nighteyes office.

God, what a dumb fucking comeback. You realize that you saying this is just saying "I'm delusional" because if it were the case that person would be right, and if it weren't the case you would obviously be wrong, right? I mean you can't possibly be too fucking stupid to work that out, right?

Blackmarketfags, traitorfags, and quirklessfags about to get BTFO

He doesn’t know shit, Izuku could have just manifested his quirk late and been an abnormally (hence why it’s so powerful). Not sure why Izuku isn’t going with that excuse.

You sure about the latter?

what are you trying to prove by posting this? Jesus christ, this site really is fucked

I love endeavor, when will we see him again?

oh fuck but if he's gonna start using this scarf then what about this???

>Hori liked the new devilman
debiru hero when?

Gee, what would someone be trying to prove by posting a link to the correct definition of a word, explaining people can just google the meaning of it, when someone has used a word in a completely wrong way indicating they do not in fact understand English? I mean what could that possibly fucking mean? So hard to figure out if you don't understand English.

Oh shit. When AfO breaks out and takes over Japan again, will everyone go post apokolyptian?

From what I got he was implying he does know. He said Deku has a quirk that doesn’t match his body just like himself. Sounds like he knows he wasn’t born with it.

That's Gran Torino's cape. Hori foreshadowed Deku inheriting it.

Surer than about the two preceding it, even. Prepare to feel very stupid.
>omfg if I say "this site is fucked" it makes it not seem like I'm being a retard
Not how that works.

>Hori liked the new devilman
Not surprising since he love the original, granted I'm sure most mangaka liked Devilman.

oh fuck I cant wait til it turns out he is the traitor.

but are those aizawa's or MOTHERFUCKING STAIN'S knives!?!?

>Deku becoming like Gran Torino instead of All Might
Meh, I guess. Still kind of buff.

Stain redemption arc when?

If AFO pulls off a jail break then you can be sure that Stain will team up with whoever is trying to stop him.

Hes been doing it for a while since Torino trained him. Even NIghteye called him a knockoff Torino. Can't wait til he learns to use smashes to change directions midair and just straight mega mans his quirk.

Here's your (You)

Clearly ALL of us were wrong and should bow down before the one and only person who didn't traitorpost

I actually prefer that, GT did a better job in a few days with Deku than All Might has done all year.

He already used a smash to fly before going 100% during his fight with the yakuza. It will probably take another arc until he can pull off kick flight.

so he's implying he also wasn't born with a quirk?

What's with the angry autist in this thread

What's with the subhuman intelligence?
I want to interact with animals I'll visit a zoo.

That’s what it looks like to me, yeah.

why don't you just work on shitposting better than come back, no need to be rustled over being called out

I always wonder, how does an editor’s role influence a series. I mean, what would “changin an editor” or “having person X as an editor” means to a series

what is that cringy fanart?

If he's comparing Deku to himself it sounds more like he's talking about how his quirk is also very taxing on his body, and sees a certain kinship with Deku over that. Perhaps also feeding into his inferiority complex since Deku has done so much more even with a quirk that wrecks his body.

Or he could be talking about how just using his quirk takes a toll on his body. Even Kaminari just gets wheeeey for a while, but they both take damage. Are we ignoring the simplest explanation on purpose?

Fair enough
I simply asked why that user is so angry
It was from a drawfag a while ago, we used to have a number of them

No. I know it could just mean that, too. I just personally believe there’s more meaning behind what he said.

>people disagree with the guy who's claiming literally everyone but him was wrong
>hurr durr shitposting
well okay then, case closed

Just tell him to go back to plebbit

>Are we ignoring the simplest explanation on purpose?
The sudden heavy focus on Aoyama makes me think otherwise.

>Taishi Tsutsui
>a bad cold is going around my studio and house


Yes. The simplest explanation isn't very interesting and wouldn't justify future Deku narrating this part of the story the same way he narrated Iida starting to turn to the dark side.

Keep dreaming. Doesn't matter how overpowered your quirk is, Bakugo will beat you anyway through his pure skill and the Spirit of Victory (which he embodies).

He can just hover above ground with his Bakuflying and then destroy him with one well aimed Howit--

You do realize just because he got the focus doesn’t make him quirkless don’t you? That’s a huge thought leap

It's always good to bring in someone new to have new ideas and a fresh perspective on things.

Literally nothing's changed until we see the Jaminisbox translation.

Did you speedread or something? There’s been several hints that indicate he’s quirkless.

Posting my old shit?

Better than anything you can produce for these threads nigger.

>It was from a drawfag a while ago, we used to have a number of them
General shitters, and other autists do a great job trying to chase us away. Good thing autists literally have no power.

So are you here to take requests?

Yeah, keep samefagging and shilling your shit

Here's the less shitty version.

That depends if they are creative requests.

I could say the same, since the dropped hints can very easily mean he has some quirk problems, not completely quirkless, And seeing that overusing his laser always results with him having stomachache, I think the evidence for him having some sort of quirk outweighs the evidence of him being quirkless

His own suit page says that the laser comes from his navel.
He can't be quirkless.

There's more than one drawfag here, asshole.

Nah and weren't him, they were me, but you can pretend its the samefag boogieman if you want.
>shilling your shit
That shit was from months ago you dumb mong. You're obviously new to these threads.

How about Mina wetting herself, peeing acid through her pants and down her legs, dissolving her pants and panties