Loli character is naked

>Loli character is naked
>she covers her body
For what purpose? No one finds them attractive.

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Yuck. They cover themselves to not burn your eyes with their filth.

Is that what you're gonna say in court?

Still praying for subs.

what entries don't have subs?

Have you heard of a crazy genius mangaka called Ritz? She censored a naked loli with another naked loli. Multiple times.

By that logic I don't need to cover my body in public, either?

Not him but, the latest ova is unsubbed.

I really REALLY liked this part in the anime. I wonder why.

Nude is barbaric way of sexualizing but bikini is civilized way of sexualize a girl who can wear scantily clad(not semi nude). Because bikini can show belly and most of the skin without opening bob and vegene.

There's a woman who knows lolis and monster titties should be friends

Sasuga Ritz.

Woah a hand drawn background.

>covering non-existing tits
For what purpose ???

Because nipples are haram.

>its illegal to bust loads to drawings
nice dystopian state.

>No one finds them attractive
maybe a master faggot,like you

Feel free to relocate.

Yeah, lolis should just be naked all the time since there's nothing sexual about that.

Shame isn't about whether you think other people find you attractive.

This is Heaven.

Picked the fuck up.

From another thread.

Well done, picking the one loli in the whole show that canonically wears panties.

She was cosplaying in a degenerate maid outfit back then, it doesn't count.

Plus he wasn't interested anyway.

Lolis should only wear onii-chan's T-shirt.

Not all lolis have siblings and/or onii-chans.

They can just pick random guys on the street and make them their onii-chans.

god i wish that were me

It's a good thing the general public is being informed of the predatory lolis.

Why is this so well animated?

Imagine my shock

I want to make love with a child

Because it has a naked loli.

There is no logical reason for such a thing to exist. They may as well ban the classical book, Lolita.

Ban, burn, bury.

Prove it.

She looks like shes channeling her chi into her no-no bits.

That's just it, I can't. She implied by saying "panty-flash", but she might have been lying.

No, her butt hurts.

From what?

Broomstick carpet burn.

Every country has some crazy as fuck laws, like holding a salmon suspiciously in the UK is punishable by fine.

They'd call you uncle.

So much for that "canon", then. If it's not seen, it doesn't exist.

It may also be a translation error. Paipanchira~



>holding a salmon suspiciously in the UK is punishable by fine
When was the last time this was enforced?
Because Canada is still jailing people for masturbating to drawings.

Didn't Strike Witches get an uncensored version?

Maybe the reason why leaves shitpost so much is because they can't fap to loli so they're always angry?

Why is Elly such a slut?

whaaat the fuck

No. People keep saying this, but no. The fansub at the time (I think it was StrikeSubs) decensored some of the bath episodes.

owww thats just evil.