I wish I would have seen this show sooner

I've seen about 60 episodes so far, and I can't get enough

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nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=fist north star x264 ac3

its pretty bad-good

its really uneven though

Mad Max + Bruce Lee + Stallone Cobra = Kenshiro.

I laughed my ass off at the giant horse

HnK is the best.

Ignore the sequel

Cobra is the pinnacle 80's action movie. Fucking love it. Ax cult for life.

No, watch it. It's not as good but still has its moments.
If you've already made it through the entirety of season one you can handle an extra 50 episodes of this goofy shit.

Ken literally morphs from Bruce Lee into 100% Stallone throughout the series.
He's more like Stallone dressed as Mad Max with Bruce Lee's voice.

I hope you're watching the Discotek remastered DVDs and not the DivX shitsubs by HoM recorded from a broken VHS.
Tipota is the Discotek release.

Also I'm currently in process of getting HnK2 encoded since nobody made a good encode of it from Discotek DVDs.

Stop after the timeskip. You'll thank me later.

Have you been shocked yet?

Omae wa mou shindeiru

was yuria a no-pan kind of girl?

Chinese dresses are literally built for no-pan and Yuria had 10/10 body and tighs to boot making her perfect for it.

Agree witht his guy, watch the second series. Ignore the ovas Shin Hokuto no Ken instead.

He does look a little bit like Mel Gibson too in the earlier stuff.

Just wait until you get to this glorious motherfucker.

Yeah, he goes from 100% Bruce Lee to 50% Lee 50% Gibson to 50% Gibson 50% Stallone to 100% Stallone

But the OVAs are completely harmless and adaptation of official book written by Buronson himself set after events of the manga.
What OP should do is watch HnK1 (up to Episode 109), then read Last Piece (a one shot made for series 30th anniversary that serves as a prologue to HnK2), watch HnK2 till the end (episode 152), then read the rest of the manga that anime didn't cover (from Volume 24 I believe, all the way to the end), then watch the Shin Hokuto no Ken OVAs.

It's the 2000s movie pentalogy that is pretty meh, the OVAs are literally definition of harmless.

He was one cheeky cunt.

I thought it was bullshit that Bort dies in the manga.

You will never be as much of a real American as Ein.

>HoM shitsubs on VHS sourced DivX trash
Download Tipota releases m8

Seriously stop fucking using HoM shitsubs, they are literal shitsubs with AWFUL translation.
His name's Bat for starters.

Looks like they only have season 1.
I'll check it out if there's ever a complete version. Care to post a comparison?

Burt is better.

Finished the OG anime. Which of the movies are worth watching?

Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren in Made Up Kung-Fu Land 2.

>Season 1
It has entirety of HnK1 which is Seasons 1-3
HnK2 is Season 4 which has no Tipota release, but you can just grab the DVD raws for that or wait for the encodes I'm getting done, should be ready within a month or so, I'm not the Tipota guy though I'm just filling in the blanks since he didn't do HnK2. My encode settings will be extremely similar to his to make transition from his release to mine as seamless as possible.

As for why you should use the Discotek remastered release instead of HoM's VHS shitsubs it's because it's just much better (and official) translation, but also much better quality since it has been completely remastered on DVD, it's not VHS trash like the HoM release.
And yeah I can post some screenshots if you want.

>バット (Batto)
No matter how hard you try, you can't turn バット into "Bort" or "Burt", it's literally shitsubs, please kill yourself.

For me, the ovas are even unworthy to bear the name of the series so to say. No details to not spoil OP, but I despise the coarse attempt to achieve sympathetic villains, the cell part and also it feels out of character a couple of times.

Anyone getting the game next month?

>made up

>Only once in all my years as a Houkto fan have I come across a vital point listed as explosive and yes it had to do with the cranium.
It's based on reality, just greatly exaggerated.

What about Raoh into Raul?

>pisspoor 4 and jap only
>looks like a shitty gta ripoff
Maybe I'll pirate it when it comes west and to PC.

Just put it in spoilers because I have no idea what the fuck are you talking about. Kenshiro is perfectly in character with how he was the end of the manga, the first villain of the OVA is literally irredeemable and not made sympathetic at all and only the second is which anyway is a par on course for the franchise considering most of the antagonists in the series have been redeemed.

Just stop.


>Not being an idort
>Not knowing yakuza
Go back to your DBS threads, poorfag.

Anything after the Raoh fight is disappointing.

Here's your (You), don't spend it all in once place.

I'm waiting for the localization, it's already a given considering Hokuto is sacred in Europe and it's SEGA Europe that got us Yakuza in the west to begin with. Also the main localization director of the series is a massive Hokuto fan and said 2018 will be great year for the series and they'll have announcements after Yakuza 6 is out, I expect the announcements to be Kiwami 2 and Hokuto ga Gotoku localizations.

And since you wanted a comparison, I tracked down exact same frame as this pic, complete with actual official translation for that scene.
I hope you'll see the light and switch away from the HoM shitsubs. They were the only thing we had back in the day but there's no reason to ruin your experience with HoM shitsubs now that official English DVDs exist.

This show is a machine for reactions

Also this guy speaks the truth, these are much better

Except his name is バット and not バッツ so fuck off with your shitposting bullshit. And the official translation from North Star Productions is explicitly "Bat" which settles it once and for all. Ken's Rage was translated by Koei who are notorious for shit translations, now fuck off.

Anyone hyped for this?


Fuck yeah I am. Combat looks a lot like the PS1 game.

hair literally grew on my chest, and my voice got deeper just from watching all that hyper-masculinity on the trailer

I know you're being ironic but we're in a serious need of proper new manime, everything nowadays is skinny kawaii uguu moeshit or homoshit.

>the CHAD Cloud vs the Virgin Dipper

Where is the best place to watch this?

It looks like a texture swap of yakuza 0 so no

>Ignore the sequel

Nope, don't ignore the sequel.
Get the full Hokuto no Ken experience. The ending to the full animated saga is very emotional and you'll shead lots of manly tears.
HnK has lots of highs and lows but man does it deliver in spades. You don't get this kind of manly anime these days.

Kill yourself, not to mention I don't know of any streaming service that would have the remastered DVD versions anyway.
Just download it m8.
Hokuto no Ken 1 (episodes up to 109):
nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=fist north star x264 ac3

Last Piece (read after HnK1 and before going into HnK2):

Hokuto no Ken 2 (110 to 152), only DVD raws atm since I'm still in process of getting them encoded:

Manga (read from Volume 24 onwards, anime only adapted up to Chapter 210 which is like the third chapter in Volume 24) So basically you only need volumes 24-27:

Oh and Shin Hokuto no Ken (adaptation of official novel written by the series lead writer, set after events of the manga) It's my own encode which is highest quality you can find online, but I haven't uploaded it to Nyaa yet, will get around to it this weekend:

And after that you can watch the spinoff anime about Raoh that runs roughly in parallel to Episodes 1-49 of the original series, showing the events from Raoh's perspective.
It's called Ten no Haoh:

Thanks man

Kenshiro suggesting to the guy that he should use the people that worship his brother as a god as protection is completely out of character. I know you are gonna excuse it since the first thing you said as defense was "adaptation of official book written by Buronson himself", so a discussion is meaningless. Same with Ken wasting too much time to finish Sanga, which gives Sanga the time to hurt the little brother (a lame plot device and particularly jarring since Ken the already punched the guy several times). And again with the part when he is locked in a cell and can't get out. Completely insulting.

And all that without mention that Ken already has Musou Tensei so...

>since Ken the already punched the guy several times
Literally happens plenty of times throughout the series, sometimes Ken just wants to beat people up so just just punches them instead of striking their pressure points because he's a bit sadistic like that. I agree that he took too much time to kill Sanga though.
As for "using brother as protection", I have no idea what you're smoking because they were in the middle of a crowd of hundreds of civilians which were literally obsessed with the seemingly divine kid so them trying to do anything at that point would just results in the civilians attacking them and Ken having to fucking kill them. The only reason he, TEMPORARILY I MIGHT ADD, suggested they let the farse keep on going was to avoid civilian deaths. And in the last portion Kenshiro spends the entire OVA except the ending locked up and can't do anything about Tobi's descent into insanity.
I can't tell whether you're a speedwatcher or just have shitty memory.

>And all that without mention that Ken already has Musou Tensei so
What does that have to do with anything? Musou Tensei doesn't make you a literal ghost, you just appear like this to the enemy (like when he's fighting Kaioh and Kaioh still manages to hit Kenshiro because he uses Anryu Tenha to ruin Kenshiro's concentration)

If you can make it past the first cheesy filler episodes (there are more even after, but you can ignore them and stick to those that follow the manga) you find a hidden treasure of eastern philosophy, spirit of the hagakure and a beautiful sampling of three distinct ways of living (Raoh, Toki, Kenshiro)

>eastern philosophy
To be perfectly honest, Hokuto no Ken is the most Christian thing I've read next to the Bible.

>three distinct ways of living (Raoh, Toki, Kenshiro)
You're forgetting about others. The Hokuto Brothers aren't the only role models.

It's a combination of Christianity and eastern religions. Toki is essentially Jesus. The early episodes really spread on the Christian symbolism thick. It reminds me of pic related.

He doesn't

It's not just Toki, later on Kenshiro becomes Jesus symbolism, he straight up gets crucified by Kaioh and then in the end of the manga Bat gets crucified by Bolge when he's pretending to be Kenshiro.
The constant talk about the God throughout the story also contributes to this, how God literally grants Shu his dying wish among other stuff.

The series is chock full of Christianity, goes to show just how much of a westaboo Buronson is, because with Souten no Ken with which Buronson wasn't really involved and it was just Hara you can see how it's a lot more Japanese and Chinese with hardly if any at all Christianity present. It's part of the reason why I feel like Souten no Ken is nothing more but glorified officialy sanctioned fanfic. All the shitty retcons don't help.

Please stop talking about the manga which you clearly never read.

Still the best Kenshiro scene.

Who is your favourite character in the series? Not going to lie, I'm a Raoh man myself, though really I like pretty much all the important ones. It's just Raoh basically steals the show from Kenshiro and it becomes his story rather than Kenshiro's. Even in HnK2 once Kenshiro goes to Land of Asura it's literally just "Raoh this, Raoh that". He had the most character development out of everyone and through his imperfections he ended up being the most perfect human being you can have in the story.
Toki and Kenshiro are both too good for their own good if that makes any sense.
I'd even place people like Juza and Rei above Toki and Ken.
Overall many manly tears were shed during watching of the anime.

Oh yeah, friendly reminder that the manga, for the first time in history, is being officially released in English later this year in full. They want to make a big push in the West now with the 35th Anniversary of the series. We're getting official manga release here, a simulcast of the new Souten no Ken anime and it's pretty much inevitable we're also getting localization announcement of Hokuto ga Gotoku later this year. Most likely around the time the anime starts airing.

Seriously, the entire Juza vs Raoh conflict was done amazingly, and all without a single ounce of Kenshiro's involvement. Heck, Ken never even meets Juza before he kicks the bucket.

Raoh tied with Souther were my two favourite characters in the manga. I'm currently just started the Rei arc in the anime. I can't stop hearing Oberstein, it was the same in Layzner.

>Oh yeah, friendly reminder that the manga, for the first time in history, is being officially released in English later this year in full.
Do you have information on this? I'd love to own the entire series in English and I'm glad it is getting reprinted again. I wonder if we're getting hardcover 3 or 2 in 1s which would be my preferred method of reading Hokuto no Ken physically, single volumes just do not work for a series like this.

Still one of the most kino scenes, the music especially makes it.

They made a big Kickstarter campaign for it late last year, you missed it:

Basically the entire manga in physical ebook format with hardcover but instead of pages you have a built-in custom made ebook reader with the manga on it. The size is exactly like 1 volume of the manga, but naturally has all of it.
Mass production models (as in non-Kickstarter ones) coming roughly in March and digital and printed versions late this year.

Oh and I fucked up the webm by forgetting the subs, so here it is again with subs:

>It's a Yuria fakes her own death again episode

U wot, this is the only time it happened.

Rei is my boy.
Raoh really redeemed himself at the end but I could never forgive him for killing Rei.

It only did it once though and it wasn't even her idea, but Shin's.
>dude just take her into hiding while I'll take the fall for driving her to her death so that Raoh won't ever look for her

Rei's death was part of his redemption arc, the story doesn't really show you that but he straight up admits to murdering and betraying hundreds of innocent people prior to his meeting with Kenshiro and Mamiya when he was driven only by revenge and survival instincts. Think of it as karmic retribution.

Happened twice in the manga didn't it or am I not remembering things right?

Literally anti soyboy anime

You know all that shit was made up as the story went along. Shin was the big bad and Kenshiro's primary driving force for revenge at the beginning but over time he essentially became a protagonist. Ken had a bigger hardon for him than Yuria as he was carrying his corpse out of his tower.

Soyboys fall back on calling Kenshiro a moralfag because they don't understand what it means to be a man who fights for what he believes in.

You're misremembering very fiercly. Anime is almost 1:1 faithful adaptation of the manga, the only OC material being some extra filler episodes in the Shin arc and extra Shin scenes because in the manga he dies in pretty much the same chapter he's introduced as it was supposed to be a one-shot due to not expecting success. The anime rectified this by extending the Shin arc and giving him actual character development and showing events from his perspective before his inevitable fight with Ken.
There were also a few bandit of the week filler episodes in that arc like I said.
But no, the Yuria twist has never been reused.

Hara explicitly went on record that he had the final arc, complete with Raoh's end and the Yuria twist, planned out a full year in advance. It only was made up as it went along early on after Shin, you can tell it's very much planned out by the time it gets to Toki and Raoh being introduced into the story.

And then HnK2 was again written literally as they went because they thought they were done with Raoh's end but then they were told they are continuing next week and had to make up a new chapter in few days for next week so they were winging it pretty hard for HnK2.

It was like six years ago I read the manga but I liked how Shin was giving more character development I just thought a lot of his henchman were too campy and kind of a bore to get through. I did like the episode where Ken and everyone fought the guy who hypnotized people.

Yeah like I said, I think the "bandit of the week" fillers are pretty bad for the most part (but the one with literally Mad Max 2 town, it's the very same village, is great) but all the Shin development episodes were great. I especially loved how they repurposed Baiken and his fight with teen Kenshiro from the prototype manga into the anime as Shin's General Barcom and giving Ken's role from that fight to Shin.
The anime does so many things right compared to the manga and yet people don't seem to give it credit for that.

Well two things the anime has over the manga are a great soundtrack and top notch voice acting. I was so proud of Shigeru Chiba when he went from doing just about every other extra to actually being the primary antagonist in part 1 of HnK2.
Any time 3:53 starts up you know some shit's going down.

>Shigeru Chiba
>actually liking the trash characters that are Joker and Jakoh (aka Joker 2.0) both of which were ripoffs of Joker from Batman
Why, seriously why

And to add to this, Jakoh wasn't main anything, he was a sore loser and wasn't a threat at any given point. Falco is the main boss of the Celestial Emperor arc, even if he isn't the figurehead giving order.

Shigeru Chiba is a God tier voice actor who contributed to tons of great shows from the 80s and even some recent ones. If you don't think he is hilarious then you have objectively shit taste.

>dude comedy lmao
Fuck off.

I wouldn't expect a casual like you to understand anything the characters are saying anyway.

Kill yourself you lover of soy

What are the odds of a remake of the old anime? I love the anime but it’s not easy to recommend because of it’s age.

Zero, it's perfect the way it is and doesn't need a remake.
Souten no Ken on the other hand had an AWFUL anime that only adapted first 4-5 volumes with shitty anime original ending which is why they're making a remake of the Souten anime, coming out in April.

buzzwords are a disgrace

>it’s not easy to recommend because of it’s age
What the fuck are you on about? The remastered DVDs still look great.

Is this truly the ultimate anti-soy anikino?

>HoM shitsubs VHS trash
Read the thread

>Enter gym in 199X

ok guys I was looking at kissanime and they uploaded like 5 FOTNS movies/ovas that have the darker, better looking artwork compare to the anime. now I already downloaded the COMPLETE torrent from nyaa but the subs for some if not all the movies are atrocious. and the movies been came out could they have new subs or they just slow?

The movies are literally the worst possible way to watch the series because they start in the middle (movies literally skip the story of first ~60 episodes), congratulations you're a Grade A imbecile.

I literally just said I downloaded the COMPLETE torrent on nyaa which means, If you had any reading comprehension, that I watched the series first and went to watch the movies even if I already seen it.
congratulations, you just played yourself

actually you know what, you're not retarded I just wasn't clear, but I already watched the series and the movies(which had beyond just terrible subs) but just wanted to know if there was update on subs since kissanime just upload a couple of them or they're just reupload or something

Yes there is, my own torrent with non-shit subs I scoured the fucking internet for.

thanks user.

As usual the manga's better. The problem is there's no good translation of the manga yet and the scans are fucking atrocious quality. Like JoJo part 3/4 pre-retranslation levels of bad.

Welcome to the ultimate Manime, OP.