When is season 2 coming out?!?!?!?!

When is season 2 coming out?!?!?!?!

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Post tits, fatty.

A movie was announced last year.

New collaboration wih Dash Store from 2/10 to 3/1

Yuri P is just the cutest


I want Makka!

Piggy always has the lewdest pose.

movie never ;_;

Hopefully never

This is from hiramatsu earlier this month >tomorrow I have a meeting in yuri !!! on ice for the first time at a time, although the meeting is about illustrations ... >Normally, I never meet with the director and producer on art commissions, but that work will be a little bigger, looking forward to it

s2 isn't even confirmed, but if it happens it will take another 1-2 years after the movie release (and we don't even know when that will be yet)

>Movie never
>Season 2 never


>Bald in a trashy tracksuit
>pink heart shoes

It’s like he wants to be beaten up by gopniks

A living legend can do whatever he wants.

Is this on his blog or twitter? It's nice to hear something from him at least.

Hope it's a good sign that we'll see Eros Piggy's final form in the movie.

This art inspires lewd thoughs.



New interview with Sayo, Kubo, and Hiramatz. Some info is new. Kubo seems to be aware of the Pig hate conspiracy

>Kubo: The three exclamation marks for Yuri!!! on ICE also represent Yuri, Victor and Yurio
I don't remember she ever mentioned it, that's cool.
>Kubo:Yuri Katsuki is the one character that was created without any role model or influence. That’s the very revolutionary part for me, and the character that I’m most fond of. I hope that gets conveyed.
Now nips can shut up.
>Yamamoto: I do not have a social media or Instagram account under my real name, but I do have a couple of “skate otaku” accounts. I’m always watching the skaters, and I follow about 600… *pause* wait, no, 800 of them. I would check up on them about once every hour first thing in the morning. This would be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, VK and Weibo.
Sayo is a madwoman.

We might be getting a poster for the movie, or at least some teaser soon.

Nips will never know because the interview is English only

If they're as eager as westerners for new contents, I guess who who speaks English among then will translate, or they can just use Google translator. Kubo published the link on her profile so everyone is aware of that interview by now.