What's their endgame Sup Forums?

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a lifetime of guilt edged /u/ NTR perhaps?


Wouldn’t that be illegal?

in hell,gay is sin

Watching anime is a sin.

Lesbian sex

Crashing Christian familly values, with no sirvivors.


Getting a life and fucking her little step-sister, respectively.


depends on the region availability of disney worlds

Well, they already share a family name and everything.

I pray for their success

at the current state of the anime, maintaining the status quo I think.

Gonna run away together to France or something

Nope. God is 100% ok with yuri.

Two children and a nice house, both provided by grandpa.

Citrus episode 3 anime-manga comparison. It feels like it's starting to deviant from the manga more.


It's the exact same thing, what are you taking about? The only differences are Yuzu's hairstyle being cuter in the anime and Drills-chan not looking like a crazt bitch.

The scene executions are starting to deviant more. Mei was much more pissed in the manga and Harumin reacted like like she was weirded out by Yuzu's manga in the manga at first.



This is retarded. Also
Fucking ESL.

Is Mei a fan of Rocky movies?
since she eats raw eggs for breakfast

Why do you assume it's not just a typo or autocorrect?

It's because she can't cook. The volume 5 bonus chapter with Matsuri visiting showed that neither Mei nor Matsuri can cook.

New episode today!

If I recall correctly one of the lesbos can adopt the other in nipland

New episode tomorrow, since it airs on Saturday.


Eating raw eggs isn't a bad thing, especially if you go to the gym

dat perfect Yuzubutt

Ep 4: 21h 18m

>21 hours to go
>at least 20 days till chapter 36 of the manga
Why are we here, just to suffer?

I'm just happy to know that even if I don't end up liking arc 4 in the anime either, I can still watch the epic meme of Matsuri's arc dubs while the twins arc subs are coming out.

They can still conceive on having children while lesbian marriage is legal in five cities.

How far is this gonna go? I guess it'll end right after the twins arc?

i don't understand the point of either yuri or yaoi.
How can watching anibe about two lesbians make you feel good?

that perfect Yuzubutt of course!

Pretty much. Volume 1 took 3 episodes to adapt, and all volumes are roughly the same length. Meaning the anime will most likely end with the twins arc.

Guess it makes sense considering that arc ends with Yuzu and Mei """"dating""""

You mean their endgame is licking each other's butts? That's hot.

Ironic since their first actual date isn't until volume 6. And I wonder if arc 4 will adapt out Mitsuko's appearance at the end of it, since that would be one heck of a sequel hook, if they don't plan to do a second season.

Is more cities in Japan gonna legalize it soon?

Do we know if this is selling well yet?

Can't tell yet, the BD's don't go on sale until after the anime ends. But right now estimated preorder numbers are about average or slightly below average.

who cares it's shit

Well, at least it's not bombing. As long as it makes the manga sell more, I guess a second season could happen?

>I guess a second season could happen?
it's guaranteed

Crunchyroll helped fund it, so how it does on their service could have an impact too.

Please don't get peoples hopes up when there is virtually nothing to indicate it will. Manga series get 1 cour teaser anime all the time that never follow up with a second season.

Ranking 1k/2k is average? I mean people are making fun of Violet Evergarden ranking 500/600 because they see it as a failure

Around 3,000 is average and the numbers are constantly fluctuating. But again, these are preorder estimates that can go up as the series goes on.


Fuck it, I'll even go get a subscription.

But that user's lying. There's really nothing to show it getting a second season. It's BD sales don't seem special so far and it has basically no merch to boost profits. And people say it's helping the manga sell better, but that's the entire point of an anime teaser series to begin with. Many such series don't get continuations unless they turn out to be a hit, which so far Citrus anime hasn't.

Is it fair to say that Citrus is the poor man's Gokujou Drops?

At the very least it's doing fine in Japan, which is actually really good for a yuri show, and I'm pretty sure the international community will have a big impact in the future of this particular anime.


Why would anybody ever regret kissing a hot girl?

If you were a girl in a conservative country you would.

The forbidden part only makes it hotter.

The endgame is to entice us into watching for softcore lesbian pseudo-incest. Isn't it pretty obvious?

Because VEG is KyoAni + Netflix (and they're in a constant shitposting war with Franxxfags). Also, the ranking =/= preorders. The estimates are in another page.

Japan is getting liberal by the day. I expect more gay marriages coming out of the woodwork.

You would regret it if she didn't want you to kiss her.

Not saying this is the case here, but just saying.

Sure, but it's certainly not the case.

Post the estimates page ?

I honestly can't remember anything about that manga.

In the heat of the moment maybe.
It's like licking your gf's asshole. Once your arousal wears off you realize it kinda stank, and it wasn't shaved well, and it probably wasn't such a good idea...

Let's hope not. Let's keep western degeneracy in the West, and let them enjoy their own brand of degeneracy.

Should have done it after taking a shower with her.

It's the plot and characters of Citrus but with nipples

If you can't even get past that, how are you ever gonna get to the point where you can say you love her?

Were they even sisters?


No, but they were NBR roommates who shared the same bed, in an elite all-girls lesbian school.

>Mei crying in a corner afterwards
My poor heart. It hurts.

The moment is so close. Just fight for your waifu Mei, and give us the good end.

Except they don't ever fuck in Citrus. (regular BD)
最終予測累積ポイント Blu-ray:703pt(残り日数65)
最終予測累積ポイント Blu-ray:412pt(残り日数65) (Amazon BD)
Of course these fluctuate and change by the hour, too. It's still estimates.

It also had a terrible arranged marriage arc near the end, where not-Mei's family made her return home to fulfill her family duty.

No sisters: no dice.


I think there's twincest though between 2 of their friends.

I hope the author gives us an ending first and then keeps it going instead of stalling it more.

Betting pool on when they're gonna fuck? They're both about to explode.


After the arranged marriage drama. Maybe in the last chapter of volume 10.

Yuzumori-san anime when?

I don't think anyone expects Sabu to go full H. Probably will just a page showing the two naked in bed with each other. Similar to how Stopani would show two girls had sex.

When the current shit drama ends.

This is great


It's average but above my expectations doing better than Kakegurui that got a season 2

Not even the best yuri lolicon.

It pretty much already ended.

Nice, but a show doing great doesn't imply it'll get a second season, specially inmediately (there are retards saying that a second season could air during fall). SnK 2 took aired 4 years later. YOI did great yet no news about a second season, only a movie so far. Super Lovers flopped and sold like shit yet it got a second season. There are lots of factors behind a second season. I guess Yuri Hime will play an important role, and maybe Crunchy.

>implying this mess will be solved in just 1 volume.

How do I read this shit?