Maid Dragon OAV

no thread. Wut?

Litterally best chapter is being adapted.

The oppai loli got animated?

Have I fallen through a wormhole in the space time continuum again? FFS

This OVA has been around since last year, maybe that's why. The fact that your american overlords only allowed you to watch it now doesn't mean that everybody did the same.

Because most of the people on Sup Forums who cares watched it four months ago.

The facebook fanbase. Of course.


After VEG people have fallen off the kyoani band wagon

Well, the episode was awesome tho, unlike VEG so far.

Would you user?


>he didn't watch the OVA last year while munching on substitute fat dragon meat

Who is the worst dragon and why it is Lucoa?

is she even a dragon?

some pic implied that this version was 41 min. was that a fable?

Undeniably yes

>Ilulu will never be animated

In a heartbeat, and purely.

Worst dragon is Iruru

Dont lie user

you're just late op

If Kobayahsi finds your sketchpad you're going to get yelled at again, Tohru.

Fuck you OP you got my hopes up for an ACTUAL new OVA..

Why Horribles released this so late anyway?

>Check this morning
>Kobayashi ep 14
I was still groggy so I was pacing my house in a cozy satisfied daze think about the second season of Dragon meidos I was dling
Then the realization hit.
>It's the goddamn OVA

Miss Horriblesubs Slowpoke Maid

>Check HS to see when Dagashi Kashi subs come out
>Dragon Maid 14
>Oh shit nigga, season 2
I thought I'd make a quick Google search to see if I had missed an announcement of a second season or something since that's exactly what happened with Dagashi Kashi, but as it turns out it was just the fucking OVA and now I feel like dying

I liked the original ones better. Trip was better in the anime, though

What took Horriblesubs so long?
Did Crunchyroll wait with the release of their sub until just now?

>no thread. Wut?
Because it's been out since last fall, you casual fuck.

Where be dem translations for the newer chapters

chapter 58 got translated some days ago

nigga chapter 60 has been out for eons but no translations

oh well, atleast mangafucks and co now have farting dragon lolis


No thread because it was released like 5 months ago

Slow user is slow.

That scene made me uncomfortable

I'm happy for this.

I love this dork.

I'd invite her to dinner and then rub her belly for good digestion

you misspelled kanna

And I'll be sure the dinner stays in by plugging her exit hole.


was this the one with the hot springs?


who else never got valentine chocolates?

Best momwife

I turned it on and the OVA aired like last year. What's special, is it being rerun on networks or something?

Really? I felt a warm spot between my thighs from it. :^)


still waiting