[Davinci] Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 2 - 02v1 [720p][380C6A40].mkv

>[Davinci] Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 2 - 02v1 [720p][380C6A40].mkv

Saiki time!

>Superior immersion edit of Davinci subs
>[Leonardo] Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 2 - 02 [720p][380C6A40].mkv

Is it actually better?

based leonardo saving us from the false prophet tractor-kun

>Let's go spy on him

I thought you hated having to deal with their shit Saiki.

Chiyo best girl


I hope the problem with subs ends soon, the threads are dying each time faster. It's just sad.

Thanks Davinci for subbing the show

i'm confused

excuse me, just posting best saiki

Out of all the characters shown thus far, she has the least funniest scenes.

Mera is a hardworking girl with the right amount of fat and a good eater, it is a character that can only be appreciated by people that work hard.


>[Davinci] Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 2 - 02v1 [720p][380C6A40].mkv
>[Leonardo] Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 2 - 02 [720p][380C6A40].mkv

It's probably just the honorifics. He does it for VE too if I remember correctly.

Davinci: no honorifics
Leonardo: honorifics

>full lenght ep
it's shit

Next week's episode is full of 10/10 chapters.

Offu, this episode was very funny.

Ou aibou ou

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Why is this baka wasn't ofued by Saiki yet?


I love this anime

Me too.

Great episode, lost it at HnK Reita.

Just honorifics and switching back to japanese name order. Go with your preferences.


What a best boy.

The lack of JUDGMENT KNIGHTS OF in S2 is bothering me.

i had no idea s2 of saiki runs this season, but i am content with that

Teruhashi makes me go all offu

I cant remember correctly but isnt there a scene later in the manga where she kind of steps back for a second from her fantasies to admit he just sits there stonefaced, only for it to cut to saiki where he admits he actually did ofued this time


No, he admits he was smiling a bit.

ehh progress is progress

Fewest, not least, you ESL shitlord.

Wouldn't she lose all interest in him if he did offu?

What a cunt

I think he means the most unfunny not the fewest amount of scenes that are funny so least would be correct.

she seems too much obsessed to actually lose interest in Saiki,it would probably make her want to hear his offu even more than before.
She is practically a teenager in love by now

Japanese raws with closed captioning? These exist?

The image is just a fanart, but if you search things like "jap subs" "japanese subtitles" etc on nyaa there are some results, don't know if they're good.

I would agree with you, but the pedant in me is saying the sentence should read '...least funny scenes'.

But good point, you did make me reparse that sentence a couple of times. Godspeed.