Top tier list of villains

name 2 examples for each tier (any medium; just really need to study how to make a great villain)

Shit tier: Memelgeuse from Re:Zero

I love DIO but I agree with this list.

understandable (to think he was on the 2016 "best villain" of the year nominee)


>a villain's greatness depends on how much of a dindu he is
When will this meme list die? A villain who is pure evil or a psycho can be 1000 times better than a "I'm not evil, I just want to do this good thing but I'm using the edgiest method I know to do it" villain.
It's all about execution.

Does Kira really fit in that Great Tier definition?

He feels more Mid Tier to me since he’s not reluctantly killing women and taking their hands to be his girlfriend, he practically lives for it.

i agree with you but, not my tier list; just 90% agree with it

It really depends on the story. Dio is a super basic villain but he works on his setting.

Anyway Valentine doesn't fit. He wants to make his country the greatest in the world at the cost of shitting on everywhere else. I don't see how that's arguably better than anything.

He was lying, Johnny. He didn't give a shit.

Washizu fits on all of these categories

>great villains are more right than the heroes

what kind of retarded logic is that?

At that point you can hardly call them a villain. Maybe antagonist or rival.

Unless the MC is the evil one.

you're a genius

Maybe not the elder god one since he's still a sadistic murderer despite following the rules.

He's the cutest and best villain though.


Why is lust for power a bad motivation? It's perfectly logical and relatable reason.

Yeah, when you sneak into a house with a little girl and a dog, there's just nothing else to do but murder them both and cut off her hand to keep it and masturbate to it. What a cruel fate to have pitted him against this impossible choice.

Who what?

In Arakiverse you're pretty much obliged to kill dogs on sight, though

Akagi antagonist with the infamous 20 years night

Stop posting this shit meme. Good character =/= good villain. If I can’t find good reason to hate the villain they aren’t god tier, they simply utterly failed at being a character I want to see lose and there’s nothing remotely good about that

That sounds surprisingly familiar. I wonder where have I heard that? So crazy.


He’s definetly meh tier, dude might have be elder god tier at one point but splitting his personalities up so much made his goals pretty much insane and nonsensical, especially with the cruel methodologies he used.


oh you mean diavolo, k nevermind

>Elder God Tier
>Great Tier
Kiyama Harumi
>Mid Tier
Stain (Soul Eater)
>High Tier
Kisshin (Soul Eater)
Shin Uchiha
>Meh Tier
>Shit Tier

> all jojo

take that to /gay/

This gentleman.

Can't you guy stop with this Dumbass Villain tiers meme please. Any of those aspects can be either great or bad, it's depend on the character build up and writing execution..

>Reluctant villains who only do evil things because of the situation they find themselves in
>Villains who are only obeying their nature and doing what they do to survive
>Villains whose motives are a mystery and seen almost insane at times
>Villains who are just evil or lust for power

This meme chart again. Motives are only a very small part of what makes a good villain.

>Elder God Tier
>Great Tier
Kiyama Harumi
>High Tier
Kisshin (Soul Eater)
Uchiha Shin
>Mid Tier
Stain (Soul Eater)
>Meh Tier
>Shit Tier

Yeah, the guy in the last Poirot book was Meh or Shit by OP's standards, but that didn't make him any less of a worthy adversary.

Elder God Tier: Shingeki no Kyojin's Eren Yeager

/snk/ may disagree with this, however.

The Kars one is completely wrong, Kira fits that description better.

>his goals pretty much insane and nonsensical
Are you nuts? How are his goals retarded and nonsensical?

Your problem is that the chart only focuses on motivation and there are other significant factors. Is your medium of choice one where characterisation comes first? Do you want to be realistic or symbolic? Is the villain a constant presence or lurking in the background?

>Elder God tier
Makishima Shougo (Psycho Pass)
Yagami Light (Death Note)

>Great tier
Vegeta (DBZ)
Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

>High tier
Griffith (Berserk)
Scar (FMA:B)

>Mid tier
Chrollo Lucilfer (HxH)
King Bradley, Wrath (FMA:B)

>Meh tier
Hisoka (HxH)
Mur Mur (Mirai Nikki)

>Shit tier
Orochimaru (Naruto)
Ukyo (Samurai 7)

jojo's is just shit anyway lmao.

Itachi kind of a problem though, since the situation that requires him to do it is so thoroughly stupid and contrived. Also don't think Griffith is really trying to change anything, he's just aiming for the top, in his fantasy white knight reincarnation he's ostensibly part of the system.

What tier is he?

Every edgelord villain belongs in shit tier.

Either great or high

Ningen tier

squealer is clearly elder god tier

One Piece edition:

Elder God: Aokiji, Smoker
Great: Magellan, Buggy
High: Gecko Moria, Hody
Mid: Doffy, Big Mom, Blackbeard
Meh: Enel
Shit: Everyone else

What if a character do bad thing for a philosophical reason instead of hurr evil? e.g. Diego Brando

Bullshit. Hody is 100% completely and utterly shit-tier. He admitted, straight-up, he'd never been personally wronged or persecuted a day in his life.

Katakuri in Great tier.
Akainu in Elder God tier.
Luffy Mid tier.
Kaido High tier.

Doffy should be High tier and Hody in a tier bellow shit.

come on, boys. that list is obviously bait

>Meh: Enel
plebeian detected

Hody is a lame feeling arc villain, but he follows OP's list. Just because he wasn't personally the victim doesn't mean he's not changing the world.

Wasn't sure where to put Akainu. It's unclear how much he wants to reform the Marines and how much he just objects to not being allowed to smash whoever he wants. No idea about Kaido at all

Akainu isn't afraid of the 5 stars. He called them out on the Doffy incident along with the Celestial Dragon.

Aokiji is not a villain

>some people hate fishmen
>"we are going to kill humans"
>many people hate fishmen
wow, that changed things a lot

Neither Aokiji,Smoker or Magellan are villaina. Buggy stopped being one after being zapped by Dragon

> Fishmen literally shown being sold as sex toys
> Nation only exists thanks to paying tribute to BM
> Hody roids up and establishes independence
> Changes world

it failed, sure, but it was something

Elder God

Let's be real he got best villain only because of other factors such as design, memorability, personality and of course memes. Best Villlain isn't merely based on how they were written, but also the impact they made to the audience.

>Smoker a villain

>what is indoctrination

They all oppose and try to foil the hero. Being sympathetic just pushes them up OP's scale


That makes them antagonists. Antagonists and villains aren’t the same thing

These people are portrayed as good people who are just doing their job. Buggy is just portrayed as a joke.
Akainu is portrayed as a ruthless, manipulative asshole who is also doing his job. That's a villain.

>Good villains
fucking kys.

Nice argument right there, asshole

Nice argument right there, asshole,

Kira is the best villain of all time

Kira's not that great of a villain. In JoJo sure, he's much better than the likes of Dio. While Dio (esp. in PB) was very cartoonishly evil, Kira was at least somewhat more nuanced as a character. However, I don't think he's that special when you put him up with the antagonists of animanga as a whole. The only notable thing about him that elevates him above just being your average heartless villain are his motives. How he just wants to live a quiet life, murderous impulses aside.

Not even the best of his own series. A gay priest and Valentine had better motivations and development than him.

Rate mine.

im so happy she didnt die and disappear from the petrification

She also sounds like she got converted to naked kneesocks.

But completely insane villains are elder god tier, you all have shit taste

>greatest villain
>not posting johan

Trash character from an overrated manga.

For one, you can't rank villains by solely motive.
Kira is without a doubt in the mid-tier based upon motivation, he is a victim of his own nature above all else, yet he is the best villain in the list. While i do think some motivations lend themselves the opportunity to have better villains based around them. It all depends on how they are written.

At the end of the day motivation is important but it's hardly what decides what is a good villain or not.
There are still the, you know, actual villanous actions that define the character as a villain in the first place. It's why Dio will always be more memorable than Kira or Pucci, even if he isnt anything more than just a vampire asshole.

death note is overrated, not this you faggot

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wrong Hemisphere amerimutt pedale jebany

This, Kars and Kira can ve switched. Kira just needed to soothe his homicidal desires which falls into just obeying his nature. Kars however wanted to conquer his flawed biology and took down any who opposed him which fits into the Great Tier description.

Chrollo cuck detected. Still butthurt?


>Dio: Medium tier, great character but his motivations are weak. Dio exists for Dio, it doesn't go much futher
>Cars: High tier, although a total shitdick of a person, Cars possesses a stong bond with the remaining pillar men and clearly does most of his misdoings out of a desire to protect his people
>Kira: Mid-low tier, again a really interesting villian, is a great character, but his motivations are weak and a vast majority of his conflicts with the protagonists are self inflicted
>Diavolo, high tier. Although he is partially a cop out with "XD hes ckurazy" I think his drive for total isolation and peace of mind is sort of sad, clearly a mentally ill person digging his hole deeper. Rivals Nox in some ways
>Funny Valentine: Highest tier, absolutely unrivaled.

This. Except Kars is an evil dickhead for almost no reason.

>any medium
You are the source of all evil.

Why is Donovan on this list? He's just some dude, not a villain or anything like that.

>performs ethically questionable experiments in order to advance Mankind's ability to overcome the Abyss' curse.

I'd say this would put him in the Elder-God tier.

All Jojo villains fight each other at full power. Who wins?

>Elder God Tier
My father
>Great Tier
My mother
>High Tier
My bro
>Mid Tier
>Meh Tier
My imouto
>Shit Tier
My onee-san

I have heard only good things about him(atleast on Sup Forums), what makes him better than other villains? Cool design, though.

I don't get why people here love Valentine. Is it only because he's the US president?
If he was from another country everyone would call him dumb with poor motivations.

>Shit tier
He is elder god tier(according to the list).

Kira should be with Kars

One Piece doesn't have villains you stupid piece of shit. One Piece characters all exist in moral grey areas.