Why did this shit annoy me? A friend of mine reccomended this and when I finished it today...

Why did this shit annoy me? A friend of mine reccomended this and when I finished it today, I was deeply annoyed by the ending.

Despite murdering millions and destroying cities, the peace of Earth and Mars is held up by the marriage of royalty and a low noble. Germany paid for their damages while Mars just gets an "ok" from the planet while getting paid. Why the hell did stick through 24 episodes of hints of Asseylum and Inaho in the end and they suddenly separate when I got there? Episode 21 even had a confession but it never moves forward even for a little bit.

At least the design of the robots was nice and Inabot/Inaho has more character development than the rest of the characters combined.

Technically Inaho's robot eye confessed, not Inaho. He was passed out.

Would it be fair to count them as one? Since you bot is part of him.

Nope. It's just a mechanical eye that sits in his eye socket.

Didn't they say Inaho gave part of his brain to the bot to let it expand?

>Episode 21 even had a confession but it never moves forward even for a little bit.
Not moving past that confession was the one thing they did right. Her role as a princess is to marry into nobility. And that guy is by no means a low noble. Anyway marrying nobles that are a rank below royalty in influence is the standard way to go, so as to consolidate power back home.
>Germany paid for their damages while Mars just gets an "ok" from the planet while getting paid
That's because Germany lost.

I dropped this after the end if the first cour.
I've never heard this before, and it kind of intrigues me, but it also sounds retarded and makes me glad I dropped it.

You did the right thing

Didn't Mars technically lost?

I am you, but I just kept going. It sure was a mistake.

No. War ended because the princess decreed it will end. Had she wanted to, it could have gone on for a long time. Earth never even got their forces close to Mars. They just dealed a defeat to Mars' forces around Earth but that's not what you call winning a war.

But when one force decrees to end hostility to a War while the other hasn't, doesn't that mean she surrendered? Forgive my autism here, but last time I checked Ass-eylum does not have rule over Earth.

>first cour kinda generic but bretty gud, interested enough to watch p2 when it picked up after a season off
>second cour shits the bed with the MC and makes me regret spending the time to watch the first part

At least the opening for 2 is cool

Depends on the side that receives the offer of ceasing hostilities. If Earth wanted to continue hostilities, it could have. Although I suppose what princess offered wasn't just "ok we'll stop attacking now and go home", she also created trade routes and give them Aldnoah. In a way giving them Aldnoah could be considered "reparations", or just making a deal.

Why must all things suck in the second season?

>aldnoah zero

But Mars profits from giving them Aldnoah. So in sense it's not really "reparations", its more like a business transaction. They make up their wrong doings while getting profit for it.

My sentiments precisely.

Have never seen the second season because of Sup Forums shitting on it. Taken as a standalone season 1 is pretty fun, nice fucked up ending.

>Ruined S2.
>Ruined Re:Creators.
Surely this hack is done now.

>Surely this hack is done now.
Don't be a fucking idiot Lelouch.

the soundtrack was the only thing that kept me from dropping this

He gets a prosthetic eye with its own AI that starts to gradually consume more and more of his mind, and near the climax while unconscious, the eye takes control of his vocal chords in order to talk to the princess because the eye wants to understand why Inaho considers the princess part of his own self because the fact that Inaho prioritizes her over his own life confuses the eye. She breaks down into tears and says that she feels the same way about Inaho, and then marries some random noble from Mars who was introduced like two episodes beforehand for literally no reason.
And this all happened because Slaine was holding her prisoner since he turned into Wooden Bender from that Futurama episode and declared that the entire world would learn of the princess' peaceful ways by force.

>But Mars profits from giving them Aldnoah.

The hell it does. Sure, they get some currency and short-term relief, but Earth gets their single advantage. The instant Earth decides "fuck Mars" (which they almost certainly will because them doing that repeatedly is what caused the wars in the first place), Mars will revert to a starving irreparable shithole and won't be able to do anything about it. Asshime doomed them.

I could forgive a lot of bullshit in the end if the ending didn't suck ass and give a ton of plot threads a non-ending.
Inaho and Asseylum's development from the first cour was just brushed aside
Inaho's desire to save Slaine came from a single favor from Asseylum in the last few episodes
The entire war was stopped because Asseylum married a random new character that came in a couple episodes before the ending
Slaine's new subordinates and waifu are horribly underdeveloped
Inko still didn't win the Eggbowl.

>A friend of mine reccomended this
get new friends

Laugh at this philistine