SnK Spoiler Thread

Try to not shitpost pls

Go away

Garbage-tier thread for a shit series

It's not as bad as the last one (yet)

Why did you make a new one you fucking redditor?

hopefully, your lucky 7 dubs will protect this thread

That pic looks like it's from the serumbowl

The other thread hasn't hit bumplimit.
What the fuck are you doing OP?

What do you anons think about Reddit?

Will Yonkek deliver any spoilers?
Anyways new pics in less than 24 hrs. Hopefully Isayama confirms Gabo or Falco is kill.

shut the fuck up reddit.
Why are you promoting multiple threads?

seriously just fuck off

Fuck off reddit

today is the day that i learned to hate reddit

A serious thread

We should leave this thread for trolling and use the other thread that seems more calm now

You do realise that won't work right?
As you can tell.

t. Unironic ledditor

Finally understand how serious the war between Sup Forums and reddit

can u link me to the other thread?

Everything went to shit after the Sup Forums arc even the threads, so there are no serious threads there are only ledditors threads

You mean Reddit and Reddit 2.0

>can u link
Fuck off reddit

Isn't Sup Forums older than Reddit?

I'm not reddit you nigga

Spoken like a true ledditor

Are Reddit normies invading /snk/?

>Thread got nuked
now nuke this and ban /snk/

How many more threads are we going to get deleted today?

Udo is dead?

>This reaction pic
Sup, Redditor

Fuck off

As you can clearly see , we've all been reddit the entire time

Look I'm not from REDDIT!

I was not born and bred here on Sup Forums

there has been a constant influx of redditors to Sup Forums for the past 2-3 years
Sup Forums is 50% reddit now, just take a look at all the 'popular' anime generals like boku no hero academia and one punch man, they're filled to the BRIM with people openly admitting they browse reddit, often as much as if not more than they browse Sup Forums

also, a quick reminder that SnK started this, the SnK anime is the reason why anime is mainstream now

Anime is mainstream ever since Nardo, OP and Bleach, m8.

>one punch man
Oh fuck off, don't lump us with you