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It's Robin's birthday. Do you think she'll have a big role in Wano?

Best girl.

Wano should be fun with the hottest couple

More LuKa soon

Zoro and Nami are a couple?

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Diente de perro

¿Cuál es el tuyo, amigos?

Happy birthday Robin!
This is probably the first Katakuriless OP in a week.
Nah I doubt she'll have a big role. It would be cool if she had to disguise as a courtesan for some infiltration mission though.

Law = Ley

No, she will just fufu in the background

>big role in anything
>on one piece

Kek, 2/10 made me answer

They'll be at Rêverie.

I liked that theory about LuKa escaping to where Germa are and will go to Reverie

Jean el Bandido

Didn't know Luffy was blonde

How did Blackbeard take whitebeard's power? And why maybe sooner or later the Blackbeard Crew will steal the power of Luffy.

Nah. I think Zoro and Robin would be the hottest or maybe even Law and Robin. Sana is just the likeliest couple to be canon.

>they aren't able to stand the heat!
oh fuck, is it gonna happen

They will steal the power from Luffy and Sabo will be killed. Luffy will take the power of Ace and Sabo.

Sorry Hancock


Luffy looks like that!

I want my friend Zoro to impregnate her

You guys think there's still a chance we get a big Charlotte centered flahsback? Whose flashback should it be?


I wano stick my one piece in her devil fruit iykwim.

The hair looks like shit in that pic

When will they learn?

is that official art?

There is a lot of art of those 2..

No it's not you dummy.

Lets become canon together

Soon there will be more than Sana.

>You guys think there's still a chance we get a big Charlotte centered flahsback? Whose flashback should it be?
yes, from katakuri's point of view obviously

>This is my boyfriend Monkey D. Luffy
>Starting today, I am Katakuris boyfriend pleased to meet you.

How do you see their fight ending?

How big of an aneurysm would the Gorosei have if Katakuri joined the SHs and it was public knowledge in the papers?


A draw. Holding each other hands.

Hopefully she will get another fight in Wano.

Of course


Oda, where's my friend Zoro?




I hope you're right. I really hope you are.
I'm not sure myself to be honest. I feel like we've already passed the point where a long flashback should be pacing wise. And I'm not sure what that flashback would be about if there was one. It's not like there are big mysteries that need an explanation like what the fuck happened between Doffy and Law, why is Señor Pink dressing like a baby, or how did Big Mom rise to Yonkou status.
I'm not against a flashback that's just there to be there and expand on the relationships between the family members (on the contrary) but usually there is a purpose.


Muertos, es de esperar

Don't dump you fucking retard, we don't want to be the next sana shitposters.

t. Luffyfag


t. LuKa hater


One thing I'm looking forward to in the event Katakuri loses is Perospero's reaction to the news.

>Big Brother
>Downs Beard

will Kaido have a child or something like that to replace him once Luffy becomes Pirate King?

Buggy is 100% becoming an emperor once Shanks is offed by BB.

>I'm not sure myself to be honest. I feel like we've already passed the point where a long flashback should be pacing wise
why not? last chapter started the final round of the fight: something might still happen during it, like luffy inadvertently saying something or like kuri seeing himself in luffy, that would trigger his memories. and it doesn't need to be 6 or 7 chapters long to be impactful, hell even scattered panels throughout the fight can be more than enough to make a point
>usually there is a purpose.
well the purpose here is basically explaining what's the deal with katakuri since pretty much everyone in the fanbase is currently asking themselves that. and oda doesn't exactly seem the type of author reluctant to do that

Smoothie's reaction would be worthwhile too since she's a fellow sweet commander and he's her favourite big brother

This is the Year of Katakuri. Post your best pics!

>he's her favourite big brother
Lay down the headcanon for a sec thanks.

Every year from 2017 henceforth is the year of Katakuri


Who is Kata's favorite sister? Brulee? It's obviously not that evil femteenluffy bitch.


the mom tatoo is a nice touch

I would have called you a speedreader but Viz only said "Target of admiration for all 38 of his little sisters" instead of mangastream's "38 little sister's favourite " so you win this time... Bitch

Happy Birthday Robin! I wanna give her a birthday sex.

You're too ugly for that though

Nah, I’m very handsome for her.

I think it's either Brulée, Anana, Galette, Lola, or Chffon. I don't see Katakuri and Pudding having a strong bond. Even if they have similar circumstances obviously they woudln't have the problems they do now had they found comfort and understanding in one another. Moreover up until now they barely interacted.

Katakuri mission after this arc will be to find Ivankov to make Luffy a girl, then marry her and have children with her

Disgusting. Katakuri loves Luffy the way he is.

Of fucking course I win, I pay more attention to this manga than you you fucking speedreader. You thought you could best me autism wise? Go fly a kite, kid.

t. fake KataLufag

Theoretically, despite the absurdity of it, Robin and Luffy would be the hottest due to the sheer amount of fetishes and lewd you can do with the combined powers from their DF power, Robin's experience/knowledge and Luffy's haki.

Oda's sexist. Robin is only good for 1 thing.

No one could best you after your Katakuri collage

Frobin is already canon.

>your Katakuri collage
I- I feel exposed.
Is that you my dear kouhai?

Nah it will be Pudding. You'll see

>Robin is only good for 1 thing.
and what would that be


>charlottefag senpai is also Kizaru poster

You'd be okay with Pudding being an even shittier girl than she already is?


a prediction? :O

It's their secret

Pudding is Lokis first fiance but she fucked BM's memories to make her think its Lola. It also fits with the Corpse Bride comparison someone made earlier. Thoughts?

I'll take anything to redeem her shitty character. She needs a new reveal

There are many besides me. Kizaru is nice to express surprise (and contempt for speedreader).
Glad you like the collage. I'll try to update it soon.

Bonney is gay? I hope not. I want to marry her

What if Bonney used her powers on Brook?

Why would you think she is? Well maybe she is, but I didn't get any vibes from her so far.


Kuina lives inside Wado Ichimonji.
Kuina lives inside Wado Ichimonji.
Kuina lives inside Wado Ichimonji.
Kuina lives inside Wado Ichimonji.
Kuina lives inside Wado Ichimonji.
Kuina lives inside Wado Ichimonji.

Your retarded shitpost aside, I hope we'll get some background on the Wado (hopefully the Kitestu too) in Wano.

you just killed this thread.

Why would this comic kill the thread?

He is jealous


>thought it was robino from the thumbnail
>It's just robin