5 Toubun no Hanayome 5 & 24


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Nino should learn to love the F.


She will, user.





Leaving this here for QC.
24 either soon or tomorrow, we'll see.
Oh, and what should I do about credit page? Any ideas?


Missing hyphen on because, also it should be be-cause

Should be quintu-plet

Should be se-cretly

Not the QCer, just a random user anal about syllables


Actually, dictionary shows quin·tup·let so we were both wrong

Digital scans for 24 are already out, but I'll wait for the usual raw uploader to do their thing, no point in ripping it twice


Sup Forums memes like rokutaro

One of the countless fat jokes should be fine

I almost forgot about it but Nino's been bullying Miku about her cooking ever since this early on.

Public raws aren't out, or do you mean that magazine's out?


Her body does. When will her mind catch up?

The magazine is out

Soon Fuutarou will steal Miku's heart.

Yeah. Won't really help if it's not ripped though, haha.

>that 4th panel
It must be annoying in real life but girls with hair stylishly covering their faces just have this certain appeal to them.

Doesn't that basically confirm Uesugi is "that guy" from the past?

How so? His line as being "just another idiot" for possibly not realizing they're the same girl he met in the past?

Ichika is not a good sister. She doesn't follow gotoubun.


She wasn't even the first who snuggled in bed with MC

Miku was half asleep. She didn't whore it up.

Best currently running harem romcom

>Nino cried here
>Nino cried when she hurt Fuutarou by dropping the rice
Crybaby Nino is cute.

Will she cry when she realizes she has been telling Fuutarou that he's hot to his face?

Is lhtranslations still doing this manga?

Can someone fix this? It has Itsuki twice.

Sadly. They haven't dropped it.

They released 21-23 a day or two ago

What do you mean?

There's both glasses and ahoge for Itsuki (since Nino doesn't wear glasses).

>I don't think there'll be a day where we see eye to eye
ah so she is the bride then

you don't just drop antagonistic hints like this without it going somewhere.



Are Miku's eyes dead because she doesn't wear glasses or contacts?

>when you don't have to get up for the day

Fix this

Can't be arsed to to better.
Use a bright theme nigga.

>ah so she is the bride then
>the bride

Unacceptable. I will never download your images ever again


Yeah, replace the glasses with crazy eyes.

Fun fact: Fuutarou and the girls lives in Toukai, in the Aichi prefecture

my dick

Where's their penthouse?

Shit, better go visit whenever I decide to headover

>this is considered fancy
Looks like a concrete shithole

>considered fancy
When? And it just looks like a regular city

Which quints like Fuutarou now? Seems Nino's given up on evicting him from their lives.

I guess no QC or 24 any soon. Oh well.
I'll apply any changes tomorrow then.
Have a shitty Nino fanart.

My wife Nino is so cute.

We know, Fuutarou

Hey now, the more fanart the better and love for anyone who likes this series. Hopefully this series gets popular enough for lots of it.

4 is better however.

Give me some time, I've got things that take priority

4+2 = 6 which if you're kiwi sounds like sex,
Coincidence? I think not!

A treat for you.


>Prostate Exam

What am I, 70 years old? Everything is fine as long my piss isn't red


Nah it's fine

Honestly, that basketball club is a mess. How do you have a club with only 5 players?

>... What a shame
>... It's a real shame.

Not QC. But I should point out the last bubble for people who were confused about Nino's dating history thanks to LHT.

>So that's how it is.
>I see how it is.

>And those claws are...
maybe to
>So you're saying those claws are...
I want opinions on this change. Please.

Not QC again. But fuck you LHT for changing the meal names

QUESTION for people who bother these QC posts, did everyone get the whole "face with sincerity" gag that was running through the chapter from this point on?

>No matter how you look at it,
>No matter how I look at it,

>Can she not tell it's me due to her poor eyesight?!
Does this imply to anyone that Fuutarou already knew about Nino's eyesight?

>It's all over if...
How about
>I'm dead if...
A hyperbole would spice things up

>So you are mad.
>So you are still mad.

>At this time, I did not yet understand
Is this grammatically correct? Or should it be
>At this time, I had not yet understood

>Why are you taking a picture?!
Needs to be removed. I accidentally left it in the doc

Oh shit, is there another kiwi fan in these threads? Kia Ora.

Fucking mental how those LHT cretins are still making their “””””””translations””””

Even reddit and facebook tier leech sites prefer Sup Forums's translation.

Only needs 5 players for a team?

Some cunt is uploading their translations on mangadex

Nah mate just a brit got mates from there though, plan ta visit when I've saved enough.

The legal minimum to play is 4 players per team, but obviously if the opposite team has 5 members, you're gonna be at a disadvantage

>>At this time, I did not yet understand
>Is this grammatically correct? Or should it be
>>At this time, I had not yet understood
It should be "At that time, I didn't yet"

He's speaking like someone narrating their past.

Nino should try harder.

Yeah but every player would be playing full matches every time. Putting aside endurance, injuries are quite common. Maybe not to the extent of full-contact sports like American football and rugby but still.

Gotcha. I recommend a walk in the Waitakere ranges if it's open when you're over. The waterfalls are beautiful

>tfw the basketball club is trying to take away your sister

In college basketball game earlier this year, Alabama vs Minnesota, Alabama had 3 players and Minnesota had 5 players. Alabama was only down by 3 with a minute left.

Nino is such a nutjob. Fuutarou has done very little wrong yet she acts this way. What has he done to Nino? Steal Miku's heart? Yotsuba was always going to be on his side and Ichika isn't going to listen to anyone but Ichika so it isn't like he's stealing her sisters from her.