Demon Lord Dante

Is Go Nagai suffering from any mental disorders?

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No he's the reincarnation of countless scribes and seers of untold psychic potential. The things he writes about are of our ancient lost history and the apocalyptic future that awaits us. Devilman and many other of Nagai's works are facts not fiction.

What's wrong with it?

>evilman and many other of Nagai's works are facts not fiction.
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The world doesn't have nearly enough side-burns for this to be the case.

But it did during the 70's when akira lived. In other words we're probably living in one of the timeloops (especially considering the fact that devilman is a manga/anime in this universe, just like it was in many of the spinoffs)

You tell me.

I’ve watched Crybaby and read the original manga (first one only) but something I don’t get is merging. It’s not super important but I kind of don’t really understand it. Is there a limit to how many times a demon can merge? If demons can merge with any organism including plants, can’t a demon just keep merging itself with everything it comes across in its path to become the apex predator? Is there anything stopping them from doing something like that, like is there a limit to how many times they can do it? It’s not like it will be any trouble right? Only humans give them major trouble when it comes to merging because the body might reject them and kill off both the human and demon, while people with pure hearts, I’m assuming that means people who don’t give into their carnal desires, can turn the tables and possess the demon’s body.
Two other non-important questions.
Can demons also forcefully merge with other demons that are weakened to regenerate limbs, the same way demons sacrificed themselves for Akira during his battle with Satan, or their powers?
Also, how did some demons get there special powers like fire breath, or mindfuck like Psycho Jenny, did they acquire the correct set of genes that unlocked that?

I doubt Nagai thought any of this in any sort of depth.

Figure constant merging has diminishing returns, and you probably need a mutual agreement to fuse. No idea about Jenny, Nagai probably just thought it as cool.

>Figure constant merging has diminishing returns
Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I think I was thinking more in line of John Carpenter's the thing where the genes are stored in the cells and can call upon them at any moment.

For demons it looks like the attribute is with them forever, so they gotta be careful they don't take in something worthless or make sure it compliments the abilities they have now.

According to Demon Knight, there was an early version of humanity that the demons could forcibly merge with and supernatural creatures that didn't fit into the Demon/Angel divide, such as dragons. In fact, Amon is a fusion of one of these early humans, a dragon and a werewolf.

I'm guessing the weird powers came from non-demon, non-angel monsters. And I don't think there's a limit to how many times they can merge, it's just that it can probably only get you so far.

Was he one of the first to do traps?

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They don't keep fusing because each time they fuse with some other organism its a gamble of wether the original demon will survive or be assimilated by the other demon, just like it happened with Amon, a stronger heart will win in a fight for dominance so many are content just being who they are


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Merging with weak animals would be kinda pointless, and merging too much makes you a huge immobile target

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No wonder devilman 72 had so little sex compared to it's latter story's.Akira and Miki act more like a couple as the years have gone by.

Shin makes no sense in the canon and wasn't written by Nagai


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