Dragon Ball Super

Why are Goku and Vegeta so Retarded?

Potara fusion is allowed

Jiren > Beerus

Just fuse, go super saiyan bluer

beat jiren

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what about ultra instinct bluest vegeto?

Goku sucks

The writers aren’t that lazy to reuse Vegito, I hope

Yeah, they're going to use Gogeta instead desu

Lots of plot induced stupidity for all characters involved, what else is new. Newest example is Vegeta resorting to Final Explosion when he was doing just fine fighting Toppo in melee.

Episode before that we see Frieza, who is not beneath attacking people from behind, just lets Toppo transform.

>Blue kawaii vegita exists to make vegeta equal to kaioken blue goku
>Blue vegeta defeated GoD Toppo
>Kefla as a SS1 is comparable to the spirit bomb
>The spirit bomb was goku's trump card and gave jiren more trouble than KKX20
SS2 Kefla > > spirit bomb > Goku Blue kaioken = Kawaii vegeta > GoD Toppo

soon i'll make my wish

I don't get the people saying Jiren insulting his teammates is a heel turn designed for us to root for Goku and foreshadows Jiren's defeat.

He sympathized with Vegeta and Vegeta acted like the classic shounen protag, high resolve, power of friendship, etc. I'm a Vegetafag, therefore I now like Jiren more and want him to win more.

>"i won't throw away muh pride unlike you Toppo!!!"
>pride consistently show ln throughout Z to be a huge character flaw holding Geets back and causing him to make retarded decisions like let Cell eat 18 and let himself be majin'd
>finale of his Z character arc was finally swallowing his pride and admitting he needed Goku if they were going to survive Buu

>the stronger they get, the less stable the fusion become, and potara fusion was retconned to 30 minutes (instead of forever in DBZ)
>there's chance of Jiren offing Vegerot and they lose 2 of their best guys instead of one
>also muh saiyan pride

I'd rather see ultra instinct Gogeta.

Do you love Vados?

but geets had the most le character development in supor




ui/kawaii vegito/gogeets would last five seconds


>fuse into Vegito Blue and it's not even enough at all

I do!

How much can Goku lift at different saiyan levels?

Man, there is even an easier way, have Goku grab Jiren, instant transmission them both to Muten Roshi or anyone else sitting on the bench and they are both out. Since Vegeta, Android and Frieza are still in the arena, they win. The end.

Well, I would agree that they retconned that in super and that his conclusion at the ending of DBZ made logical sense, but let me play devil's advocate. He didn't mention Kakarot in his flashback this time and we see him taking breaks from training to spend time with pregnant Bulma, to the point he didn't want to participate in ToP at all. Maybe the point was not so much to forego pride itself, but envy of Goku in particular. He was fine letting Goku win the tournament. I can't remember if he was told the universe gets erased and if he still was fine letting Goku take care of it without him, but if he did that shows he still respects Goku without envy.

He'll blast his way back to the stage if that happened

That's actually ingenious. Upvote.


Thanks doc.

Final explosion shouldn’t have even worked as a concept.
>God ki is about keep it in and not letting it leak out
>Let’s use the move where you literally leak out all of your ki and explode


Because Vegitto is a jobber who is 0-2 in battles.

>dat squarish jaw
>veins popping out


Our Hero, Son Goku

sauce please


How would they get potaras? Ask El Grande Padre?

>he thinks RoF music has any relevance on how the tournament will end up

>tfw that's the only good Vados porn out there

In episode 115, zeno said potara are allowed and you can throw them into the ring. Beerus could take shins and throw them to goku and vegeta

life is suffering

And vegeta,frieza,17. Selfish gokek

literally pay attention to the show you are watching

Why is Vados cheating on his husband with his husbands father?


>100% jobbing rate
>winning anything
Do you even watch this show?

post helles with a gun memes

Goku has a 100% jobbing rate in super

> thinking goku will beat jiren

Would DBZ have been better if Gohan's rage never became Super Saiyan 2? No more asspull numbered forms, humans and piccolo could have caught up a little, no hair recolors.

He beat Copy Vegeta.

Hakai has failed every time a non GoD has used it in the anime and manga.

Where is Frieza hiding?


>Goku goes UI having a staredown with jiren
>frieza looking in the background
>times up, tournament over

>UI Goku Jobbed
>Ultimo forma Gohan jobbed
>lagartija dorado jobbed
>SS mas Azul Vegeta hasn't jobbed

Guess who is the going the wish

>aka filler arc


Vegeta is out on 128

Caulifriends assemble!

It's Ultimo místico Gohan

Is jobbing now used to describe losing or not winning a fight?

Db Fandom has to be the dumbest

manga a shit

Its gonna end with a fusion of goku and vegeta being the last one in with jiren. Time will expire and it will be a big swerve where it seems like its gonna be a tie then the fusion time runs out and turns out now its 2-1 and we win. Goku gets the wish and wishes that all the universes erased by zeno come back simply cause he want more people to fight. The dragon takes that literally and brings back not just those erased in the tournament but all universes ever erased by zeno including the evil 13th universe to give us our next villain. It then turns into us teaming up with other universes to destroy the threat to all universes. Easy way to bring back the U6 crew since they are quite popular. Vegeta trains with Cabba, Goku with the chicks and there ya go.


>t. toeipablo


>defending manga when anime is the only relevant aspect of DBS

the show is ending in march. We have no idea if/when another show will come

Jobbing is supposed to mean a character losing a fight that by every metric they should have won. Gohan jobbed to Krillin before the ToP. Most every use of it on Sup Forums is absolutely wrong.



Caulibro here!

And I doubt there'll be any cliffhanger endings. I have this sneaking suspicion that because Bulma died they want to wrap it up, and Goku's VA isn't getting any younger either.

Why is caulicaca so ugly?

Not saying manga is shit but he has a point that translation sucks on the names

Keep thinking that pedro.

Good to see you


it's a strategy

it's current 4 vs 1 with about 4 minutes left

both vegeta and goku have a chance of getting an asspull and beating jiren/at least holding him off until the time runs out.

frieza and 17 are basically insurance. they win if there's 2 people left at the buzzer

How would you feel if Beerus first appeared like this and stayed this way for all of Super?

That's not Vegetto it's Veggie-Rot.
Keep up retard.

If Jiren can defeat Super saiyan bluer vegito and not because he defused then jiren has to be angel level

no its not you fucking brainlet. jobbing is when an already strong character loses a fight with a new person to show how strong that person is. Hit jobbed against jiren. UI goku jobbed against jiren (kind of), vegeta jobbed to perfect cell, etc


Vegeta has no chance. Let's just be happy with our scraps.


Good to see you too.

Jobbing just means losing at all. A jobber isn't just someone who jobs, it's someone who consistently jobs.

I don't even think I could get off to this

This guy is pretty good.


caulifla fucking blows, waifufags should go back to their shit shoes

They expected some bullshit 'you tried' praise from him. He told them off for what they were, almost worthless with like 1 elimination between them


>3 jobbers and Vegita

DBS was a mistake

Where's Chadhan?


What do you love most about her?

Jiren is going to look like a fat retard when he inevitably gets eliminated

>muh muh teamates sucked!

>all of them are fucked up and beaten to almost death

Jiren is the only chad in the ring, there used to be two but Gohan was eliminated