Was she in the right?

Was she in the right?

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Yes, Altair is perfect.

She was in the alt right.

No she was an edgelord


she won so i guess she was

She is definitely not at the left on this pic

If you're refering to Setsuna, then yes. Altair was there for Souta a chance to not only redeem himself, but also to get him through the greif over the death of his "girlfriend".

Yes, since cute is justice. Mamika would be in the right as well, but corpses aren't cute.

I miss her.

She deserves so much more love, I think she was still high on the character polls in the end.

my little murderous shithead can't be this cute!

>Was she in the right?
Let's say that Souta deserves this.

If you watched the show, then it doesn't matter. The audience wants what the audience wants.

I've always wondered what it would look like if she destroyed the universe.

Probably like nothing, since there would be nothing left.

She was cute.

This series is brimming with potential, if they give the creators the backseat and put the conflict/sol to the focus. That makes room for so many interesting scenarios.

But she is cute

That'll destroy the message of the use of creations.

It'd probably end up being an AU scenario since if there was mass damage that would severely clash with the show's message. However less creators means less meta and less commentary, it's a bit more simple but it gives room for fights like in the second episode, having Gigas Machina battle the nuclear Mamika would be a riot

If you can't turn the world into a utopia with Setsuna in it that doesn't mean you should destroy it.

Or maybe it does, what the fuck

There was really nothing she could do. She maybe tried to revive Setsuna in the first 3 months she spent on Earth before summoning Meteora and failed like Meteora failed to fix Souta's window, and by elimination the only thing left was vengeance. We will never know though, since we never saw things on her perspective.


Actually, Souta did her a favor and put her in an environment were she can perform such an act.

Despite her hax powers, the physic of said universe wouldn't allow it; otherwise, she'll be jettisoned back to the scenario she originated from.

Who willing to bet that Altair have a piece of Setsuna's Soul in her?

>特典DVD:Special Disc “worldÉtude”
>生前シマザキセツナがインターネット上に投稿した”world Étude”。
Full world étude exists by the way.