Was she a virgin?

Was she a virgin?

Hanekawa is a pure maiden.

It wouldn't surprise be if she was sexually abused in her broken home

yeah I always thought that was the assumption
and shes so fucked in the head it probably didn't even phase her

>ywn sexually abuse hanekawa and make her your sex slave

Wasn't that implied? Or am I getting it confused with crab.

Crab was the one who was almost raped. Hanekawa, as far as we know, was only beaten and neglected.

yes till the haircut.
You know it's true.


Yes, she literally comments to araragi when he chickens out on how she was ok with him taking her first time at that moment

>women don't lie about their virginity

I doubt she would lie at that moment, she says that not as araragi was almost fucking her, but when he chickens the fuck out and begs her for her forgiveness, she is pretty pissed at him too because what he basically did was make her feel even more unwanted and disgusted with herself

No, her parents are too beta for that.

They were overwhelmed by a kid, that made them feel bad for being bums, so they neglected her harder.

What makes her messed up is how casually she talks about her birth mother hanging herself over her crib, or the fact she even remembers it. Even worse that her parents neglect a child who dealt with that.

But no, her stepfather would have been too beta to do that, not after she saintly smiled at him after he cracked her in the face. He probably realized anything he did wouldn't even get a response.



user I sure that someday you'll find that hanekawa to abuse sexually, so please buck up.

The worse thing is that Araragi tried to pretend he was a dom, and THEN chickened out just as she was playing along.

Calling him a chicken is her being nice if we are honest. And then he does it AGAIN. Now the Tsubasa Cat commentaries make more sense when he punched him for trying to pretend he was dense and not a chicken.


Wasn't that slap in tsubasa family the first time Hanekawa was hit by her parent? The only character that was frequently beaten by her parents was Sodachi.

That wasn't a slap, he full on punched her into the wall and broke her glasses on her face.

She will only take Araragi's cock