Is 2018 the year of alpha girls x submissive MC?

Is 2018 the year of alpha girls x submissive MC?

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He isn't submissive though

why do you feel the need to have minimum of 5 threads at any given time of day with your forced waifu shit

lmao look at this mad Ichigofag

I don't think Hiro is that submissive, he's pretty up front with 02

more like roastie girl x cuck MC

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And fuck this piece of shit show

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More like

Don't respond to that incel spamming his YouTube. Just report them.

Is there a girl more alpha than 02?

We need more femdom girls.

Why run little faggot I'm still sending your ass to the moon in the previous thread

Going on a date with 002!

What's her favorite position in bed?

Hiro isn't submissive.

You're right
His girlfriend is just a huge BITCH

This, she's just too racy, he's just like a homeschooled kid while she's the outgoing kind that doesn't give a shit.

isn't that every year


Zero two is just assertive and met Hiro in a low point in his life.

that's what she said

>Subscriptions: TwoFurryBros
You literally can't make this shit up
Why haven't you killed yourself yet?


You have to go back

>Ichigo shitposts on /r9k/ all day about Stacy's stealing all the cute boys