Love Live! Sunshine!!

This is Riko-pi, a normal monster from Tokyo.
Say something nice to her!

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1st for NozoNii

She's a cute!
Go back to your containment general.

Wanted to see another love live thread, hope it doesn't die fast.

Bro's the mods are targeting us...
I mean


This is Lily, a litoru demon from the Hell Zone.

Say something devilish to her!

For them.

Lily is smugcute.

i respect polite posters.

That normal girl knows how to shitpost.

>LL thread
>sunshine is better than hag live aqours is better in every way
>Sunshine thread
>go back to your containment general
Someone intelligent please explain this phenomenon to me because I'm unable to understand it

shitposters gonna shitpost, Hanayo-chan

they all think when someone makes a μ's post it targets aqours directly in a negative way so then proceed to make comments like that

Delicious thicc Mari is delicious

Adorable NozoNico.

Is that you Panafriend?

The second user, indeed

i am just a lonely peacemaker and adorer of all girls (i love one the most but don't like to post her very often). also Panaposters are VERY polite and calm

and who is your most beloved?


I want to cum on your face.

Yokatta! You are the best poster. Never leave.

cute, people say that nico is a demon reincarnated but her fanbase is always one of the nicest

Happy birthday, Anchan!

I want to get trampled on by this cute futsuukaiju

but sometimes it's too hard to mantain a peaceful conversation and everyone insults each other for no reason! it makes me feel horrible for some reason despite spending all life on an imageboards. of course i'm only talking about LL threads

Thank you, user!

>that fuckig spammer is here again
Actually, I’m somewhat happy seiyuu content in not really allowed here so we can have more cultured threads elsewhere.

>group of people incapable of doing anything but spamming pictures

Keep calm now, or else.


I want a lewd Mikan.

Well what is there to talk about? The LL manga that got updated and skipped 6 chapters for some reason?

Anchan’s birthday, the other upcoming like 20 events in February, various releases
Oh wait, I forgot that 70% of the content is not wanted here.
Just proceed with the spam, but at least include some Riko too so it’s nice to look at.

Everything is there in our trusty infodump.

don't know, just be together in a thread. maybe i just miss those days when anime released and threads were magical sometimes

She looks really good in twintails.

riko-chan/riko-pi/rikocchi/lily is the reason why I lift

Please stop with the shitflinging. It's bad enough when Aqours anons do it, and it's equally bad when you do it as well.

To be quite honest, Riko looks and sounds good in any situation. I'm starting to love her.

I wonder what happened to Hanayo's SiD translation. It has been at the stand still for months now.

That open shirt is pretty guilty.

It's probably not going to get translated. All of the other translators I know are working on SIP's and Sunshine's manga. You could expedite this process by hiring a translator to work on Hanayo's SID specifically, otherwise it'll take a while due to a lack of demand.

There are two types of people. Those who love Riko and those who will soon.

Chika's a real go-getter.

Yeah you gotta hire a translator. Expect to be charged a little over hundred dollars.

Can confirm.

Who needs her when Umi exists

Wasn't some plebitor doing the translations for it? Anyway, last update was in September.
If the worst comes to the worst we can try our luck with the guy who is working on the Honk's diary.

>inb4 he translates pic related instead

Shut up, rainmaker.


No. Dan doesn't even like Hanayo.

How is that even possible?

who's this "all" you refer to?
Just make your posts and stop being passive aggressive.
Or shitpost, who cares.

The increase of Rikofags must have been substantial during S2.
I was a Rikofag since the first episode and even then there was barely any love for her
Awesome to see that it has changed.

It doesn't seem that much of an increase in my opinion.

Season 2 did it for me.

Please ignore them. They almost always act that way. Just keep loving your raibu.

Who is "them"

Riko was one of my least favorite characters at first.
I definitely grew to like her a lot more after S2

I want to fuck Kanan

Would Riko make a good wife?


Absolutely not.

What the fuck is her problem?
How can someone draw THAT bad.

Not her fault her Seiyuu is a failure.

She knows what she wants and how to get it.

Yes. To You.

You mean perfection.

But You has two wives.

That's nice, Mari and Dia.

Chika is just a childhood friend. And she will lose like most of them.

Sorry, but I don't agree with that. You and Chika and Riko all deserve to be happy in my eyes.

Happy Birthday to
-Real Buu Buu Desu Wa
-Real Mikan

Hair down Honk is a miracle of the universe.


Of course Chika deserves to be happy too. She just needs to find someone else to be happy with.

Doujins when?

Where'd all these youkai fanart come from? I've seen a bunch of them lately.


Kamikaze's Yokai AU. I love them for it, since it has produced and inspired such beautiful 2nd year art.

ty i agree