>squares are triangles with 4 sides

You mean squares are triangles with dicks

it cant be a loli without a c*nny

Is liking squares gay?



God dammit ever since fucking Blend Shit started airing you faggots have been coming out of the woodwork like never before
literally kys

>asses are just boobs without nipples

Epic teen thread.

Let me guess you found this on your epic animeme discord ironic weebs group right?

Those are called shotss u dumb fuck, what the fuck is there to even discuss?


Anime traps are just girls.
>is drawn like a girl
>behaves like a girl
>is voiced by a girl
>looks just like a flat-chested girl
>dresses like a girl
>does all the activities associated with girls
Claiming that those characters have a penis is really irrelevant if it's never going to be shown anyway.

Sad Newfag

Mind: blown

Traps don't necessarily look underage...

Problem with Sup Forums meme? GTFO newfag



You wouldn't fuck a square.



it's not gay if it's cute
shit like Jojo is hella gay

When reddit and newfags calls you to fuck off from Sup Forums.


kys normie

Nice Thread Discord.


one has a nose and mouth

Mokou thread!

How the fuck is Melonpan ironic weeb? He's just a mentally ill, rich weeb. There's no irony in being insane.

How can he be both insane and rich? Fucking first world countries. This shit wouldn't fly here.

>How can he be both insane and rich?
How are these mutually exclusive?

Yes. If you're insane then you can't work, and if you can't work you can't be rich. Right?

You can be insane and still be functional enough to work, is this a joke? Look at the Northrop Grumman engineer that had his thirteen offspring chained up and starved until they were stunted enough to look half their ages because God told him and his wife to.

I don't know, triangle kind of looks like it has a dick.

His fans.

He fucks 3DPD.

Melonpan is the original and all the cancer tries to mimic him.

Him and filthy frank are the root of this shit.

Melonpan is sacred, fuck you.

Traps aren`t illegal, end of discussion.

Beside all the points already brought up, you conflate loli with underage. Your left example is I don't know how many hundreds or thousands of years old, therefore legal anyway. The right looks at least 15, and that is legal in some countries. Loli is a body and personality type, and Felix has neither.

Incomparable things, to be honest I am offended how shallow this chart is, you are simply drawing very rough parallels between vaguely related (as both appear in the anime/manga medium) things by listing broad, generalistic characteristics.
One of the main appeals of the trapshit lies within the classic roman ideas of sexuality, where one of the most masculine forms of coitus was one man dominating (the more effeminate) other, while the apotheosis of actual gayness was a man performing oral on woman, thus putting himself even lower than them in hierarchy.
Lolis have an entirely different appeal, one being size difference, as well as much more supple and lithe body complexion, but all those things pale in comparison to putting the very idea of youthfulness on a pedestal. Which, I mind you, has nothing to do with the actual age of the character.
Kill yourself.