Hunter x Hunter

Where the fuck is Bisky-chama? Did she get eaten?

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She just went to the bathroom. Hanzo is being paranoid.

Hanzo is the one trapped inside the dragon's illusion. Bisky is safe.

I can't believe Bisky is fucking dead.

spoilers in 12 hours

for a story featuring hunting Gon didnt really "hunt" down Ging

Thread song

She’s just giving the dragon a massage

Really feels fucking weird reading Hunter x Hunter without Gon and Killua in it. It's turned into "The adventures of Kurapika." Guess I don't mind it. I like Kurapika, but this story with the princes and succession battle is so fucking convoluted and autistic though.

Its the journey not the destination dude

Quick question! You have the chance to kill any bodyguard without consequences. Who and why?

Its not that hard to follow desu, pika has been a bit boring but the princes have been fun. The banquet will be were shit hits the fan hard

What's with edgy authors and idolshit

Bisky, for a shitstorm

Gon is a boring as fuck character.
I'm glad his parts in the story are limited and done with for now.
Kurapika's vengeance versus the troop and Leo's arc whenever we get there will be miles better.

Gon slow descent into going ballistic was the best part of the story for me.


What do you mean?

Yaaassss queeen

I miss him bros

You guys think Cammy free bleeds?

Yes, on me.

Kurapika, so we dont have to deal with "O My Rubber Nen"-level asspulls every few chapters

How tight is Bisky?

Man, I haven't been confused once reading HxH. Are people really this dumb?

>Leo's arc
Please... I can't take it much longer...

Considering she is a /fit/ as fuck woman compressed down to the body of a loli, she is probably unbelievably tight

That wasnt an asspull

O my bookmark was an asspull. O my rubber nen was not

O my timely emperor too

I am not confused with this arc. I remember every character, their affiliations and motivations.

Why doesnt Hisoka make his Ten have the properties of Rubber and Gum? Then if anyone tries to attack him, they get stuck


>Yellow king

I miss him too :(

That's one of the coolest story threads that I wish Togashi wouldnt have left hanging

kek season 2 was shit

Well there is a bit of speculation that Hellbell is the true source of the sonata.
A creature that emits cursed music would certainly qualify as a threat to the entire world.

Senritsu is on the boat, and if Togashi didnt forget he could fit it in

Marayam's Nen Beast is some kind of Conjuror who after knowing what happened to Momoze has built "alternate rooms" in pocket dimensions as a form of protection. Hanzo accidentally entered one of those rooms when returning.

When I think about it, there's so many subplots Togashi hasn't finished. I don't think he's going to complete all of them though.

Does anyone have that image that groups together all the prince's Gaurds and how they are related? I'm having trouble following this arc with all these characters. Yes, I know I'm a bit of a brainlet

I didn't miss them that much at first, but when I rewatched GI arc I felt really sad that they're not here anymore

is it bad that i like when togashi abandons some subplots? like i feel like it makes the story feel a bit more real

i agree with you, i don't need or want everything wrapped up in a neat bow

What did he abandon?

Ya, shit in the real world doesn't always get resolved.

It's not that he even abandoned them. It's more like world building that he can pick back up or use when he pleases. Like the whole technology that uses nen and sacred text bullshit.

When I look at it that way, I guess I don't mind. Just as long as the main ones get resolved

I wish Leorio had a main plot that needed resolving :(


I'm sure she is fine. She is HxH's second best in running away.

Not that one. user's talking about a chart in Japanese that color codes all the families.

do not worry leoriobro, have faith in Togashi and maybe he'll still include him

I don't think there is a reason yet to know anybody's relationship other than Benji's men and they are pretty easy to identify.

Maybe that will change if Cummy dies and her mom goes craycray, and it will definitely come handy later when there are only 5-7 Princes left, but there will probably be a Refresher by then.

Because it's actually about Ging hunting down Don.


its real to never bring up some important subject ever again? I'd agree with you if you were talking about having subplots go unsolved, but its another thing to just bite off more material than you can chew

Thanks, but I knew all that already. It's the Gaurds I'm mostly confused about right now, not the mejor groups that are on the boat. I appreciate the help though

At least he'll never run out of ideas

Not that one either, it's missing most if the Gaurds. I'm rereading the series right now, I'll just take some notes when I get to the boat


I agree.
Lot's of unconscious named characters in the Hunter Exam
Hanzo's scroll.
That guy from Yorkshin's ambition of becoming a Hunter.
What everyone in Greed Island is up to now. I mean, if the game is still ongoing, most of the surviving players should be really close to completing it again. Right? Even Genthru had a "License to Kill" as a hunter so he is still free, isn't he?
What Kite's other students did after he died.

I mean, most characters introduced in HxH have some goal. We almost never see them fulfill it.

Why didn't killua just rape Gon?

That's it! It's in jap, but the faces are enough. Thanks so much!

Gon's mom too

too much effort spreading out his nen when it's easier to react and adjust accordingly

The real question is, why didn't Gon-san rape everyone (including killua) while he was still strong?

This is helpful

Is it bad that I like Genthru like 10x more because of a doujin?

send doujin pls, I've run out of hxh ones

>Lot's of unconscious named characters in the Hunter Exam
this is a subplot?

Did he not?

just reread everything up to 372, why is Kurapika so strong? few other nen users could have done so well from the position he started with in the succession war


Hanzo is on the boat, so he might be looking for the scroll in the DC.
Zushi is probably still training, only a few years have passed since Gon and Killua left HA.
I think that once GI is completed, the game is over. That must have been one of the conditions to make the cards and gameplay so powerful.
They will probably be included in the Gyro/Gon arc

Kurta Genetics + high intelligence + Nen

I do too. Just have patience and relax user. Gon got a break and so should you

Fuck, I blocked that shit out of my memory

Anyone else think Cammy is a manipulator? Her offering a choice doesn't fit with her usual personality, seems more like a condition to her ability to me. Assuming it's really her, anyway.

But Mito is chilling with Gon on whale island

Do you think Mito-san gave him sex-ed or is she too conservative? Gon seems pretty innocent when it comes to that subject

Gon never differentiated the "dates" he had with Mito or the "dates" he had with tourist women. Either all of them fucked him, or none. Take your pick.

i dont remember this

i hope so
annoying cunt

Fine. That does not count. I originally wrote Ponzu, because she was a character with quite a bit of screentime, was left unconscious and doesn't show up for Killua's exam. But her subplot is more than resolved now.

Is this a movie about the King in Yellow?

>I think that once GI is completed, the game is over. That must have been one of the conditions to make the cards and gameplay so powerful.
But then, what is Razor up to?


She did appear. So did Zepile

No. Ir is a crime drama with some Lovecraftian lore elements sprinkled in the background without any pay off.

>what is Razor up to?
Cleaning up the neighbourhood

It's doujinshi.

doujin is the shortened word, faggot

Only if it was a lewd doujin.

Bisky's a pervert. She's probably in the other room licking Hanzo's unconscious body.

Very lewd and with a powerful Nen ability


She doesn't like ugly guys

It's from the first season of True Detective