Which team wins in a battle to the death?

Which team wins in a battle to the death?


red is literally a team of asspulls, this isn't a fucking contest

nice work, underage-kun. ask your anime club.

t. retarded shounenbabby who hasn't seen any of the blue side's works

team red is so stacked, i dare not be tantalus

What the fuck is Souma gonna do? Cook for them as they fuck him in the ass.

>griffith not the commander
also, if that is post-eclipse griffith then it's no contest.

Literally who is the clock guy and the sunglasses guy from the blue team?

There sure are a lot of newfags out tonight.

dumb anime girl

Why is there a cripple on red with a 5 minute battery life? Is it just a handicap?

None of the people on Red are goblins so I guess it balances out with useless members.


Ram, without constant clown dickings she's 2-3 spell casts away from just exploding.

Didn't he kill an ogre once?

>clock guy
that's clearly Carl from Blazblue, yo

He thought it was a big goblin at first, and only recognized and lamented that it wasn't after he killed it. He'd probably defend himself if you attacked him, but he has zero interest in killing anything that isn't a goblin.

>boogiepop phantom
Isn't that literally death? Would anyone even be able to see him/her?

Either way, Sumire teaches the red team the meaning of friendship and they lose their willpower to fight. Blue wins.

In a recent chapter he said he was interested in becoming an adventurer.

Well Iskandar is a spooky ghost so...

And depending on where Griffith is being pulled from, he's a god.

Still only a servant, to the commander presumably.

Also Griffith isn't wearing black armor so you assume he's golden age level.

He wears white as the white hawk you know and is king of Falconia wearing more or less his old armor.

'Still only a servant' is a dumb thing to say given that there are various gods and even death itself is a servant.

and you get gimped as a result, the same way Arcueid was when she was Berserker. What are you a dumb secondary?

joseph carries team blue just from all of his ass pulls , there isn't a single fight he won w/o an asspull also mustang blows up everyone on team red maybe except hisoka and i have no clue who the commander is

And when have any of them had trouble perceiving magical bullshit or other ghosts outside of the super special specific skill of extra spooky sneaky ghosts? Even a human can have dumb bullshit that lets them see death in Type-moon, so it sounds more like you're the secondary.

Mustang probably can't even actually hurt DUDE and Joseph also has no way of doing so.

well done user

You're the idiot who is making assumptions about Boogiepop Phantom when you haven't seen or read it.

I've watched it, he's not a force of nature, he's just another spooky ghost. There's extremely little difference between him and other conceptual servants like Jack or Pestilence and he does literally nothing impressive throughout the entire snorefest of his show. Calling him 'death' is honestly giving him too much credit unless you also think Ichigo from bleach is 'death'

>I've watched it, he's not a force of nature, he's just another spooky ghost
Except you very clearly haven't watched it, or you were too moronic to understand anything. The fact that you're referring to it as a male is further proof of your idiocy.

>Muh androgynous spooky ghost is so much more powerful waaaaaah
Fuck off retard. Go ahead, enlighten Sup Forums about how amazing boogiepop is and how he's totally a cool shinigami badass that is so super duper powerful and awesome.

>gets proven wrong and unqualified to argue on the subect
>"Fuck off retard"
Petty retort from a pathetic idiot. Next time don't start fights you can't win.

You've brought up literally nothing but your own ignorance and >I-i-i-i bet if I say something stupid and call him a secondary he'll fuck off!

Go ahead, explain to me how boogiepop is super duper special awesome and an existence above a servant, let alone anything as impressive sounding as 'death itself' because it sure as fuck isn't that.

>You've brought up literally nothing but your own ignorance
Says the retard who couldn't even grasp a gender of an important character. Keep melting down though, it's hilarious to see just how far you're prepared to dig yourself.

Joseph Joestar is the patron saint of asspulls. He probably has more asspulls in his locker than everyone else in this picture combined.

How are you supposed to beat the old man?

>Still has nothing after 10 minutes of wracking his peabrain
Alright, seeya retard, maybe go watch or read your precious source material sometime so you can remember what the character you're trying to shill is and does, then try again.

By being a total psychopath like Griffith

I'm not arguing with you because you already exposed yourself for the moron you are. You were never qualified to argue in this thread because you failed to understand a single thing from the Boogiepop Phantom anime.

The fact that you're trying to say I'm shilling in a fucking powerlevel thread speaks gargantuan wonders of your stupidity too. Jesus.

>more psychotic than the old man
Berserk babbies, everyone.


Green Wins

Tripfag idiot.


Blue has JoJo so obviously Blue

I guess it's official then, Blue wins.

Hisoka tries to kill everyone on either team he thinks is strong, and no way Rider and Griffith get along. Red will be pretty dysfunctional.

What is Takumi doing there?

Only because he his friends keep pestering to go on adventures. He still wants them to be goblin related, though.

Could anyone on team blue convince him, magically or otherwise, that team Red is a goblin

>and no way Rider and Griffith get along
Why not?

Sumire will win him over and make him want to protect his friends (blueteam) at all costs.

What others have said: Red Team would have way too much infighting. You can't sustain good teamwork with too many big egos.

Griffith sacrificed his men to become an evil god. That ain't gonna fly with Rider.


Only one side has a Joestar

I hope Sumire wins. Fuck everyone else.

I want to say GS is calm, meticulous, and careful enough that if he was truly committed to the fight he could take on Deku with some prep and knowledge and the Eurobeat separetely. However I could see him earning a bit of ire from his team for being really obsessive.

Goblin Slayer might not like fighting non-goblins, but he does protect his friends, and with Sumire on the same team, he is guaranteed to be friends.

Boogiepop Phantom would probably fight Rider because servants don't belong in the living world, but it's difficult to assess. That whole anime was like a puzzle and while she seems pretty powerful, I'm not exactly sure what she would do.

Joseph can outmeme Hisoka.

Ram is a character that explodes, Roy Mustang is a character that explodes things. Enough said.

Iskandar is one of the strongest characters on the chart and will probably do most of red team's damage with via expugnatio.

Amidst all the chaos, Takumi will race.

Sora isn't anywhere near qualified enough to command red team, but Griffith will probably take over that duty anyway.

Soma would be a bad commander too, but again, Mustang could just take over. Soma could boost his team's morale with an excellent lunch.

Bean can tank a bullet to the head before getting hit by a car, so Takumi wouldn't be able to do much damage to him. Not sure how he goes against the rest.

In conclusion, Blue probably wins.

Are you retarded?

Powerlevelwise Hisoka and Rider are the strongest on there. Team Red would probably win. And props for at least trying to make it a bit balanced.

>stronger than a literal god who can control time, space, limited parts of reality, and causality
>stronger than Phantom & Jo
U wot m8

What the fuck is wrong with you?