Who is currently the worst anime director working today?

Who is currently the worst anime director working today?

And why would i want them?

Araki comes to mind.

They were trying to grab your prize. They work for the mercenary. The masketta man.

Pic not related? VEG is loved by Sup Forums for a reason.

The director of KumaMiko final episode. He can never work in the industry after that fiasco.

I want to kill that fucking cunt.

In what kind of bizarro world do you live?


Tomino is my lord and savior.


do directors actually work? what do they actually need to do?


seems legit

The amount of threads speak for itself. If Sup Forums hated this we wouldn't even have threads about it.

Sauce on this? Calling bullshit unless I see a proper link for this shit.

What an absolutely retarded opinion.

Is the Mars of Destruction / Skelter Heaven guy still around?

There is literally a name in the image. Reverse images search nets multiple results as well, please kill yourself.

>literally who name in the image
>implying I give a shit

Make up your mind sperg.

You asked so you clearly do care.

Sora Yoi director

Assumptions make an ass out of me and you. He responded to two posters.