Shingeki No Kyojin

Any last words before the spoilers Sup Forums?

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Do you think EH's child has blonde or black hair?

It's almost certainly black-haired

Mikasa will be cucked whether you like it or not

I think that Annie might actually be in love with eren, He's the only man in her life to ever bring her some kind of happiness. Even her and her father have a toxic relationship. Yet this cute oblivious boy she met brought her joy and help shift her world view, with his ignorant yet passionate ideals.

His enthusiasm and dedication for getting stronger as well as going against the current ,against all odds had a great impression on annie.
She thought it was especially cute how excited he was when learning a new move, it made her smile
She had wished she could be like him but admits she's a weak person at heart, scared to oppose the marley empire, yet she wishes for the courage to do so.

When she wakes up next chapter, she'll learn that eren possess the founding titan and humanity now has the colossal titan under their control. Meaning opposing marley is now a viable option and not just stupid optimism. She'll then join eren and the walldians to help save the eldians and destroy the marley she hates so much. So that the eldians stuck in marley, weak people forced along the current, can be considered people too.

It's back


>Old memes now
We are sinking lower and lower

This was before she met eren yeager, the man she never anticipated wanting.

Not like shipperfaggotry pasta is any better.


Black hair and blue eyes.

That's not shipping pasta, it's a genuine prediction based on the factual information in the manga. You may not like it but it does make quite a bit of sense.

>Endgame right here, brothers.

There is no EH


Eren did nothing wrong

chapter 102 pushed to March?

Hitler & Japan were wrong.

how are the arcs structured, by chapter?
I've seen discussion of several discrete arcs but I've never really been able to pin down when one ends and another begins. More of a blur than anything else. Could someone help me out?

I just hope Annie and her tiny teen body make it through to the end. Annie's tiny teen body deserves protection.

...only to have her heart broken when she learns Eren is now with the Queen of Eldians, Historia, who she knew by the name of Krista in her academy days.

Will Paradis get the Japan treatment?

>the 7th
The only time it took this long was when a Erenfag reported the spoiler site because he didn't like Erwin and manlet talking, and we had to wait for crunchyroll release. Ironically it's now a Erenfag who seeked too much attention the manga mafia arrested him in no time.


Less than 2 hours to EHfags BTFO

Yes, if japan wouldn't have attacked the USA and germany the USSR so soon we would be living in space right now, fucking retards.


We're going through some rough times, mate.

There is no way that manlet will ever forgive or forget what happened to his team. Annie is beyond redemption.

A big finger in my ass preps me for daddies cummies.

This aplies even more so to Eren "make them die the most painful death possible" Yeager.

ᴵ ᵈᶦˢᵃᵍʳᵉᵉ⋅

Not really it's pretty clean cut.
1-3 Intro
4-14 Attack on trost
15-19 Flash backs to training days and court.
20-33 Female titan arc
34-50 Clash of the titans
51-68 Uprising/ Queen historia
69-83 Recapture Wall maria
84-90 Revealing the history of the world.
90- Marley.

Manlet is a smart man and will see the value annie brings, with a depth of knowledge about modern marley, not the one from grishas young adult life, and an extremely skilled titan who can teach eren a lot of things.

His hardening was 100x better in ch 101, I wonder who taught him that, hmmm

Where the fuck are the leaks?

blonde and large

it almost might be beneficial to just wait for the official release, and not rely on those hack translations from lebbit

>Still no spoilers
Why are we still here, just to suffer?

Why would they release a POW and then expect her to help them. Didn't SC get burned enough by being too trustworthy.

Neither, since it will never exist.

Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

>Threadly reminder that CONNIE will become the FEMALE TITAN

Can't wait.


Maybe it's a super word-heavy chapter and there are no leaks because the Koreans are taking ages to translate it.

How will they beat her when she has support from Pieck/Porco?

>Didn't SC get burned enough by being too trustworthy.

No? Also annies interest and their interest allign, they want the same thing so there's no reason for her to betray them.

Crushed by a coconut

Annie is going to help him.

>those stars
What did they mean by this?

Zeke betrays them and fucks shit up.

>those stars

Spoilers never fucking ever

She took eight spears in a seemingly unarmored nape. Unless the WH also includes super fast regeneration and/or armor inside the neck, she'll be too fucked up for a second transformation. They probably won't be supporting her so much as keeping her burnt stumpy torso away from Eren's mouth.

That this fanbase is shit and you should all kys

give me fake spoilers, Sup Forums

He mean the jewish ones

Armin is dead

Levi sticks it in Connie

Why do you think I posted a merchant?


He would play a lot with manlet Jr

I see it.
It's been ages since I browsed Sup Forums. Why does the merchant's image still have such a strong presence in my head?

It's the other way around. Levi's always a bottom, user.

Why there is no spoilers?

Because someone fucked up.

[Character I dislike] is holding the spoilers hostage for [negative reasons I project onto them].

God damn, what happened? Did everyone shitposting get banned?

FUCK ME FUCK YOU FUCK THE LEAKERS, 48h awake does this tomyou

According to the ban list at least three shitposters were warned and one was banned in a thread earlier today.

user, get some sleep already.
Or not. You'll probably miss the spoilers while crashing.

I wonder if that BLOOD EXPLODING guy got a warning at least since a janitor went out of his delete his hilarity

Is there ANY end to Rieners suffering in sight?

No, Gabi, Falco, Colt and his parents need to die first.

No. I hope he suffers even more

You don't deserve spoilers.

fuck you nigger give me the spoilers

>they're not out yet

I don't have them, retard.

*magath touches belly *

What if the usual spoiler providers got busted?
I've heard Japanese authorities are being far more aggressive at taking down our guys lately.

Nah, BSM must just be late printing.

>wake up
>no spoilers
Please don't turn into a leddit shitfest today

I want to see Eren fuck Mikasa like a savage beast as she moans and begs for more. Will that happen soon?

Do neckbeards really find this shit funny

>WH titan gets giant spiked mallet

Seems pretty damn strong already, unless it can do other OP shit that we don't know about. Kind of always wondered which Titan would be the strongest. You'd expect Eren's titan, the Fighter titan to be strongest, but you never know. I guess the titan that can control all other titans would be strongest I suppose.

soon hopefully

You just know Mikasa wants Eren to fuck the shit out of here. I mean, he's been away for so long and she always had a thing for him. Probably couldn't stand being apart from Eren. Literally the first thing she said was "Eren. Come home."

Too late

Oh come on, like you don't want to see Eren fuck Mikasa like a savage beast as she moans and begs for more.

t. Mikasa

Stop making Naruto threads please

>wake up
>no spoilers

What are the Korean leakers doing, keeping spoilers this long?


the chapter ends with either armin or annie about to transform don't know who face is hidden but its obviously one of them

Inb4 chapter is being redone

Wouldn't happen this late if the magazine is still scheduled for the 9th.