Season 1 > Season 3 >>> Season 2

Season 1 > Season 3 >>> Season 2

when do they reveal that kana was adopted



Season 3 > Season 1 > Season 2


I enjoyed every single bit of Minami-ke that didn't involve milhouse.

season 1> season 4 >season 2 >>>>>season 3

Is there any show where season 2 isn't the worst? I can't think of one.

Millhouse did nothing wrong.


But post s2 content is much better than s1.


Millhouse did nothing interesting

season 3 is the least funny season tho

season 2 had some funny moments


Haruka is mine

Is Mako-chan truly happy?

Yes because he manage to befriend Chiaki

Even the first season was boring as hell, one of the worst CGDCT SoL's I've seen.

You will never dubcon Kana.

now post the blu-ray

Season 1 = Season 3 > Season 2
Hosaka > Chiaki >>> Everyone else


Yet it survives for more than 10 years and still sells out on Oricon every volume.

This is the most ill-behaving Minami.

Kana going apeshit at this is the greatest alarm clock sound

the guy should eat shit for ignoring this pure maiden


I watched S1, are there any S2 episodes that are relevant for later season character development or just ignore it?

there was only S1

all of it




Keiko has nice legs!

calculator dont have legs

But you're wrong because S3 > S1 > S2

now i want to rewatch this
fuck you OP

>That finale when they though the eldest sister was going abroad to study

Many tears Sup Forums.

Haruka was going to marry to me but i let her go and live with her imoutos


Also other Minami family best Minami family

I hate Kana so much but that fucking shirt is so god damn funny I can't ACTUALLY hate her

Minami Touma is only good other Minami

Was he /ourguy/?

Nah, you should eat shit for disrespecting the best character

wrong guy, baka yarou!

Does my memory fail me? Disregard that I suck cocks then

suck Mako-chan cute cock and repent!

semen demons



Goes without saying.

daily reminder Hosaka-senpai practice sex with Maki

Looks like she's fucking dead in the thumbnail


Someone should redraw this with Hosaka, but he's alone

butt fangs


i wanna FUCK the minami kes


Get in line boya

What a comfy fucking show. I just wish I could delete the temporary neighbour. Damn I hate him so much.

I claim Minami Haruka

I claim the rain-warding charm

I claim these two


more like negotiator
pick one

I choose left. Right is a money slut, can be shared between the thread

she will maintain her purity for Prince Charming

And I will claim Touma.



What a cute tomboy

did he had erection?

He most definitely rocked a semi. He probably doesn't view Chiaki in a sexual way, but having a cute girl brush up against your crotch would trigger the physical reaction. She probably smelled really good as well so I can't blame him for somewhat pushing against her tushie.

that's not very fatherly

Wow gay

>Sounds exactly like my father

This thread reminded me that all the Minami-ke typesetters have shot themselves over the last few months.

why? Bitcoin?

I don't know. One of them committed sudoku over his cat dying.

I think I'd finally kill myself if my cat died. How did he do it?

>1st season
Try harder next time.

It involved either carbon monoxide or a shotgun. He didn't tell me, so I don't really know.

Anyone wanna typeset a cursed series that took the lives of 5 people?


Welp, I don't have access to guns so carbon monoxide it is then.

>cat dying
It's just a cat.

dont, life is precious
explain more and dont lie on internet


I don't know either.

To be fair, I only know what happened to two people, the other three went MIA. One is "My 17 year old cat died so I can't work because I'm super depressed." The other is "Barcelona's going to hell, gotta get out of here."

Anyway, I might live TL the next volume here when it comes out then see what happens from there.

Do advertise here, i will try to be there

I enjoyed all of this show
my only problem was there wasn't enough Kana

Agreed, genki girls are rarely that enjoyable.

I'm new.
What's Minamike?
Was is as popular as K-on back then?

I like how Haruka's face changes during the leap. She's had quite enough of Kana's shenanigans.

D-do girls really not masturbate when bored?

Start typesetting and then kill yourself. The pile isn't quite tall enough yet.

Sell this show to me, Sup Forums.
Why should I watch it?

Pure girls don't flick their beans, they only fantasize about having happy family and doing household chores.
Haruka's repressed sex drive would probably kill you anyway.

When will Fujioka give Kana the D?

It contains a God of curry and girls in very small bikinis