Miss me yet?

Miss me yet?

I actually liked the dumb monkey form.

A little but, it's a nice design.

Super Saiyan 4 seems like the greatest transformation ever conceived compared to color swapping.

Kaioken Technique> SS2> SS1 > SS4> Great Ape> SSG >SSB > UI > SS3


>golden god frieza
it's sad cause they would actually do this

What, should I raise SS3 a little higher?

SS4 makes infinitely more sense as a transformation than any other SS form

Yea man!!
Jeans are cool. Fuck haters.


>Vegeta's leather jeans
Cool as fuck, I wish Super had design decisions like that.

Shouldn't he have nipples?

Apes don't have nipples

The more you know

I hated GT but SS4 was the best transformation in the series.

>red monkey
that's what he is
that's why I would always write it up to all my contacts on Facebook
always this random "red monkey" message

>SSJ4 isn't canon.
>Pallet swap Red/Blue hair and Sparkles are canon.

Very much.

Probably the best thing GT did, the whole Baby arc was great too. Also the way SSJ4 came to be was pretty cool and made sense.

>implying the nu-saiyans won't O MY BACK TINGLE their way to SS6 after Vegeta brings them back

>best transformation is lowest on your shit list




SSJ Oozaru > ssj1 > ssj4> UI > ssj3 > Buff ssj > ssg > great ape > ss kawai> ssb

Damn ss4 Goku looks so great. Can't believe they went from this to shitty recolor god forms.

The form itself? Yes, since compared to everything that came with Battle of Gods and after it is simply a shitty recolor. Not to mention that it's so distinct it shouldn't be called Super Saiyan 4 in this case. More like Primal Saiyan or something like that.

GT on the other hand I do not miss despite it having still some positive upturns.

Good taste.
Literal worst transformation that started to kill the appeal of transformations. Numbering them equaled death, and not even color swaps could save things.
You could literally have just done ascended super saiyan + kaio ken and gotten a similar result mechanics wise.

Goku is the sexiest when he is in Super Saiyan 4 form