I don’t know why Hiro is so repulsed by me. It doesn’t make sense...

I don’t know why Hiro is so repulsed by me. It doesn’t make sense. I do everything I can to appear attractive to him. I dress nice. I am sophisticated. I am magnificent. I have a nice Franxx, a Delphinium, well, nicer than 90% of the people in my plant. Um, you know, I am polite. I am the ultimate lady. And yet Hiro never give me a chance. I don’t know why.

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>later that night



if you have shit taste you deserve to be treated like shit "the anime"

I’m thinki of writing a Jessie’s Girl cover for her.
You know I wish that I was Hiro’s Girl
Why can’t I be the woman he wants
To be hiro’s girl

Cocona is mama's anyway.

>Tap, tap. tap.

>Tap, tap, tap.

>Left foot then right foot. Right foot then left foot.

>Ichigo felt her heart racing every time she did this deed, which happened to be exactly once a week just before the laundry day ever since they had left the Garden to Plantation 13. The crushing guilt and shame of this act never prevented her from following through this pervert urge inside. With sneaky feet like that of a cat, she finally reached the laundry room with her target appearing in her sight. The woven basket containing Hiro’s clothes sat on the corner of the large table, his recently wore brief rested on top, like a cherry lying on the icing of a cake. Ichigo felt her mouth watered and her loin heated up. Pressed down on her impatient urges, she took careful steps toward her reward that would surely accompanied her through the rest of the night…


>Her blood froze in her veins. Ichigo turned pale and shaking at the very sight before her eyes. Pink hair. A slim, curvy but athletic body in a different uniform compared to the rest of the children, indicated her status as an active-duty elite well beyond the likes of mere cadets like Ichigo herself. But most noticeably of all were the two protruding, blood-red horns on the crown of her head. Such was the appearance of the infamous Partner Killer, Code 002. Her emerald eyes seized Ichigo up like a predator did to its prey, locked it up in an inescapable trance. She felt herself unable to even move a finger, or move even her tongue to force out a defense for herself. The glimpse in those eyes couldn’t be read by her. 002’s mouth twisted in a smirk. Ichigo swallowed as the pressure relieved of her. She blinked. And then, her consciousness switched off at the same time as an exploding pain hit her at the back of the neck.

>Ichigo groaned as she felt the pain not receding. She tried to voice a complaint but found her mouth block by something hard, prevented her from making any noise.

>Her eyes registered her surrounding, which did not provide any help, as she failed to recognize the room she was in. It was much more luxurious than any room she has stayed in, and certainly, outclass her room at the dorm. At the same time, it was bare of any decorations and cleanliness, judging from how some of the clothes were haphazardly hanging from the couch on the other corner or the black stockings laying on the floor. And then, Ichigo caught sight of the other occupant in the room.


>Her mind cried out in happiness despite seeing the stage her childhood friend was in. The boy was blindfold, lying on the bed and had his hand tied behind his back. Though he seemingly wasn’t in distress or pain. It was hard to tell with his eyes behind the thin layer of black fabric.

>“Hey, Darling~”

>A sweet, sugary voice came from her left. Ichigo twisted violently, trying to break free of whatever bondage she was forced in to get at the girl. So it was her after all. Just as she had thought, she was a bad person. No doubt she planned to harm Hiro after using and discarding him!

>“Z-zero Two?”

>She saw Hiro perked up, almost too enthusiastically at the voice of Code 002. The girl sat next to him and caught the rising head of his in her hand.

>“Patient, Darling. I’m here now. Was it too long a wait for you?”

>Ichigo’s heart sunk as she saw Hiro nuzzled his head against that girl’s palm in a manner no different from a cat used to nuzzle against Ichigo’s. Something inside her was telling her to look away, for if she even witnessed a second longer, her mind would not leave this room intact.

>“Hehe, I guess Doc’s advice was useful, after all. Take away your vision does make you more sensitive~”

>With a cheerful and sensual voice, Zero Two removed layers of cloth from Hiro’s body like peeling away a fruit skin with one hand while not forgetting to caress his face with the other.
Her fingers traced a line from his collarbone, down to his chest and finally inside his shorts. Ichigo almost forgot to that she was captured by that woman as she was captivated by the sight before her, seeing Hiro’s clothes removed, to finally see with her eyes the naked body of Hiro, the sight that she had thought would only appear in her indecent fantasy deep in the nights. The phallic symbol of a man revealed itself, pulsing and hot like a magma-powered weapon. And like a weapon it was. Ichigo was sure it was bigger than her imagination and what the scarce education had initially described it to be.

>“Ah, ah, ah…”

>“Fufufu, so hot and eager already. As expected of Darling~”

>Sweet gasps escaped the boy’s mouth as the final piece of clothing was taken from him, finally exposed his nude appearance before the pink hair pistil, and unknown to him, to Ichigo herself as well.

>“Let us begin, shall we?”

>A seductive announce, filled with heat and lust, evident even to Ichigo came from 002 as she tore away a piece in her black stockings and revealed her womanhood, glistening with fluid. The pink slit seemed to swollen, waiting to do its job.

>No no no nonononononono…

>Her mind and her heart trembled, both in anticipation and dread. She could not, definitely could not see this, for seeing it would break her. Her identity, her very self that made up the person known as Code 015 Ichigo. She could not scream, she could not move or stop them. She could only see in absolute helplessness.



>The pink slit slowly moved down and as if impatient, slammed down Hiro’s manhood, forced out a unified moan from him and Zero Two. A satisfied sigh escaped her throat as she began to pound down on the boy. Her body bent down and captured Hiro in a hug. Her lips pressed down, leaving marks on chest, his necks before moved to his lips. Ichigo could catch the sight of their tongue enveloping each others as if not wanting to let them go.

>She tried to close her eyes but the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh, of the duet of their blissful moans and grunts kept drilling into her eardrums. Ichigo tearfully banged her head against the floor, but the soft carpet prevented Ichigo from knocking herself out, leaving only behind the dull pain on her forehead. She could only continue being the audience to the act of mating like that of animals before her. Each details burnt into her brain like a cursed brands. Ichigo shattered.

>How much time had gone? How many hours had it been? How many times had the two bodies lovingly pressed and enveloped each other as if not wanting to let go?

>Ichigo could not know. Somehow, perhaps a miracle or a hopeless despair stopped her from complete mind breaking insanity.

>She looked up through her eyes, painful from shedding more tears than she had ever thought possible. Hiro had fallen asleep, perhaps from spending all of his stamina. Code 002 took out a clean sheet from the wardrobe and draped it over him, tugging the boy in like a mother to her child. With one final tap of her horns against his forehead, she stood up, moaned slightly as the evidence of their mating spill from her groin. She sighed as if in regret of having that white fluid not inside her but took steps forward regardless and soon stood before Ichigo.


>She put one foot forward with a command.
It’s useless. Ichigo concluded. There was no conceivable way she could win or even compete against her. Not in the FranXX. Not outside of it. And certainly not for Hiro’s affection. It was unthinkable. Thus, the only logical conclusion was to submit.

>She closed her eyes and licked Zero Two toe.

>And pressed her forehead downward in a complete prostration.

>this high level of bullying.

I don't know why I like it so much, but by god I do. I know they'll end up friends but even then I want to bully Ichigo more.

Normally I love the childhood friend and hate when they lose, but I want Oni to bully her hard.

Oh sweety he's not repulsed by you, he just doesn't find you arousing at all.

Girls who think that being "nice" to boys somehow means that they're obliged to have sex with them are the worst.

What if it's cute oneechan bullying?
I feel the yuri goggles coming on, send help.

I'm sorry, but did Ichigo already lose?


Either do the full thing or don't bother.

Oh, that's right. The show isn't even over yet. In fact, it's only episode 4.

You got it backwards, it's 02 who's an arrogant cunt.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if at least a female-only couple would be able to pilot a FranXX and keep up with Strelizia and the overall concept will be that a FranXX works the best with the most compatible couple regardless of their sexes.

That's stupid and gay.

He's a faggot desu.

I'm expecting both Mitsuru and Ikuno to confess they both are raging homos who want to be ridden by Hiro/Ichigo.

I know that, but I somehow cannot imagine a [current year + 3] show that won't go that way.

Hilariously enough, that was probably the original plot.
The current MC is a last minute replacement for uh....what's her face in the OP.

Someone seems to have stopped them at the last second and told them DYKES DONT SELL and slapped everyone's shit.
But the latest ep with yuri pandering and DA EBUL MEAN OLD MAN ABUSING THE INNOCENT BESPECTACLED GURL and HER GUSHING OVER THE SPURNED CHICK WITH COLLEGE DYKE HAIR means that they might actually throw them together in there as a yuri couple in hopes of getting something going.

But...you know...it'll bomb huge. Or not. I dunno. Japan is wacky and thirst loser bitches are hard to gauge.

>Hilariously enough, that was probably the original plot.
Keep dreaming, it was a super hetero romance from premise alone.


>people still think she like hiro
she never like him. from the flashback it was clear she just want see old hiro being hero not in any romantic way

Not if you saw what was posted around the net.
Her and the girl in the OP showed up well before hiro did if I'm not mistaken.

Girl in the OP was wearing masculine soldier clothes and sitting in the drivers seat as well.

This was full on fisting to the elbow lez. Make no mistake.

Let them all die out.
The next gen and not completely ruined new neets(neets is gender neutral correct?) will be so disgusted that they'll have a violent revolution and overthrow the older loser generation and have a major social revolution.

If not, then I'm going to japan and pounding out a few thirsty cakes and the occasional sex starved school girl who wants some ridiculously huge gaijin dick rapey sex and tender loving romance.

>Baiting this hard
The show is based on Nishigori's guilty pleasure that is bad girl senpai seduce naive young kouhai, none of your degenerate homo shit

>Early previews signals yuri hard as fuck
>Recent ep did full on yuri pandering starring the girl that was shown well before hiro

Shit was mad dykey bro/sis.
Accept it.

>Keep dreaming, it was a super hetero romance from premise alone.

That is exactly what makes me think that further down the line they will subvert it somehow. Everything that Doctor FranXX and Hachi say about the Franxx needing a positive(male) nad negative(female) to reveal it's true form, the whole cockpit design. How straight-faced it is being presented.

I wouldn't be surprised if at some point 02 will partner up with Ichigo.