How is the allowed to air on television?

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is it getting banned in China?

Just like watching the Discovery Channel.

If it's not already banned it's going to be.

Absolutely nothing wrong with heterosexual lizard sex with handholding and intertwining tails.

how many episodes will be lizards raising babies?

Spoilered .webms make a poor OP image.
TV-MA images probably don't need to be spoilered on a Blue Board.

Maybe one or two depending on if we get seasons 3 & 4, and they don't cut everything.

They all die so easily.


How many times was Cocytus' katana folded?

Give me Aureole already Maruyama.
I want to know what she can do.

she can suck dick

So the people into bestiality could have a victory. Disgusting, yes, I know. Probably some weird variation of furries who jerk off to anthropomorphic snake and reptile porn.


How many? All at once or in a row?

>I want to know what she can do.

smell that?

it's death

Actually, it's more than likely banned for the usage of skeletons.

Skeletons in media are a big taboo there.

Say something nice about my fiancée Aura Bella Fiora.

What if they discover Ainz can't ride bicorns either?

I want her to look at me with those murderous eyes.

Surely the steed was so overwhelmed by the amount of women Ainzsama has beded that it felt it wasn't worthy enough for a being of his magnitude.



She is technically of marrying age in every known real world legal system.
She has had relations with very few canines.

>"...is it my body?"
that came out of nowhere

I get that refrence

Bad Doge

Anyone got a webm of the first clip?

Not yet

well he was being overly touchy

They're just lizards.

Is she easily recognisable in the other animes she voices? This is the first time coming across her outside of Konosuba, but she was instantly recognised.

She's a loli fox dressed as a miko with teleportation classes.

Lupu is honest and hardworking girl.

It's already been confirmed she's an immortal human

why was zaryusu so fucking great

Fuck I probably shoulda spoilered that, but still

Is that why the Chinese version is fully fleshed?

What's the context for Brain being part of Nazarick in the WN?

same reason as national geographic.


Are you ready for "muh princess" arc user?

She's not ready until Ainz-sama says so.

>after cutting away from lizard sex they show it again just for kicks

She voiced Mia in monster musume. Other than that, I think that her career really started taking off after Konosuba.

He ends up as Shalltear's pet, in that version (Archie too).

didnt watch the season.
was really half a season wasted on the fucking reptiles?

It actually was only a third of the season, but some people are going to try and tell you otherwise.


Didn't think they would stretch out this part of volume 4 over a whole episode, they must plan on really condensing volumes 5 and 6.


I think Overlord is probably the first show Ive seen that has multiple 4th walls that the characters aren't sure of the existence of.

My general prediction for volume 13 is that Ainz will somehow screw up and send Demiurge's plan completely off the rails leaving Demi a stumped, confused mess until the very climax when Ainz will inadvertently end up with results much better than Demiurge ever planned for.

Mostly because Demiurge hasn't had enough suffering and self-doubt so far and vol 12 was too much smooth sailing.

Less than four episodes of a 13 episode season =\= half.
Also, the Lizards aren't Lizards, they are the pov and witnesses to Nazerick's debut. If you can't understand that, you should stick with "Haaambuugaaah" because you n't have the attention span necessary for a deeper plot.

Can we add this to the Master List of memes that don't bode well?

Zenberu was the best lizardman.

But Coco made a lot of money in China

>58. Brita
>59. Eclair
>60. Climb


well less than i thought.
it was by far the weakest volume in the series. from both a plotwise and entertaining perspective.

if you think about it the lizard arc was actually 4 episodes. The first was more a situation report. We get 13 episodes. so 1+4+4+4 four episodes per volume.

>Potato so high

the potato is erotic

Unforgivable, how can Eclair rank so low.

more like Descend

Scalies, user. The word you're looking for is scalies.


>slaughtered a bunch of your tribemen including you
>get revived
>suddenly respect Ainz coz muh power
This is bad writing, right?

>Less than four episodes
It's 5 episodes though.

>highest ranked characters are Ainz, his harem, and the best boy

>all the female floor guardians think entoma is disgusting

I liked the lizardmen, does the brother gets revived too?

>Clementine's shy thank you

They respected him the instant they saw him, once they realized the overwhelming power he possessed. They were ready to surrender to him immediately, but he forced them to fight Cocytus. They realized after that display he put on, that he was on a completely different level of existence, essentially a god, completely untouchable. When a being like that decides to spare you and your people, you show gratitude.

She's got that nasally voice that's pretty hard to mistake for anyone else. She is less recognizable in some roles, though.

Nothing wrong with respecting someone who is pretty much a god for them, and they are way better under Ainz rule than ever before. The bros get revived as well.

So what would you propose? Everyone rebel against him and die? That would be real productive for your race huh.

Having doubts on best girl?

>1 character that died long time ago
>2 characters that are irrelevant in the LN

What does she say? The only translation I've seen omits her.

Besides skeletons I believe depictions of resurrection would also be a no-no

I read this a long time ago so I can't remember exactly but how many lizard men in the battle did they revive? Only the 2 strongest?

That's how religions typically work.

>Chair making erotic moans
>Walls being in the way of totally sane angel
>Skeletor turning off the TV when they see the Discovery Channel
>Cockroach fucks up gecko so bad that it has a lisp when it revives
This episode, god damn.

anyone knows when the next ln volume gets released?

only the tribal leaders and Zaryusu

Well damn, I kinda feel bad for the other guys


probably because the makers totally fucking suck at making a compelling and interesting series


the lizardmen arc is over tho
that was the end of vol4

great they only wasted 6 episodes on it

>not liking lizadoman adventures

Is this the last we'll see of lizards?


Yes, until season 4 where Zenberu goes on an adventure with Ainz, Aura, and Shalltear.

Zaryus has some small appearance in later volumes but that's only side story.

Why's Aura always riding Fenrir?

yep that's why I watch anime really - the poorly drawn lizardman sexual antics

who watches an isekai series for superpowered MC wish fulfillment anyway, that shit is boring

you mean 5

>season 4