Shingeki no Kyojin 102

Endgame right here
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>yfw Hange is pregnant with Levi's child

What’s his keikaku?


Why do people even think that Monkey will betray his country? is it just a meme? Did i speedread something?

The gatekeepers didn't deserve to die ;_;

>Manlet still uses blades and a cape
That 40 years old crisis really affected him

what other theories do we have for the lights that aren't armong nuke?


Do you guys think Queen Historia I approves of killing civilians?

A puppet queen has no say in political matters
Zackley approves Eren's actions

She would be if she killed Gabi. Oh god I just know Gabi will shoot Floch.

Eren approves

So leddit was sitting on the chapter just like the last time.

So Eren's just going to eat the Warhammer while she's in a crystal? Does this mean that he could've eaten Annie as well?

where were you when eren and mikasa had sex change?

Famous last words

Either gonna job hard or make everyone sit.

>The light was to pin point a area where Armin will land

Honorary Eldians

>Monkey suddenly can fight against TWO Ackermans and the rest
>He would have been alone if it wasnt for Pieck's brain
How is he so sure he can win now?

Timeskip Hango is just wow, so brave! Bravo Isayama, bravo!

>I always be your ally

I'm glad to see cute and straight couples.

What a deluded cunt

Yeah, they released it just when koreans did kek

I just hope they take some prisoners (Porco) for his Poop Machine.

>his country
Yes, you did speedread something.

Just looking at this chapter it is incredible how much cuter Sasha is than mankasa. I don't know if Isayama is trying to make mikasa ugly, but he sure is succeeding.

>Mikasafag this mad

where were you when sasha became the hottest girl in snk?

I mean, he gave up his father for "his" country so i would think he is kinda attached to it.

I'm not happy that Sasha is so cute now.
Cute girls in this mango dies in droves.

He's getting chomped

Short hair really suits her. Unlike someone else..

>Knows the danger the enemies represents
>Personal experience with Ackermans
>Don't got caught by surprise
>Strategic mind
He still looks too confident,but let's see if he found a way to counter attack manlet's light speed spins.

>LMfag only uses the live action when is convenient

Hisu is but Sasha is a close second.

Not being visibly phased by the crystal at all probably means he already watched someone chomp Annie's crystal.

Jobbing without surviving

The SL wouldn't be there if she didn't

He was completely excluded from the trap set for Pieck and Porco, and also encouraged Reiner to go along with Falco.
Really, the first part alone is damning proof that he's in league with the SL.

Eren is really awesome without Armin arround. I hope he keeps ignoring Mikasa’s moralfaggotry.

>Muh civilians.

>Zackley: So I heard pigs can eat shit too

He gave up his father because he hated his father, not because he loved his country, speedreader-kun.

we have yet to see post time skip hisu my man

Ships from this chapter

Colossal will make an entrance and force a stalemate. Someone else is getting the warhammer

Just like a good wife who support her husband, based Historia what a great woman Eren got.

Ok, i can see that. But why stay loyal all these years and then just suddenly turn around and betray them? Wouldn't the perfect time for a betrayal had been when he was on the island? Before he got his ass chopped up by manlet?

Zackley is the FT now

>Zekek jobs so hard he switches sides to avoid getting BTFO again
>will probably end up jobbing eventually anyway

A lot can change in 5 years.

If Floche changes his godawful haircut I'm okay with that.

So any bets when the FT will show up?

>Flock's hair
I just love this guy, he will literally be Marge Simpsons when he is 30

Jean's waifu coming in hot from above next chapter

That we'll have to see. I'm guessing he's just siding with the more powerful side at the time.

Pretty much this.
>Here's a MAN.

Well i suppose i can kinda see it.

After the AT crawls out. She'll land and transform on his head.

I'm saying two chapters until the shifters are dead and SL wins without a scratch.

Annie is dead huh? Thank god he killed both Ymir and Bert earlier so my hopes were never high to begin with.


>changing Floch's best feature
Didnt you hear Reiner? There are devils who can grow weird hair in Paradis

Or he was just playing Eren all along so can use the Founding titan for his own

JM EF and SC

How is Eren staying so calm

>Floch LITERALLY dropping truth bombs here and there
So fucking based.

left or right?

>stop killing people you shit
>shut up Jean you're not my real dad

Flocke's just acting out his angst over Erwin still

He knows they always win and will win this as well


Eren's so savage now.

Anyone who isn't homosexual would pick right.

he never even told them he's a royal

He is hiding his true power level.

Death flag reported ahead.
Sasha used a flash-light on Connie's face, so it's the only face Gabi saw clearly. Really afraid Connie or Sasha are going to die

t. fujo

>manly dude or hot woman
What do you think?


Where were you when Eren was red-pilled and saved his homeland?
Btw, why is Mikasa such a snowflake all of a sudden?

Rip gatebros

Why is he so perfect lads?

>That posture
How can he be like this? unf

Not happening.

Maybe that would push SC ship

t. butthurt warriorkeks

right is the only right answer

He has a bunch of mindless Colossal Titans hidden around the zone as a trump card

He doomed all eldians.

>Marley Kenny saving Gabi
Absolute bro. SL ruining everything as usual.

I feel like his hair would create a black hole and absorb me

no ships continue their journey in SnK, I guess it's time for SC now

Eldian already doomed themselves by staying as a cuck

I liked those guys,they didn't deserved such fate.

He knows Mikasa, Manlet and Armong will save his ass

They were doomed from the start. At least now they go out in the flashiest way possible

They should just make Eren their cuck king, them.

It's always been time for SC. They're a set and always have been.