It needs to be said: Takagi was genuinely cruel this episode.

First, she manipulated him and abused his trust to get him into a fairly damaging and stressful situation (making him fail the test and have his videogames confiscated). Remorse never seems to enter her mind or heart at any moment.

She then takes things a step further by telling Nishikata that she has feelings for him, then taking it back and telling him it was just a lie. Playing around with someone's feelings goes beyond the realm of playful teasing and enters the domain of legitimate mind games.

The teasing in the first four episodes was all in good fun, but it's clear now that there's more to Takagi than meets the eye. She might be more capable of blackhearted, cold-blooded acts than one might realize. She's coming across less as an innocent middle school girl teasing her crush, and more of a black widow slowly wrapping up her prey within a web of lies, deception, and heartache.

There's many layers to Takagi, and I find myself more and more afraid of what lies in the depths of this girl's core.

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Hello, Tervy!

Yet it made her more fascinating than the common grill

You can't bump your thread that way I'm getting wafts of newfag odors off of you.

It did, though. Went from page 10 to 1.

I agree, episode 5 gave Takagi a nice sense of edge. She's not just a tease, she's a sadist.

774's is better

What is 774?

To page 1 it will never go again, newfaggot.

Nishikata is a masochist for marrying this psycho

I liked the teasing but the last episode went too far

Na Na Shi

Takagi always leaves an opening for him to get back at her but he never uses it. I know she ends up with him but in a more believable story she would get bored and find a more interesting guy that could give her a challenge.



Calling her a psycho is VERY mean, user.


This show would be cute to watch with a 3dpd gf. Could lead to fun teasing.

Delete this or you'll ruin Takagi for me.

She’s already used goods

Oh, hi, Lelouch. You seem to like sadistic femme fatales, if Morikawa last season was any indication. Makes sense you would like Takagi.

Lelouch why did you do this, I wanted this thread to die.

Why are you so defensive about Takagi? Do you have a crush on her~?

takagi is CUTE, not cruel

Why is her forehead so large?

This series is boring as hell. It's not like she is sooo smart, it's simply he is sooo dumb. Tonari no Seki-kun was way better.

i love her bros

i just want her to step on my balls and make fun of how pathetic i am all the while not allowing me to feel her bare foot dangling only 1 inch from my face

Was this posted?

Takagi is pretty much a discount Nagatoro.

Episode 5 really drills in the idea that she might be into femdom.

no, they're different and they're both good girls.

a physically abusive girl VS a mentally abusive one

That's great. Lucky Nishikita got to marry her.

> Mentally abusive
Takagi is promoting testosterone development by inciting a spirit of competition in her man. She's doing it to make him better and thus improve their marital life. There's no abuse here.

>marrying your bully

what does that mean


reverse-Takagi's expressions remind me of real Takagi's daughter.


I want to kiss Takagi's forehead until there isn't a spot left that I haven't kissed.
This may take a while though.

Because she's a psychic.

w-what is the first one? I mean, the one with flustered Takagi.

>She then takes things a step further by telling Nishikata that she has feelings for him, then taking it back and telling him it was just a lie
You just failed the test just like Nishikata. Pay attention to her wording.

Why is this bitch so ugly

That's a mighty fine body, Takagi's not bad looking either. Normally women's breasts appear smaller than usual when they stretch, yet Takagi's appear bigger than usual. Strange.

Middle school girls usually are. They start fully developing in highschool.

>so flat that stretching actually makes them look larger

You shut your whore mouth. She's a beautiful little ayylmao angel, and I will protect her smile at all costs.

Actually, it would be more believable if Nishikata just got away from her. I don't think a normal middle school boy would stand being constantly teased like this by a girl, which explains why she sticks with our poor little boy.

unless that kid likes the girl. oh, wait...that's exactly the case.

Is it wrong that I kind of want to have a relationship with the girl in the middle? She seems genuinely like a fun girl to be around. A little silly but cute in a way. You wouldn't get bored with her, but she's also cute enough to make you want to protect her.

This kills the Nagatoro

She's stupid and ugly though. Little sister material sure, but not dating material.

>getting cucked by a 10 year old

I dunno man, she's like a cute little animal. You just can't help but want to hug her. I want to teach her all kinds of lewd things and see how she reacts to them.

I want the left one. The fact that she yearns for a boyfriend makes her even more cute

Why is this cunt so rapeable? Everything about her fucking looks say "please rape as hard as you can and don't stop no matter how much I beg you to until you've empitied every drop of your seed inside my middle schooler's womb"

This guy gets it. Every expresssion she makes is just asking for it. I just wanna wipe that smug little smirk off her face. With my dick.

I should add that this in no way means that I dislike her. Rapeability is an endearing quality in a female.

Is he living the dream?

More like a nightmare

Yeah, I didn't like this one too much, either. Not because I think it went too far, but because it didn't fit the tone of the rest. In all other cases it was her simply letting Nishi himself set up the trap he'd then walk into, and it was never really anything that went past a bit of embarrassment on his side.

It doesn't really matter, user. If you tell someone you like them and then go "was just a joke btw" they will never go and look into the exact wording.
Because no one assumes that you'd play a trick with that statement, it can cause too much damage if the other side doesn't catch on.

She told Nishikata that she liked him, then said "that was a lie." She then said, "that was a lie."
Nishikata was too daft to pick up on this.

Nothing is more cruel than making him raise the child of another man.

We need to stop the cloning process

Guys, how can you be so dense?

Takagi wanted to spend time with Nishikata, not wanting to bother him. But he was unable to focus with her there. So she helped him study. She gave him enough to get over 50 points, so he wouldn't get his games taken from him, but still tease him by teaching him things that weren't in the test, to not let the cat out of the bag.

Also, if you pay attention to the way she is saying Nishikata she likes him, it's pretty obvious that the lie is that it's not a lie. She's always doing that, telling him things and seeing how he misses the point. It's pretty obvious that she wants him to take the first step there.

And this is why Nishikata will get laid before you.

This show just keeps telling the same joke every week for 20 minutes. Its like YLYL threads where everyone just reposts the same webm from last thread.

Actually she told him she's gonna share a secret with him but that was a lie since her liking him is not a secret. Everyone in their class are already aware and she makes zero effort to deny it.

because he's a fictional character who'll always get another chance no matter how many of them he misses?

Went back and watched it again. She says "I lied to you as payback," then afterwards says "of course I'm lying." I guess either one fits: she's lying about it being a secret or she's lying about it being a lie.

user, please. My doctor told me i should not consume more salt.

Remember that you are reading a translation from an adaptation of a manga, user. Some things will not be properly conveyed.

Ah. Got it. I don't pay attention to media which doesn't move and have color and voices because it's objectively inferior to media which moves and has color and voices.

Still though, she already knew he wouldn't get it.

How often does Takagi fart around Nishikata and blame the smell on him?

Straight out of the pages of a NTR doujin.

Very few since she has a balanced diet.

>Also, if you pay attention to the way she is saying Nishikata she likes him, it's pretty obvious that the lie is that it's not a lie.
Except that you are wrong, the lie is that it's not a secret (see the manga page). The fact that you see multiple interpretations of the scene every thread already shows well enough that it was not as easy to get as everyone is pretending.


He does try and get back at her, he just fails. That's why I can tolerate this more than Nagatoro, where the guy can't even formulate sentences back at her.

Will Takagi grow up to be a femme fatale that pretends to be in love with people even when she isn't?

I should note that later on he does actually get back at her successfully, though unfortunately he doesn't notice he did.

Wait a sec, this is Chii. So this is like another 10 years down the line?

When was this?

New chapter. Link is in the thread.

Chii-chan has a lot of her dad in her.

>Chii-chan has a lot of her dad in her.

>literally a clone of her mother

Dumb namefag absolutely, irrevocably and forevially BTFO

Kids being clones of their parents is somewhat common in anime and manga for some weird reason. I guess it's due to lack of creativity from the authors.

Does this mean no more like Chii-chan?

> Nishikata
> Dominant genes
I don't know what you were expecting, user.


That's the original manga. So it's a flashforward, like the one where we got Chi-chan for the first time. Moto Takagi-san is a different manga, and should still be ongoing.

This image speaks to my soul

is that the other couple's kid

Check your autism. He was so far behind in math that he was having trouble wth substituting for variables. Its not like you'll be able to understand a concept in math if you don't understand the previous concept its built upon. She was thinking of his long term well being, not his short term situation.

I have feeling, that it really is her daughter in own series.

I just realized Takagi and Nishikata are in their early 20s when Chi-chan is already five...